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Shielding Sheet
Shielding Sheet
High capacity energy storage unit.
Category Consumable
Type Defensive Energy Source
Total Value 1031.3 Units.png
Updated Pathfinder

Shielding Sheets are Products used as power sources.


High capacity energy storage unit. Since it's built primarily with Iron, which the most abundant oxide element, the Shielding line is a relatively cheap and reliable method to recharge your Exosuit Hazard Protection, Hazard Protection Units and Deflector Shield.

The Exosuit Hazard Protection module cannot be recharged with Iron directly, so items from the shielding line are often the only easy way to recharge it. Note that they only stack (to a max of 5) when in the starship inventory.

Game description[]

High capacity energy storage unit. A hugely efficient device that optimizes energy storage within suit and ship inventories.

Used in Hazard Protection and Shield systems.


Shielding Sheet cannot be crafted.

Original formula:

Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron x150 + SUBSTANCE.ASTEROID.3.png Platinum x20 → Product.shielding3.png Shielding Sheet


Shielding Sheets can be used to recharge the following items:

  • Exosuit Hazard Protection Base System by ??%
  • Hazard Protection Unit by >100% (overrecharges, some potential wasted)
  • Starship Deflector Shield by 40%

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