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Space Fleets are NPC versions of starships.


Space Carrier Scheibe Moria

Space Fleets are neutral stationary star ships that reside in space within star systems, often allied with certain alien races such as the Gek, Vy'keen or Korvax. They are protected by fighter ships that only spawn when a player decides to steal resources from their cargo bays. Space Fleets are enormous rectangular ships that often travel in groups of 3-6 ships. Currently, only Cargo Fleets exist.

Usually Space Fleets carry self-defense weaponry such as Defensive Turrets. Depending on the model of the carrier, they may only have the options of Photon Cannon Defensive Turrets or Phase Beam Defensive Turrets or both Phase Beam and Photon Cannon.

Distress Level[]

When a Space Fleet is under attack in a non-Outlaw system, a distress call will be send out immediately to fighter starships which spawn almost immediately; the number of ships appears to grow at an exponential rate.

1st Cargo Bay Destroyed
1 Sentinel Starship + 1 level Wanted level
2nd Cargo Bay Destroyed
2 Sentinel Starships + 1 Wanted Level (Total Accumulated Stars 2)
3rd and 4th Cargo Bays Destroyed
3 Sentinel Starships + 1 Wanted Level (Total Accumulated Stars 3)
5th and 6th Cargo Bays Destroyed
4 Sentinel Starships + 1 Wanted Level (Total Accumulated Stars 4)
7th+ Cargo Bays Destroyed
5+ Sentinel Starships + 1 Wanted Level (Total Accumulated Stars 5)

Sentinel Starship Carriers will appear once a player hits level 5 Wanted Level and release 6-9 Sentinel starships.

Please clarify the following: but this seems to be incomplete that it would disappear on its own along with ships released by it if stars disappeared in next few seconds.


A player's standing with certain alien lifeforms will greatly decrease, depending on which lifeforms the Space Fleet is associated with.


A variety of resources can be gathered from destroyed cargo bays.