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Specialist Polo
Specialist Polo
Location Space Anomaly
Type Gek NPC
Updated Origins

Polo is a Gek NPC.


Specialist Polo currently resides in the Space Anomaly and belongs to the Gek.


I think Atlas-being is a convergence of sorts. That is why the Korvax fear it.
~ Specialist Polo

In the storyline quest The First Traveller, the Player is taken to a remote outpost. Searching its logs reveal that it was previously a salvage station, manned by an inquisitive Gek (Polo), sent to work there as a translator as a punishment for their behaviour. In the salvaged wrecks, Polo found data speaking of worlds that did not exist and events that didn't happen. One day, they went out to investigate a crashed freighter following an active Korvax life sign (Nada). Neither of them returned after that.

The outpost's logs gives the location of the crashed freighter where Polo presumably first met Nada. The freighter's logs are written in first person by a version of Polo from another dimension, one where all life was annihilated by the then-peaceful Sentinels, for an unknown reason, in a violent attack that lasted less than an hour. Nada saved Polo in their freighter and they both travelled to the centre of their galaxy while being chased by the Sentinels. At the end of the log, this Polo is attacked by the Sentinels and dies, but not before telling Nada that they shall meet again in another universe.

It is still unknown how Nada and Polo came aboard the Space Anomaly.


Polo offers options for Atlas Interfaces and Black Holes; while Nada awards Quicksilver throughout the story if the player chooses to talk with them about the things happening with Artemis, Apollo and Null throughout these missions.

NOTE: Prior to the Beyond release, Polo would give the player specific blueprint rewards each time they were talked to for the first time in exchange for information in form of achieved milestones. Polo would give a blueprint for the AtlasPass v1 once the Alien Colonist Encounters milestone was reached.

Additional Info[]

In reference to each Polo being from a different dimension, the player will find that Polo has a different physical appearance each time they encounter them.


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