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Stamina Enhancement Sigma
Stamina Enhancement Sigma
Allows for longer periods of running
Category Exosuit - Stamina
Type Exhaustion Suppression System
Updated Atlas Rises

Stamina Enhancement Sigma is an exosuit upgrade.


The Stamina Enhancement Sigma is a stamina technology upgrade for a player's exosuit.

The Stamina Enhancement Sigma increases the length of time that a player can run.

Game description[]

User is able to run for extended periods.

System incorporates a painless spinal puncture, epidural tap insertion and bodily chemical distribution procedure. Lactic acid build-up in user's body is neutralized during periods of heightened activity.

Operates automatically once constructed within user's exosuit inventory.


Stamina Enhancement Sigma cannot be crafted.

Original formula:

Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron x20 + SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.png Carbon x20 → Render.stamina.png Stamina Enhancement Sigma

Additional information[]

  • Operates automatically when located in a player's exosuit inventory.

Upgrade progression[]

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