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Location Aquatic
Type Genus
Description Swimming rodents with flat and arched back varieties
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Procavaquatica is a genus.


Procavaquatica is a genus of water fauna in the No Man's Sky universe, sometimes referred to as "swimming rodents".

They are closely related to the terrestrial genus Procavya, but are found underwater, and have swimming animations.

They are considered rare spawns.

NOTE: Procavaquatica is not an official name per HelloGames, but is a community-determined name for ease of reference.

Defining Characteristics[]

Aparahe Oseidos, an arch-backed reptilian Procavaquatica.
(Pathfinder Era)

Procavaquatica species are easily recognizable.

  • Quadrupedal "rodents".
  • Found underwater.
  • Usually smaller than Prionacefda (swimming cows)
  • Share the same forms and body parts as their terrestrial Procavya cousins, including having flat-backed and arch-backed variants.
  • Have a smaller size range than their terrestrial Procavya, with all discovered falling between 0.5 and 1.5 m.

Additional information[]

Aquatic Procavvya, while treated as a separate genus by the game code, are not given a proper genus name. Instead, the game code refers to their genus as Unknown, a trait shared by several other unrelated genera. Procavaquatica could also be treated as a sub-type of the Procavya genus, as they are sometimes referred to as swimming rodents and share all of the same forms and body parts as their land cousins.

Before datamining revealed that several unrelated genera were also referred to as Unknown, the term Unknown was commonly used to refer to Procavaquatica.

Procavaquatica are encountered more often in lakes and shallow coastal waters than offshore in deeper water.