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Scream Suppressor
Scream Suppressor
Prevents fear of pain from trumatising the rest of the ship's body.
Category Starship - Shield
Type Spacecraft Hull Protection
Recharged with Pugneum, Mordite, Di-hydrogen

Scream Suppressor is a shield technology for the Living starship.


Scream Suppressor is the standard means of protecting a Living starship against enemy fire (no collision damage from space objects like asteroids or space stations). It will prevent enemy shots from making contact with the ship, but will regenerate slowly while not fully charged, necessitating manual recharge with Pugneum for meaningful durability extension in combat. If not recharged and permitted to deplete, the suppressor will drop, leaving the starship vulnerable to critical damage.

Game Description[]

This small extension to the ship's automated defence network appears to be its own autonomous organizm. A small mouth in the centre of its flesh hungers for Pugneum.

During combat, it seems to hijack the neurological array and prevent fear of pain from traumatising the rest of the ship's body.


Scream Suppressor can be repaired using the following ingredients:

Scream Suppressor cannot be dismantled.


  • Scream Suppressor Node - Potential improvements include Shield Strength (see info in gallery below).
  • Scream Suppressor Node can evolve for NANITES.png: C to B - 210 NANITES.png, B to A - 310 NANITES.png, A to S - 430 NANITES.png.
  • The total number of nanites required to evolve a Scream Suppressor Node from C to S is 950 NANITES.png.

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