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Shadow stars
Type Star systems
Description Partially Inaccessible Stars
Updated Frontiers

Shadow stars are star systems which are unaligned with the portal network, yet can be reached through a hyperjump.


Unlike phantom stars, shadow stars are a unique anomaly of a region and are accessible through normal gameplay. They describe the first unreachable star system of the portal network which is not hidden from the travellers and accessible via hyperjump. This misalignment between the portal network and system count may be related to the star systems denial of any 0 addresses, which prompts the portal network to also enforce a start at 1 and autocorrect the 0 to a 1. However, the star systems just start at 1 and go through their entire iteration, effectively ending one ID later than the portal network that ignored one of their own entries, the 0.

Finding a shadow star is an excruciating task as it can only be found by hand. This also means that a shadow star inside of the biggest known regions is the most rare occurence.

In theory with the knowledge of the last working portal network sequence one could edit a savegame to be on the planet that is one further down the line. While this would help to discover more shadow stars quickly, it would also effectively tarnish the discovery of this rare and marvelous anomaly. Travellers are encouraged to set out on the grand adventure themselves without any hacks.

Additional information[]

The initial discovery of the shadow star anomaly was done in three parts. First the Sokoli Mass was proposed as the smallest known region by DHarhanWulf, after which CorvusCorax668 used a discovery software to confirm the claim from afar - due to it being in the Hilbert Dimension. After this lead to contradictionary results, Thamalandis of the Forgotten Colonies started a galaxy dive expedition to find out the truth.

The anomaly was found and physically confirmed as of the 28th May 2021 as Delta Majoris Hilbert Umbra.