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The subject of this article is from the Echoes update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 February, 2024.
Salvaged Frigate Module
Salvaged Frigate Module
Category Constructed Technology
Type Capital Ship Wiring Platform
Total Value 95,000.0 Units
Updated Echoes

Salvaged Frigate Module is a Constructed Technology.

Summary[ | ]

Salvaged Frigate Module is a Constructed Technology that can be exchanged at the Upgrade Control terminal for various blueprints.

Game description[ | ]

A technology module harvested from the remains of a large interstellar starship. May be collected from freighter crashsites or salvaged during frigate expeditions.

Useless in its current form, a Research Station aboard your freighter may be able to convert it into useable technology.

Source[ | ]

Common[ | ]

Rare[ | ]

  • Looting Storage Units aboard Crashed Freighters (7.5%)
  • Awarded by completing certain missions in The Nexus (4%)
  • Certain Mission Board jobs (2%-4%, depending on required standing)
  • Pirate mission board missions (2%)
  • Found in crates aboard Derelict Freighters (2.5%)
    • Note that while the drop rate is relatively low, the number of boxes (i.e. chances) makes this one of the more reliable options for farming.

Very Rare[ | ]

  • Freighter cargo pod loot (1%)
    • Note that by moving close and/or scoping in, cargo pods can be easily and quickly inspected in large amounts without firing; As there are generally many parked outside Outlaw Stations, this is a very fast way to safely obtain many Modules quickly and without Sentinel interference.
    • This results in a wanted level of 2 and player will be engaged by Sentinel starships (Only in non-Outlaw Systems).
    • Infra-Knife Accelerators are great for quickly destroying multiple pods with minimum stray shots.
    • Mind the inventory, as thousands of excess Gold, Platinum, Magnetised Ferrite, Ionised Cobalt, and Chromatic Metal will quickly fill the inventory.
      • This also makes it an efficient way to gain units and nanites early in the game.

Additional Information[ | ]

  • Reward probabilities extracted from the 4.05 version of the EXPEDITIONREWARDTABLE.MBIN and REWARDTABLE.MBIN game files. The chances have been calculated based on the weights in these files.
  • As of Endurance up to 78 Salvaged Frigate Modules may be required to unlock all recipes.

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