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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.

Space battle (Pathfinder)

Space battles are ship-to-ship combat episodes.


Space battles are battles staged in space where two or more parties are fighting. They may currently involve the player, the sentinels, pirates and a single faction. Faction-on-faction battles were mentioned before the initial release, but are not currently implemented. Sentinels do not seem to attack pirates.


  • Freighters can come under attack by pirates upon warping into a system (always a capital freighter).
  • When your ship scanner meter goes down to empty, a random ship battle can be initiated. Being attacked by pirates is the most common.
  • You may initiate piracy by attacking any ship while flying. Sentinel ships will be alerted.
  • Freighters can be attacked for the materials contained in their containers. The smaller ships in the Freighter fleets may also be attacked to steal cargo. This will initiate a battle.
  • Bounties may also randomly be detected. If the player chooses to destroy the target, they are awarded the amount of Units named in the bounty, and any loot that the pirate drops. These come in different star levels of difficulty.


  • Saving freighters, and destroying pirates in general will award the player with reputation for the faction controlling that system.
  • If the player's reputation with the system faction is high enough, nearby ships will come to the player's aid if they are attacked by pirates.

Avoiding Combat[]

Space battle (pre-release)

There are at least three ways a player can avoid combat if desired:

  • Using the intercom to speak to the pirates before they warp to your location (X key on PC) gives you a chance to negotiate a monetary bribe to the pirates, who may or may not attack you depending on how much money you give.
  • Using throttle to get as far away from enemy ships as possible, then using your Pulse Engine to escape their reach.
  • Flying towards a planet's atmosphere will stop enemies from chasing you.

Benefits of Combat[]

  • If you choose to assist a distressed freighter, the rewards are often worthwhile, including units, resources, and reputation.
  • Loot gained by destroying the individual ships and if pirating freighters, the cargo containers.
  • Freighter Captains must be spoken to after saving them from pirates to retrieve your reward.

Release history[]

  • NEXT - Tropheum is no longer the most common loot gained when destroying individual ships