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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Sobek Colonial Confederation
Sobek Colonial Confederation
Galaxy Budullangr
Quadrant Alpha
Region Sea of Vuningar
Capital system Bifrost
Capital planet Cirche Major
Coordinates 012F:007F:0747:0051
Size Rural
Type Fanfiction, Casual, Gameplay / Documentation
Founded by HusbandVader
Founded by HusbandVader
Federation member No
Platform PC
Release Origins

The Sobek Colonial Confederation is a civilized space community.


The Sobek Colonial Confederation (a.k.a. Sobek Colonies or SCC) is a civilization located in the Alpha Quadrant of the Budullangr galaxy.

It was originally established in the region Poscovim Adjunct and was thoroughly explored by a single Traveller, HusbandVader during the Atlas Rises iteration. After NEXT the SCC relocated to the neighboring region Sea of Vuningar. Systems in the original region of Poscovim Adjunct renounced their membership after "The Great Reset".

Motto & Anthem[]

"Tielin Zimeyk Erd Cika" {Translation: "Never Step On Us!"}

The SCC motto is composed of four words, each from the four races that comprise the Confederation. The motto is derived from the symbol of a mythical creature known as a "rattlesnake", which would make a distinctive rattling noise to warn passers-by not to step on it. Although the rattlesnake would give fair warning to be left alone, it was also capable of inflicting a swift and deadly venomous attack against anyone who did not heed its warning. Such is the spirit of the Sobek Colonial Confederation.

The SCC anthem is "Do You Hear the People Sing?", (instrumental) a revolutionary call for liberty.

Benefits & Membership[]

The SCC brings the four races together to overcome Sentinel resistance to building a civilization. Independently, the Gek, Korvax and Vy'keen cannot build complex civilizations without attracting the wrath of the Sentinels. However, for unknown reasons, Sentinels do not interfere with cities built by Travellers of the fourth race. Therefore, Gek, Korvax and Vy'keen members of the SCC can take advantage of complex infrastructure built by the Travellers in order to better pursue their own interests.

Member systems of the SCC enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to all SCC commodities and infrastructure
  • Common defense against outside threats
  • Greater civil liberty and protected negative rights
  • Unregulated free trade
  • A greater understanding of Travellers and the Atlas

To gain membership in the SCC systems must:

All member systems of the SCC retain independence and sovereignty belonging to the original controlling race (Gek, Vy'keen, Korvax) with the exception of any enumerated powers otherwise specifically delegated to the SCC in the Colonial Articles of Confederation.


Members of the Sobek Colonial Confederation adhere to the following principles:

  • Non-Aggression - Members shall not initiate force against any other members. The use of force shall be justified, proportional, and subject to judicial review.
  • Free Markets - Trade between member systems shall be free of government regulation, prices being set exclusively by supply/demand.
  • New Frontiers - Members are committed to furthering discovery of the unknown through exploration.


The Sobek Colonial Confederation consists of NPC-controlled star systems. The following non-NPC Travellers are declared citizens of the SCC:

Traveller Name Home Planet Game Mode Date Joined
HusbandVader Cirche Major Normal October 17th, 2017
AlKaiSer Safiell Normal June 16th, 2019
chris080571 Giyannia Gamma Normal October 24th, 2019
RRicardo74 Giyannia Gamma Normal October 1st, 2020

Travellers who reside (in any game mode on PC) within 10,000 light-years of the Capital are eligible to become citizens of the SCC. Travellers who wish to declare their citizenship must contact HusbandVader with their name, game mode and home portal address. Upon confirmation of eligible residence, new citizens will be added to the official Census listed above.

Proof of residence may be checked periodically and citizenship updated accordingly.


Ratification Day

Celebration of Ratification Day

October 17, 2017 Sobek Empire is established by HusbandVader in Poscovim Adjunct region of Budullangr. Capital system is Sobek I with the capital on Deimos Maximus.
February 2nd, 2018 HusbandVader reorganizes and renames the Empire into a Confederation. Capital system moved to Sobek L.
May 18th, 2018 The Sobek Colonial Confederation joins the Union of Intergalactic Civilizations.
May 20th, 2018 HusbandVader is elected First Premier of the UIC.
June 1st, 2018 Union of Intergalactic Civilizations is disbanded, the SCC becomes unaffiliated.
June 12th, 2018 Declaration of Neutrality: Imperator HusbandVader declares the SCC will not join any military alliances until after the "Great Reset".
July 10th, 2018 Imperator HusbandVader delivers an address to the SCC with regards to the upcoming "Great Reset".
August 26th, 2018 The SCC is relocated to the neighboring region Sea of Vuningar and all systems in the old Poscovim Adjunct renounce their membership because the inhabitants had no memory before the "Great Reset".
August 28th, 2018 Adopted new emblem/flag and mottoes.
August 30th, 2018 Colonial Articles of Confederation are drafted and ratified by the Capital system Bifrost. Local representatives in Bifrost are elected to the Colonial Assembly.
November 22nd, 2018 Colonial Articles of Confederation are ratified by the first five founding member systems (after Bifrost). Ratification Day is celebrated at the Capital on Cirche Major. Newly-elected representatives are sworn into the Colonial Assembly.
November 24th, 2018 The Senate passes legislation expanding the SCC Capital Fleet, now requiring each member system to contribute one frigate per habitable planet. Bill was vetoed by the Imperator, however veto was overruled by 2/3 vote by the Senate.
November 25th, 2018 Colonial Assembly unanimously passes the Obscure Settlements Act which orders the Colonial Capital Fleet to find Uncharted systems and Abandoned systems throughout the region, in order to establish new SCC Charter Colonies in uninhabited systems.
November 27th, 2018 Colonial Assembly unanimously approves the revisions to the official logo and adopts the new motto "Tielin Zimeyk Erd Cika" (Never Step On Us).
December 2nd, 2018 Colonial Assembly passes legislation expanding the Executive Branch into three equal offices, Imperator, Magistrate and Prefect.
December 10th, 2018 Senate proposes Amendments to the Colonial Articles of Confederation (Articles 2.2, 2.3 and 6.1). Amendments sent to Member Systems for ratification - all Amendments passed and adopted.
June 16th, 2019 Second Non-NPC Traveller AlKaiSer joins the SCC and builds a base on Safiell in the capital system of Bifrost.
August 15th, 2019 The Colonial Assembly forms a committee to investigate and recommend a new planet within the Sea of Vuningar to serve as a new capital.
August 16th, 2019 The moon Giyannia Gamma in the system Abullist is selected as a new capital homeworld. Design & construction begin.
October 22nd, 2019 The Institute of Sobek Standards (ISS) is created. ISS is a non-governmental, independent, volunteer organization comprised of professionals from various industries. ISS facilitates trade throughout the SCC by providing common standards and measurements between members of the Confederation. ISS headquarters are built in the new capital on Giyannia Gamma.
October 24th, 2019 Third Non-NPC Traveller chris080571 joins the SCC and builds a base on Giyannia Gamma in the new capital system of Abullist.
September 25th, 2020 New planets appear mysteriously throughout Sea of Vuningar. Simultaneously, a massive extinction event occurs across the universe and new fauna populate familiar landscapes. Colonial Capital Fleet begins a new expedition to chart previously-explored systems in the SCC to map new planets and fauna.
October 1st, 2020 Fourth Non-NPC Traveller Rricardo74 joins the SCC and builds a base on Giyannia Gamma in the capital system of Abullist.


Imperator HusbandVader

Imperator HusbandVader

The Sobek Colonial Confederation is organized as a Constitutional Confederation, where each member system retains its own sovereignty, with the exception of specific and limited powers delegated to the Colonial Assembly.

The Colonial Assembly is comprised of 3 branches

  • Triumvirate (Executive) - Triarchy
    • Imperator - HusbandVader
    • Magistrate
    • Prefect
  • Senate Building

    Senate Building

    Senate (Legislative) - Bicameral
    • Parliament
    • Council
  • The Forum

    The Forum

    Forum (Judicial) - Five Praetors

Each member System is also entitled one diplomatic representative known as an Ambassador. Ambassadors are authorized to address The Senate directly and are considered official spokespersons of their respective Systems. An Ambassador represents their System's interests within the SCC, often in close cooperation with their Tribune and Councilor counterparts. Although Ambassadors may function in consort with their System's Tribunes and Councilors they do not have voting rights in The Colonial Assembly.

Non-member Systems (or civilizations) may send a diplomatic representative, known as an Envoy, to directly address The Senate. In order to be officially recognized, an Envoy must be sponsored by at least 3 member Systems.


The Sobek Colonial Confederation has two capitals:

1. Ludwig Von Mises Colony on Cirche Major in the system Bifrost

  • Seat of the Legislative and Judicial branches of government

2. Friedrich Hayek City on Giyannia Gamma in the system Abullist

  • Seat of the Executive branch of government and economic center of the SCC


The Executive branch consists of three individuals with equal voting rights and is called The Triumvirate. Any decision requires 2/3 vote.

  • The Imperator is elected by popular vote by all citizens of the SCC.
    • HusbandVader was the Princeps Civitatis or "First Citizen" who originally founded the Sobek Empire in October 2017. In February 2018 HusbandVader re-organized the old Empire, renounced absolute control, and established a constitutionally-limited, confederate-style government. As the first Imperator, HusbandVader will hold this position for the remainder of his life, or until he chooses to resign. The SCC will conduct a popular vote among all citizens to determine the succession of the Imperator after the position is vacated by the Princeps Civitatis.
  • The Magistrate is elected by simple majority by all members of Parliament.
  • The Prefect is elected by simple majority by all members of the Council.


On the Great Reset, by Imperator HusbandVader on July 10th, 2018:

"Tribunes, Councilors, Citizens of The Confederation, I stand before you today with news that may shake the foundations of our very reality. The Atlas has bestowed upon me knowledge of an impending upheaval that will fundamentally change the universe as we know it. The exact nature of these upcoming changes is unbeknownst, however I advise all members of The Confederation to prepare yourselves accordingly for what I am calling, The Great Reset.
Systems throughout the Poscovim Adjunct have benefited greatly from their membership within The Sobek Colonial Confederation. Peace, prosperity and discovery have reigned supreme among every system of the SCC. We have enjoyed a Golden Age of cooperation and philosophical enlightenment. But no matter how successful we are as a civilization, we are nonetheless still subject to the laws of physics and the Will of The Atlas.
Two weeks from now The Atlas will reshape our reality in The Great Reset. Will we be changed? Will our Confederation survive? Will we even remember our lives before The Great Reset? Only The Atlas knows. All we can do now is to stand proud, side-by-side, Gek, Vy'keen, Korvax and Traveller, united by our common goals, our moral principles and our tenacity to survive. Do not be afraid of the future, rather take pride in the accomplishments of the past. The Sobek Colonial Confederation stands unafraid to face whatever future The Atlas has in store for us after The Great Reset."


The Senate is a bicameral legislative body comprised of two branches:

  • Parliament Chambers

    Parliament Chambers

    Parliament is considered the "upper house" of The Senate, and consists of two Tribunes from each member system (The Guild Representative and the Faction Representative). Parliament is led by the Princeps Tribunus or "First Tribune".
  • Council Chambers

    Council Chambers

    Council is considered the "lower house" of The Senate, and consists of one Councilor from each habitable planet (excluding dead and uninhabited exotic worlds). Council is led by the Orator or "Speaker".

The selection process for Tribunes and Councilors shall be determined by the individual member systems. Although a democratic election is recommended, it is not required. Every two years both Chambers are required to vote for their respective leaders.


The Forum is a judicial body that interprets the laws of The Senate and resolves disputes among the member systems. Disputes arising exclusively from within a member system shall first be handled by the member system's local judiciary before the decision can be appealed to The Forum. Disputes between a member system and a system outside the SCC falls outside The Forum's jurisdiction.

Judicial Courtroom

Judicial Courtroom

The Forum is located in the Capital and consists of five Praetors, appointed by The Triumvirate:

A simple majority must be reached in order for The Forum to pass a judgement. It is the responsibility of the Praetor Praefectus to determine the cases that The Forum will hear. The Praetor Praefectus is also responsible for the orderly proceeding of all hearings.

Foreign & Domestic Policy[]

The SCC seeks peaceful diplomatic relations with all other civilizations throughout the known universe. However, the SCC will not hesitate to defend itself and its allies from any outside aggression.


Former member of the Union of Intergalactic Civilizations (UIC) - disbanded June 1st, 2018.

The SCC remains an unaffiliated civilization and shall not become involved with any military alliances. The SCC will however be open to Declarations of Friendship and Non-Aggression treaties, at the Imperator's discretion.


The SCC will not become involved with any conflicts arising between other civilizations.

War Powers[]

If any member system of the SCC is attacked by a foreign power the Imperator has the unilateral authority to enact "Emergency Wartime Procedures", mobilizing the SCC Capital Fleet. The Senate cannot vote to rescind the "Emergency Wartime Procedures" for the first thirty days. After thirty days the Senate can initiate a vote to end the "Emergency Wartime Procedures" with a 2/3 vote in both houses that cannot be vetoed. The Imperator can rescind the "Emergency Wartime Procedures" at any time.

Expulsion & Secession[]

If a dispute arises among the member systems of the Confederation the issue shall be adjudicated by the Forum. The Forum can recommend a member to be expelled from the Confederation, however such a decision must be ratified by 2/3 of each branch in The Senate and signed by the Imperator. If ratification fails in either branch of The Senate or is vetoed by the Imperator, the disputed member shall remain in the Confederation.

Unless "Emergency Wartime Procedures" are in effect, any member system reserves the right to secede from the Sobek Colonial Confederation at any time and for any reason. A system that secedes or is expelled cannot re-apply for membership for a period of one year.

If a member system engages in hostile military action against any other member system the aggressor member will be immediately expelled, "Emergency Wartime Procedures" will be activated and the aggressor will be considered an enemy of the Sobek Colonial Confederation, subject to any military action the Imperator deems appropriate and necessary to end hostilities.

Member Systems[]

This section details the member systems as well as the number of habitable planets/moons within each system.

System Name Base Name Planet #1 Planet #2 Planet #3 Planet #4 Planet #5 Planet #6
Bifrost Ludwig Von Mises Colony Cirche Major Safiell
Vigatabe XII Rose Wilder Lane Homestead Nevienea Gwarden VII Uckfie Cinneyas V
Yadenum-Agb Milton Friedman Resort Erpeston XV Uquelyn XIII Degaramon Sigma
Rusjuna Hans-Hermann Hoppe Fort Laborym Owase 40/X9 Yaroupo Elsusan Alpha
Jojenet-Iqu Patri Friedman Seastead Gidenius Noom Eletc XVII Azzaviuq XIII
Kifjor-Loget XII Acton Society of the Atlas Napoteu Prime Miurget


Councilors (1 per habitable planet): 18

Tribunes (2 per member system): 12

Charter Systems[]

This section details the Charter Colonies that have been claimed by the SCC in Uncharted and Abandoned star systems throughout the region. Charter Colonies do not have any formal representation in the Colonial Assembly until at least one base has been built. Charter Colonies receive the same representation as regular member systems, two Tribunes per system, with one Councilor per colonized planet (a base has been built).

System Name Planet #1 Inhabited? Planet #2 Inhabited? Planet #3 Inhabited? Planet #4 Inhabited? Planet #5 Inhabited? Planet #6 Inhabited?
Rumgilj-Qux I {SCC Blair} Bautiedq No Onsi X10 {Griswold} No Ifnaldin {Lee} No Bratosipet Anuki {Root} Pending Temp {Wadsworth} No

Naming Conventions[]

Star systems in the SCC typically contain the tag {SCC} after the original name.

There is no guidance provided for the naming of planets, ships, freighters, multi-tools, flora, fauna or waypoints.