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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.

The Robber Barons Club is a community group.


The Robber Barons Club was founded on August 27, 2016, by The_Retronaut. Its purpose is to connect players who have discovered extremely large deposits of natural minerals, common, uncommon, and rare, and to help members share findings with each other. These occurrences are extremely rare and thus the page exists to document these anomalies. One can only become a member if they have found such a planet and relating if there was anything notable about the planet it was discovered on or how its outcropping differs from typical spawn patterns. Members are encouraged to update the relevant resource page with these descriptions to assist the entire community.

Resource deposit descriptions[]

Aluminium monoliths[]

Distance view of an Aluminium monolith

In contrast to the half disc forms or regular crystal forms that normally spawn, the Aluminium monolith is 1.5x taller compare to normal Heridium columns. These monoliths have seemly an unbreakable aluminum core that will still read Aluminium on the multi-tool, the mine-able part of the monolith has a greater density of Aluminium that yields more resources than its counterparts of same material.

Nickel monoliths[]

Nickel is one of three rarest neutral elements like Aluminium, Nickel monoliths comes in variety of height and circumference. Most commonly seen are 1/5 shorter than a typical Heridium column but twice the circumference. For instance, moon NickelBack is full of Nickel Monoliths.

Iridium rings[]

Close-up View of an Iridium Ring

Iridium, as most commonly use in higher tier technology upgrades for starships, is also very rare to be find in large quantity. Iridium Rings is the largest form for Iridium deposit. Rings comes in varies size but they are all ring-shaped. Regular size Iridium Ring yield's about 200-325 Iridiums while Huge Iridium Ring could possibly yield up to 500-750 Iridiums.

Heridium lakes[]

Heridium lakes are found on frozen planets. They have the same texture as their normal column form but are circular in shape and flush to the ground. Their diameter is 3x the width of their column form and extremely deep. Mining these lakes yield an guarantee output of 1200+ units.

Radnox planets[]

Planets with a rich |exotic element Radnox presence. Either in floating Jellyfish form or natural deposit in varies circular forms.

Vortex planets[]

Vortex Planets come in 2 types, Vortex Plains planets and Vortex Caves planets. Vortex Plains planets are barren with large seas and floating islands with vortex cubes all about the planet in very high density. Taking these cubes results in immediate Sentinel aggression. In contrast, Vortex Cave planets have an abundance of life with Vortex Cubes deep within their caves. Additionally these cubes are in much closer proximity to each other than their plains counterparts and taking them does not alert sentinels.

Venom Sac planets[]

Venom Sac planets are marked by extreme toxicity with constant acid rain. On these planets, Venom Sacs will be spread evenly at a moderate proximity (10-20 second walking distance).

Current members[]

Member Date Joined Aluminium Monolith Planet(s) Found Nickel Monolith Planet(s) Found Iridium Ring Planet(s) Found Heridium Lake Planet(s) Found Radnox Planet(s) Found Vortex Planet(s) Found Venom Sac Planet(s) Found
The_Retronaut Club Founder 1x 1x 2x 1x 2x 1x
❂ Älesé Spring ❂ 28 August 2016 1x 1x 3x 1x 2x 1x
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