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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.

Racing the Six Rocks course

A Racetrack is a player-built option, similar to a base or a farm.


The Race circuit option allows players to build their own Exocraft racetracks as part of a planetary base.

Once built, they can be used by any player that finds them, and best race times can be posted for each track. For a list of racetracks, refer to the Racetrack Catalogue.

Game description[]

Hone your driving skills by building your own race circuit on your home planet. Find the most interesting planet, create a time trial and challenge others to beat it.

  • Obtain the Race Initiator and place it inside your Base building zone
  • Hop into your vehicle and drive the route you’d like to map out, dropping checkpoint markers anywhere on the planet
  • Once a circuit is complete, race the track over and over to set an unbeatable lap time
  • Players visiting your base via Base Sharing will be able to race using the circuit you created, challenging themselves against your split times.

Creating a track[]

Starting a new track

  • open the Exocraft menu near your base
  • build the Race Initiator, and place it right next to your base
  • interact with the Racetrack Terminal and select Edit Track
  • get into your chosen exocraft and as you drive, drop checkpoints where you want them - there is no resource cost for this.
(Note: users are experiencing an issue following the Next update whereby Checkpoints cannot be dropped. No solution currently found.)
  • once you return to your base and connect back to the initiator, the course will be marked as complete and can be raced

Additional information[]

  • when racing on a track, the course waypoints are shown as semi-transparent yellow bubbles with the checkpoint markers at the centre
  • a blue infobox is displayed at the lower right of the HUD displaying the current elapsed time in minutes and seconds

Release history[]

  • Pathfinder - added as a feature connected to a player's base
  • NEXT - issue occurs whereby Checkpoints cannot be dropped. No solution currently found.