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The subject of this article is from the NextGen update.
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The Quick Menu allows certain commands to be executed rapidly.


The Quick Menu can be accessed by pressing Psbutton.dpaddown.png/Key.x.png/Xboxbutton.dpaddown.png (PS4/PC/Xbox) and allows execution of certain actions such as recharging, or perform repairs without interrupting the flow of gameplay. Photo Mode is accessed through the Quick Menu.

On Foot[]

The Quick Menu can be used to quickly recharge and repair hazard protection, life support, and multi-tool technologies.

You may also summon your exocraft if it is nearby, useful for getting it out of caves and pits.

Your Freighter can be summoned in space above you.

Your current and other owned Starships can be summoned.

Toggle your suits light on and off.

Switch between multi-tools

In Ship[]

Recharge your Deflector Shield, weapons, Pulse Engine, warp drive, access the Galactic Map, summon the Space Anomaly and your freighter.

In Exocraft[]

Recharge the Fusion Engine, weapon, Exocraft Mining Laser, and select a building with the scanner.

Additional Information[]

Photo Mode is always available.