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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

Shield is a game mechanic.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shield is a defensive game mechanic in No Man's Sky. Players and player-controlled starships are equipped with energy shields which absorb damage from most sources, up to a certain limit based on their durability. A shield which has absorbed damage recently will begin to passively recover missing durability at a rate proportional to maximum durability, called recharge rate, if its user can avoid further shield damage for a certain amount of time, specified as a recharge delay. As only shield damage can interrupt passive shield recovery, a shield which has been reduced to zero durability (and thus cannot receive further damage) is guaranteed to start automatic recharge after the recharge delay has passed, even if the user took health damage during this time period.

Exosuit Shield[edit | edit source]

While on foot or while controlling an Exocraft, players are granted a shield by the Defence Systems of their Exosuit with an initial durability based on the active Game mode. This durability can be increased by installing Shield Lattice and Defence Systems Upgrades with Shield Strength bonuses within its inventory.

The Exosuit's shield has a recharge delay of 30 seconds and a recharge rate of 10% per second. The shield cannot be manually recharged using resources or products; however, Shield Stations within certain points of interest and Combat Supplies canisters dropped by destroyed planetary Sentinels both grant instant shield restoration.

Starship Shield[edit | edit source]

Player-controlled starships are granted a shield by the Deflector Shield technology while it is functional (if it is damaged, it must be repaired before it can shield the starship once more). The durability of this shield depends on the starship's Shield Absorb stat, which is increased passively by the ship's Shield class bonus and can be augmented further by installing Ablative Armour and Deflector Shield Upgrades within its inventory. Note that increases to the Shield Absorb stat apply using the assumption that a +100% Shield Absorb bonus adds +0.5 Shield Absorb (rather than +1.5 Shield Absorb as one would normally expect).

The player starship's shield has a shield recharge delay of ~4 seconds and a recharge rate of 1% per second. The shield can be manually recharged using Sodium (1%/unit) or Sodium Nitrate (2.5%/unit); as well, canisters dropped by destroyed AI ships, including pirates and Sentinel Interceptors, may grant instant shield restoration.