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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Ookste Terminus
Star system P0 // 5
Moon of Tinurbo-Healar
Biome Scorched - Boiling moon
Resources So P Fe+ Cu
Sentinels Minimal
Flora Copious
Fauna Full
Claimed by Stream of P0ne
Discovered by P0nestream
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated NEXT

Ronja-Mesibor is a moon in No Man's Sky.



Orbital view of the moon surface.

Ronja-Mesibor is a moon in the star system P0 // 5 on the PC version of the No Man's Sky universe.

Monitoring DATA Reduction
Signal Status [Very Good]
Distance from LSS [Ca. 322.280u]
Weather [Dangerously Hot]
Extreme Weather [No]
Extreme Sentinels [None]
Moon Fauna [7 Species]
Moon Resources [Scarce]
Portal Glyphs [Unknown]
Player Bases [Undetected]

Alias names[]

PC Original: Nonji 52/L5
PC Current: Ronja-Mesibor


PC player P0nestream discovered this moon in 24 Aug, 2018.



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Name Discovered by Brief description
Foragem // Outpost P0nestream Small Uninhabited Camp
Cold-Copper // Outpost P0nestream Drop Pod
Basil's Corn // Outpost P0nestream Drop Pod
Epona's Star // Outpost P0nestream Observatory
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Notable locations[]

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Name Discovered by Brief description
Sagiabo-Jula Landmark P0nestream Ruin
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Name Gender Weight Height Discovered by Brief description
Rapharni Female 57.0kg 1.0m P0nestream Sky, Common
Furgeosa Prime 109.2kg 1.7m P0nestream Land, Uncommon
Bergieton "Unknown" 236.6kg 5.0m P0nestream Land, Rare
Strix-Mera Orthogonal 149.3kg 2.7m P0nestream Land, Rare
Serpsuna Alpha 67.8kg 0.4m P0nestream Land, Common
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Flora primary providing Carbon[]

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Name Sec. Element Discovered by Notes
Millithor None P0nestream Nanite Sap
Roytigg None P0nestream High Internal Pressure
Crownore None P0nestream Insect Habitation
Nodell-Arc None P0nestream Haunted Nests
Carinola None P0nestream Aggressive
Poiuruk Solanium P0nestream Slowly Rotting
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Flora Providing Sodium, Oxygen or Deuterium[]

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Name Providing Discovered by Notes
Hangway-Or Sodium P0nestream Choking Scent
Saltrosa Sodium P0nestream Pleasing Aroma
Rivermay-Kel Oxygen P0nestream Crimson Seeds
Myrinica Oxygen P0nestream Golden Sap
Pulpariaz Deuterium P0nestream Four Dimensional
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Minerals primary providing Ferrite Dust[]

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Name Sec. Element Discovered by Notes
Uoligmite Sodium P0nestream Water Resistant
Asmutice None P0nestream Soft
Kohinsite None P0nestream Eroded
Gichalite None P0nestream Slow Moving
Vowieseite Phosphorus P0nestream Inedible
Aidarite Phosphorus P0nestream Pyroclastic
Jiangbite Phosphorus P0nestream Superconductive
Etcheite Phosphorus P0nestream Mimic
Ibtanite Phosphorus P0nestream Extrusive
Fobophiite Phosphorus P0nestream Fragile Crust
  • Listing Minerals of Abundant.

Minerals primary providing Pure Ferrite[]

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Name Sec. Element Discovered by Notes
Aultedite Phosphorus P0nestream Extreme Salt Content
Linohite Phosphorus P0nestream Complex Crystals
Zakopite Phosphorus P0nestream Toxic Dust
Cimonybite Phosphorus P0nestream Infested

Fine Minerals[]

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Name Pri. Element Sec. Element Discovered by Notes
Sacaccaite Cobalt Sulphurine P0nestream Molten Core
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Special resources[]

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