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The subject of this article is from the Prisms update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 31 August, 2021.
Sac Venom
Sac Venom
Category Tradeable
Type Trade commodity
Total Value 60,800 Units.png
Updated Prisms

Sac Venom is a tradeable.


Sac Venom is a nonstackable tradeable with a high sell value and one of the trade commodities.

It can be revealed with Analysis Visor and will be indicated with PICKUP.RARE3.png icon.

Game description[]

Stabilized poison sample initially produced by aquatic urchin creatures. A rare and expensive item on the Galactic Trade Network.


Sac Venom can be found by destroying urchin-like creatures found on planetary surfaces and under the water. Like other high value non-stackable trading commodities, some planets have an abundance of these.

With assistance from a Farmer, Sac Venom also be grown as a product of the Venom Urchin plant, with a harvest time of 3 hours 20 minutes.


There are no items that require Sac Venom as a crafting ingredient.

NOTE: Sac Venom is used to acquire the blueprint for the Circuit Board. Once this is in hand, the two remaining ingredients are used to complete construction.

Additional Information[]

If found in the wild, picking one up will immediately give the player a three-star wanted level. Once a player begins mining Sac Venom, two drones and a Sentinel Quad are dispatched to interfere.

However if a heavily upgraded Boltcaster is used instead of the typical Mining Beam, the items can often be harvested with a single shot before the Sentinels are even triggered.

If the harvesting is interrupted for any reason (magazine is empty, or a shot is missed), do not continue trying to harvest the same item. It is best to just collect something else for a minute, and then come back and finish the job.

Release history[]

  • Release - Added as a trade commodity.
  • Atlas Rises - Value changed, previously it was worth 26,125.0 Units.png each.
  • NEXT - Value changed, previously it was worth 6,875.0 Units.png each.
  • Prisms - Value changed, previously it was worth 11,685.0 Units.png each.