Malevolent Force

Drones surrounding a crashed spacecraft on Quidar II.

A sentinel is a robotic drone. They are seen patrolling planets and seem hellbent on keeping the planets how they were when the character showed up. If they catch the character harming wildlife, terraforming, or mining, they will open fire on them. They may be part of a "malevolent force".

None of the aliens seem to know where they came from. Notes from abandoned buildings on an experiment on the drones notes, "The first drone screamed when it was cut open" suggesting that they are not entirely mechanical and containing some sort of organic lifeform.

A Sentinel can be a useful to you because when they notice you killing them they will drop small containers that have nanite clusters or a nanite module. They also drop an assortment of elements that are hard to find and easy to sell.

Types of sentinels

Drones sentinels are flying security bots that are alerted to disruptions in the natural environment.
Quad sentinels are dog-like robots that appear when wanted level reaches two stars. Their laser beams inflict moderate damage.
Walker sentinels appear when wanted level passes three stars. They inflict a high amount of damage.
Motherships act as a local communication relay for sentinels. They appear in space when wanted level reaches five stars. They are equipped with seven beam / cannon turrets on each side and, occasionally, Sentinel fighters. They also look like a large freighter
Fighters are sentinel starships that appear in space when wanted level reaches five stars. They are usually deployed by a sentinel mothership.


  • In demos, drones were first shown to be present on Quidar II surrounding a crashed freighter.[1]  Later videos show a four-legged mechanical sentinel,[2] and a giant two-legged sentinel[3] that attacks the character, as their wanted level rises.
    • In other demos and videos, the player is shown in space firing at spacecraft. These spacecraft are either other aliens, pirates or a space type of sentinel. These spacecraft are similar to the starships that the player can discover.




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