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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
Scientific Research
Mission type Secondary
Starting point: Scientist
Requires: Expanding the Base
Implemented Pathfinder
Description Base building related mission, gives access to vital blueprints and tech

Scientific Research is one of the game's secondary missions as of the Pathfinder update. The mission introduces the player to the Scientist NPC.



With this mission set as the active mission, warp to the Korvax dominated system marked as the destination and go to the local space station and find the Korvax NPC to hire. After hiring them, players will then be told to return to their base. Upon returning to their base, the Korvax scientist shall give them the blueprints for Lubricant and Acid.

Cave Gathering[]

Speak to them again and then they will prompt the player to gather Marrow Bulb and Cobalt, and in return, the player will be given the blueprints for Microprocessors and Large Refiners.

Upon receiving the blueprints, the Korvax scientist will ask the player to take their core to a nearby transmission tower as they have lost connection from the Korvax hive mind. Go to the marked navigation icon to said tower. After reading through the dialogue on the terminal, return to the Korvax scientist.

Observatory Visit[]

After waiting an hour and a half in real time for the Korvax to reboot, the player can then continue on with this mission. Afterwards, they will ask the player to go to an Observatory to collect some data from it. Follow the navigation icon assigned to the compass and go to the Observatory. Returning to the Korvax scientist will unlock the blueprints for Living Glass and Save Beacon.

Beacon Child[]

Next, the player will be tasked with placing a Beacon, do so and return to the Korvax scientist. The player will then unlock the blueprints for the Autonomous Mining Unit and Atmosphere Harvester. The player will then be asked to scan four undiscovered fauna for the Korvax scientist.

The player will be given the blueprint for Unstable Gel as a reward. Next, the player will have to bring three Ion Batteries to the Korvax scientist and the player will be given the blueprint for Poly Fibre as a reward. Once again, the player will have to wait an hour and a half in real time before advancing this mission.

Monolith Visit & The Korvax Convergence Cube[]

Afterwards, the player will be required to take the Korvax scientist's core to a Monolith, so follow the navigation icon given afterwards to the destination. Return and the player will be rewarded with the blueprint for Circuit Boards. They will then request that the player find them a Korvax Convergence Cube, so go to the navigation icon marked for a Manufacturing Facility to obtain the cube. You can choose any option but if you upload your memories, the machine stops the alarm and thanks you for your contribution. After returning, the player will unlock the blueprints for Heat Capacitor and Liquid Explosive and the mission will be complete.


After completion of the mission proper, speaking with the Scientist again will reveal that they need data for their research. At this time, the player may transfer part of their discoveries based on the type of data required:

When the transfer occurs, the player will be paid 5 Nanite Clusters for each discovery of the requested type which has not yet been transferred. The Scientist can be given data again (usually of a different type) after 24 hours have passed in real time.



Nanite Clusters (whenever the player transmits new discovery data to the Scientist)

Mission Progression[]

For a detailed chart of how this mission progresses, see Mission Progression.


Scientific Research Walkthrough

Release history[]

  • Pathfinder - Added as a secondary mission.
  • Atlas Rises - Certain requirements and tasks changed.
  • NEXT - Certain requirements and tasks changed.
  • NEXT 1.64 - Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Circuit Board blueprint at the correct time.