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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.
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Space Encounters are a type of game event.


Space encounters are just that - unusual encounters that occur while pulsing in space.

The objective of this page is to define a space encounter and list each encounter in a categorized table. Links will be provided leading to the individual pages for each encounter as more information is made available.

Official release quotes[]

The following quotes are extracted from the Official Living Ship Update:

  • Experience rare encounters with mysterious space objects andl strange new lifeforms while pulsing through a star system.
  • Investigating these may often yield rewards – or more dangerous encounters!
  • Different encounters have different chances of occurring based on the characteristics of the solar system.

How To Find Them[]

Space encounters occur randomly when travelling between planets while using your Pulse Engine.


The Hyperspace Navigation Station stated a communication as I was using my engine to get to a planet. It said something along the lines of:

A rare object has entered your system. Disengage your Pulse Engine to view it.

After halting my engine, the station warped in front of me.

You can also force the appearance of a random Space Encounter with an Anomaly Detector, which you will very rarely find while mining asteroids.

Reported Encounters[]

NOTE: Update the list or notify someone to update the list as more information becomes available.

Encounter Image Encounter Name Known System Types Relative Frequency Interaction Required Rewards
NPC repair.jpg Alien Repair Inhabited 4 Offer Resources NANITES.png and increased Faction standing
Ramifications: None
Trader.jpg Alien Trader Inhabited 12 Trade Items for Purchase
Ramifications: None
Trader Offer.jpg Alien Trader Special Offer Inhabited 2 Trade Rare artifact for purchase / barter
Ramifications: None
20200221221621 1.jpg Anomalous Numbers Station Any 1 Use communicator Gives 5 numbers of up to 3 digits (847 ... 471 .... etc)
Ramifications: None
Asteroid Larvae.jpg Asteroid Larvae Any 1 Unknown None
Ramifications: Engages in combat when shot, but cannot be killed
20200220225541 1.jpg Child of Helios Any 1 Use communicator Living Water during Starbirth mission, nothing otherwise
Ramifications: None
Condensed Stellar Ice.jpg Condensed Stellar Ice Any 1 Shoot down Quicksilver, Dioxite, Uranium, Condensed Carbon, Di-hydrogen, NANITES.png
Ramifications: None
Derelict Freighter Ship.jpg Derelict Freighter - Space Encounter Any 4 Chromatic Metal or other resource
Cannot be interacted with directly, but a small cargo pod may spawn, allowing the player to destroy them to get resources. However, doing so will occasionally cause Pirates to ambush. Also a chance for destructible doors to spawn on the derelict & a storage container behind it that awards items when shot.
20200720115110 1.jpg Derelict Freighter Any
Can be explored fully and features procedurally generated rooms. Introduced during the Desolation update.
SE Pod.jpg Dyson Lens Any 1 Shoot down A large number of Nanites NANITES.png
Ramifications: Instantly sets your Wanted level to 5 if shot at.
SE Emergency Civilisation Shelter Pod.png Emergency Civilisation Shelter Pod Any 2 Use communicator Message stating current Pod status.
Ramifications: None
Emergency Containment Unit.jpg Emergency Containment Device Any 2 Shoot down Terrifying Sample
Ramifications: Drops Terrifying Sample (Keeping this item in your inventory may cause this Space Encounter to stalk you / keep occurring; pulling you out of pulse drive without the usual warning).
SE OrbEntity.png Gaseous Sentience Any 1 Use communicator NANITES.png
Ramifications: None, but they may appear in different colours
SE Skull.png Grave of the Ocean King Any 1 Enter and exit Fossil Sample or Excavated Bones
Ramifications: None
Hazard Containment Field.jpg Hazard Containment Field Any 1 Shoot down

Note: Rockets may destroy the field and give no items.

Rare artifact. Sometimes drops Biological Sample or Magnetised Ferrite instead.
Ramifications: Drops Terrifying Sample (Keeping this item in your inventory may cause this Space Encounter to stalk you / keep occurring; pulling you out of pulse drive without the usual warning).
Hyperspace Navigation Station.jpg Hyperspace Navigation Station Any 1 Use communicator Gives 16 hexadecimal digits code
Ramifications: None. Transmitted code can be converted into a usable portal address by dropping 4 digits.
SE Ironbound Relic.png Ironbound Relic Any 1 Shoot down Platinum / Gold / Silver / Ancient Bones / Fossil Sample / Terrifying Sample
Ramifications: Drops Terrifying Sample (Keeping this item in your inventory may cause this Space Encounter to stalk you / keep occurring; pulling you out of pulse drive without the usual warning).
Jettisoned Storage Silo.png Jettisoned Storage Silo Any 1 Shoot down Any in-game resource or item (which ever one is listed when you look at it)
Ramifications: None
Living Metalloid.jpg Living Metalloid Any 1 Shoot down Carbon, Silver, Salvageable Scrap, Upgrade Modules (Always for normal ships & almost always S-Class)
Ramifications: Unknown
Messenger of Atlas.jpg Messenger of Atlas Any 2 Use communicator Gives an Atlas word
Ramifications: None whether accepting or rejecting the message of Atlas.
Encountered having different shapes.
Pirate Controlled Monitoring Station.jpg Pirate-Controlled Monitoring Station Inhabited 1 Shoot down NANITES.png and then Increased Faction standing after defeating pirates
Ramifications: Triggers pirates once destroyed
SE Plasmic Accident.png Plasmic Accident Any 1 Shoot down Terrifying Sample / NANITES.png / Mordite
Ramifications: Drops Terrifying Sample (Keeping this item in your inventory will cause this Space Encounter to stalk you / keep occurring; pulling you out of pulse drive without the usual warning)
Relic Gate.png Relic Gate Any 1 Fly through None
Ramifications: Teleports you to another system, over a much longer distance than Black Holes can teleport you. Unlike a black hole, you may end up further from the galactic core.
Black Hole.jpg Rogue Black Hole Any 1 Fly through Long-distance travel
Ramifications: Teleports you to other system and breaks a single upgrade
Rubbleofthefirstspawn.jpg Rubble of the First Spawn Any 1 Unknown Unknown
Ramifications: Unknown
Secret Listening Post.jpg Secret Listening Post Inhabited 2 Use communicator None
Ramifications: None, allows you to intercept messages between Aliens
Stellar Intelligence.jpg Stellar Intelligence Any 1 Use communicator POSSIBLY Coordinates to an Ancient Ruin
Ramifications: None, but damages you when shot
Space Void Egg.jpg Void Egg Any 7 Shoot down A Living Ship upgrade.
Does not appear if you have any parts needed to create a Living Ship
Ramifications: None, however requires flying Living Ship to encounter

Information Requiring Further Investigation[]

The following information must still be assessed:

  • What interactions can be taken
  • What the rewards and ramifications are for interacting with the encounters

Additional information[]

Most star systems have Recurring Space Encounters which can be reliably found after entering the system. For example, in the Samnadhr sja'Gulr system, the Grave of the Ocean King rare deep space object will be encountered 45 seconds after entering the system. Similarly in Sudhr-Stjarna ei'Blar, Rogue Black Holes are encountered 3:25 and 7:25 minutes after entering the system. All known recurring space encounters have been listed on their respective system pages.

All six living ship upgrades can be farmed from any system by finding space void eggs, and the class of the upgrades can vary in that same system.