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This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Space Britannia
Space Britannia
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Unknown
Capital system Ach-1(Prime System)
Capital planet Ach-1B(Prime Planet)
Coordinates TBD
Size Small
Type Expansion, Documentation and Construction
Founded by Zetratron#3087 (Discord)
Federation member No
Platform PS4/PC/Xbox
Release Prisms

Space Britannia is a Civilized space community.


Space Britannia is a Civilized space community located in the Euclid galaxy. We are based on the Imperial British Empire of the 18th Century, and aims to represent the British Empire in space.

Our main goals are to expand, grow, colonize, trade, document, and explore. We hope to become one of the biggest civilizations in the galaxy and hope to incorporate and or ally with as many other civilizations as possible.


Our mission is to explore, document, expand, colonize and trade.


The civilization first started on April 2nd of 2020 when Ggogogeta remembered something they watched in history channel and soon came up with the idea to make the British space!

It aims to represent the British Empire in space. On April 5,2020 ItsKorra (also know as Gogogeta, Space-Briton and Zetratron) tried to transfer ownership of Space Britannia to AstroNut ゴ#1196 who is the leader of the civilization BSE (Blue Scales Expeditionary) in order to focus more on the development of the East Vinter Company. Astronut refused and Zetratron maintained ownership. Space Britannia currently has no members as a census is being worked on to give an accurate member count, therefore the discord server hasn’t been released to the public. Space Britannia also has no ill will towards any civilization and will not participate in any malicious actions such as spam or wiki page destruction. Anyone who does maliciously edits wiki pages in Space Britannia’s name is not affiliated with Space Britannia. Only Zetratron is in charge of matters relating to Space Britannia; anyone else is not.


Thousands of years after Space Britannia colonized all of its home star system and even conquered its own star by building a dyson swarm around it, Space Britannia desired more and so began to build interstellar starships and drones that could survive in the void of interstellar space. The drones were sent first and after several decades had already reached 17,000 star systems. The drones were so advanced they built organic life from the elements of the worlds they had found. They built more machines too, eventually all those thousands of star systems had been fully colonized. But still 17,000 out of over 100 billion stars, this would a long journey indeed... One day Space Britannia had encountered other civilizations; they were not so alien as they should have been and so communication was easy but many civilizations also shared primitive ideas such as "war" and "conquest". They remained primitive in mind and soughtd to keep Space Britannia down but Space Britannia would not be defeated, not even close. With technology so advanced that immortality was common for all of Space Britannias citizens, with weapons so advanced that they did not even need to travel to defeat their enemies, and with the power to use the stars as starships themselves, Space Britannia would win. This is the story of Space Britannia and of how it became the master of the Euclid galaxy and the greatest civilization of them all.

Naming Guidelines[]

Members are encouraged to name planets/moons with the prefix (SB) followed by the numeral in the order they were discovered.


If you want to join, you should contact Zetratron#3087 on Discord.


Member name PC/PS/Xbox Homeplanet
Zetratron PS4 ACH-1B(Prime Planet)
--- --- ---

Systems Discovered[]

The following systems have been discovered:

  • ACH-1(Prime System)
  • ACH-2
  • ACH-3
  • ACH-4(Arctic)
  • ACH-4(Colony)



Rules for this civilization include:

  • No warmongering
  • No infighting
  • No trolling