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The subject of this article is from the Companions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 30 March, 2021.
A Sentinel Drone patrolling a planet.

Sentinel Drones are a type of Sentinel.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sentinel Drones are the most common Sentinels in the universe of No Man's Sky. They can be found patrolling planets and defending secure locations. Armoured versions also accompany Sentinel Quads and Walkers. Hovering between chest height and a few meters above the ground, they are armed with a version of a Boltcaster that, while fairly weak, should not be underestimated.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

On planets with Low Sentinel Activity, Drones can only be found guarding Depots, Manufacturing Facilities, and Operations Centres. On planets with High Sentinel Activity or Aggressive Sentinels, Drones can be found patrolling the entire planetary surface. They will investigate players that perform actions that violate their laws and ultimately attack if a player continues their transgressions.

In combat, Sentinel Drones attack periodically with laser blasts, and show a tendency to try to flank the player if more than one Sentinel unit is presently engaged. They tend to hover a short distance above the ground, but will fly higher to engage an airborne enemy is necessary. As well as their laser blasts, Drones also possess the ability to repair Sentinel Quads and Walkers, and will prioritise repairs over attacking the player. Unarmoured Drones have a weak spot on their ventral (lower) antenna, however they can be destroyed with relative ease from any angle.

Armoured Drone[edit | edit source]

An Armoured Drone.

At Planet Wanted Level 2 and above, stronger, armoured versions of the Sentinel Drone will pursue the player. While their combat behaviour is the same as their unarmoured brethren, they posses armoured plating which significantly reduces the damage they receive. This armour has its own health bar which, once depleted, causes the armour to fall away revealing a weak spot in the centre of their eye. As of Companions, Armoured Drones do have a weak-spot on their ventral antenna.

Loot information[edit | edit source]

Note: The table may not have the min/max values, please help expanding it by further research.

Sentinel type
Sentinel Drone Sentinel Quad Sentinel Walker
Pugneum 15-40 29-58 61-115
Combat Supplies
(Projectile Ammunition) 1
1 - -
Combat Supplies
(Projectile Ammunition) 2
- 1 -
Combat Supplies
(Walker Brain)
- - 1
Content of Combat Supplies
Nanite Cluster 5-10 12-24 34-87
Projectile Ammunition 25-50 47-89 59-93
Quad Servo - 1 -
Walker Brain - - 1

1 This container is shorter compared to the one dropped by Sentinel Quad.

2 This container is longer compared to the one dropped by Sentinel Drone.

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • Release - Unarmoured drones were the only type of Sentinel.
  • NEXT - Armoured Drones added, health and damage rebalanced.