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Type Genus
Description Immortal Worm
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Shaihuluda is a genus of fauna.


Shaihuluda is a genus of fauna in No Man's Sky. It is a player-created name for the creature ID SANDWORM that appears in the game code.

The name is a reference to "Shai-Hulud", an Arabic-derived term for the sandworms of Arrakis in the novel Dune, which means literally "Thing of Immortality".

Shaihuluda are unique, worm-like creatures. They are giant and eel-like, and are often seen tunneling or flying at random intervals. They cannot be scanned like other fauna, but some stats will appear while hovering over a Shaihuluda with the analysis visor, where they are all described in common as "Immortal Worm". Whenever they tunnel, a rumbling noise and screen shake can be seen. When shot, they do not seem affected, nor do they attack or run from the player.

In some cases, placing a save beacon down upon spotting one and reloading the save will trigger another encounter.

Shaihuluda share models with the much smaller and flying Oxyacta.

Major Variants & Characteristics[]

  • Wraith-like
  • Large
  • Burrowing

Head Types[]

  • Glowworm
  • Sarlacc
  • Arrakis (Long three part jaw)
  • Stubby (Short three part jaw)
  • Fangs
  • Dragon
  • Fish
  • Round Mouth
  • Lips


  • Ceaseless Burrower
  • Colossal Being
  • Gargantuan
  • Giant Parasite
  • Immortal Worm
  • Planetary Maggot
  • The Consumer
  • Unstoppable Nematode
  • Worm Lord

Additional information[]

Shaihuluda have varying chances of appearing in certain biomes.

Lush Toxic Scorched Radioactive Frozen Barren Dead Weird Exotic Swamp Lava
10% 25% 25% 25% 5% 25% 30% 0% 50% 40% 25%


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