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I coined the term and made up the name "The Fade" due to the phenomenon of fading stars (which you can't visit) and reality, including the breakdown of ingame mechanics. So it is a three-way fade. If you want to translate this into a German equivalent you surely got several options.

And no, it does not mean "Verblassen" otherwise it would be called "The Blur". Literally translated "The Fade" would be equal to "Die Vergängnis", but translated by MEANING it would be closer to "Ende", "Zerfall" or "Auflösung".

Your friend isn't wrong when they say there is no real German equivalent. I guess "Der Schwund" would be a true translation, but damn that also sounds dumb. German is not a good language to describe ephemeral things, even though the English speaking countries seem to get high on "Weltenschmerz", that is a real concept and a compound word. Two things German excels at.

Seriously I write for the English part of the Wiki. If the German community of the Wiki decides on their local name to be different, so be it. If they want to keep the original, so be it. And if they want to make up a new coined general term, so be it.

You now know the meaning behind the name, make up a name based on it.