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Procedural Universal Studios
Procedural Universal Studios 1.png
Procedural Universal Studios
Galaxy Euclid
Region Canthian
Star system HUB2-F Gaokaw
Planet Procedural Universal Studios (Planet)
Builder 7101334
Builder platform PS4
Galactic coords 042F:0078:0D54:000F
Portal glyphs 100FF9555C30
Game mode Normal
Updated Visions
Farm Geobay
No No
Landing pad Arena
Trade terminal Racetrack
No No

Procedural Universal Studios is a player base.


Procedural Universal Studios is a player base, located on the planet Procedural Universal Studios (Planet) in the HUB2-F Gaokaw system.

Procedural Universal Studios is the Galactic Hub's first photography & movie studio. This building, the main studio, specializes in chroma key (green screen) technology.

Procedural Universal Studios may be used by any player from any civilization (or lone travelers). Content created at Procedural Universal Studios is regarded as your content - for example, you are free (from the architect / Galactic Hub's perspective) to upload it to a monetized YouTube channel. All we ask is that you please credit the Galactic Hub for the studio somewhere in the final product.


Procedural Universal Studios features 4 main rooms, each numbered above the doorway.

  1. . Photo ID Room - To take an official ID image: Interlopers stand with their backs against the wall and enter photo mode. Place the Photo Mode camera against the red mark on the light post. Center the photo mode reticle marker in the center of the chest. For full-body shots, set Field of View to approximately 65.0°. For headshots, set to 50.0°. Gestures are allowed in Galactic Hub ID images as long as your face is clearly visible. (For interlopers with green skin and/or clothing, a purple screen version is available in Room 4.)
  2. . News Room - A large desk sits in front of a green screen, perfect for broadcasting newsworthy updates across the simulation. Behind the desk is an elevated platform for newscasters to sit on, as you cannot actually sit in a chair. 50.0° Field of View and face-centered photo mode recommended.
  3. . Talk Show Room - This well-lit talkshow room features a desk for the host to stand behind and a sofa with room for 2, possibly 3 guests. A purple screen sits behind a window, allowing any skyline or image to be projected behind the host and guests. A fairly low angle and Field of View of ~59.0° is recommended.
  4. . Large Green Screen - This green screen was made primarily to capture action shots, such as a player running. After extensive experimentation, this 3-tiered green screen floor was the flattest surface we were able to achieve. As long as the image/video is taken facing the green corner, only green coloration should be visible. (This room also features a purple screen version of the Photo ID Room, for interlopers with green skin and/or clothing.)

In addition to these four rooms, a red carpet-inspired walkway, surrounded by red flora & geology collected from around the Galactic Hub, welcomes interlopers to the studio. A variety of prestigious film awards presented to Procedural Universal Studios are displayed at the end of this red carpet.

Additional information

New base sets (for example, a hospital, prison, or western saloon) will be constructed in the future under the Procedural Universal Studios brand. These are also for use by the community, especially content creators.

Creators with comments or constructive criticism, contact architect 7101334 (Reddit) / Galactic_Geo (Twitter). Any ideas to improve the studio are always welcome!

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