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Standing Planter
Standing Planter
Category Base Building
Type Farming tech
Updated Frontiers

Standing Planter is a base building product.


Standing Planter is a base building product and can be found in the Equipment/Farming building category.

It provides 62-120 units of Carbon every 10 minutes.

Game description[]

A standing planter system for indoor cultivation of agricultural crops.


Standing Planter can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Standing Planter can be dismantled after construction, returning the following ingredients:

Additional information[]

  • This item does not need to be recharged, but requires a connection to a power source.
  • MAYBE BUG, DEFINITELY EXPLOIT - When constructing on a Frieghter, it is built ready to harvest with 75 Carbon. When you deconstruct it, you get back all resources. This allows you to get infinite Carbon by constructing, harvesting, deconstructing, and reconstructing.

Release history[]

  • Pathfinder - Added as a base-building product.
  • Atlas Rises - Hidden changes: Farmable agricultural products no longer can be planted into it.
  • NEXT - Hidden changes: Blueprint no longer can be acquired through normal gameplay. Blueprint changed, formerly used Carite Sheet and Power Gel.
  • Living Ship - Fixed an issue that had caused Carbon Planters to be unavailable for purchase. Blueprint changed, in NEXT required Carbon.
  • Origins - Blueprint revised from 20 Condensed Carbon to 25.