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Star Bramble
Star Bramble
Category Base Building
Type Plantable Seed
Updated Frontiers

Star Bramble is a farmable agricultural product.


Star Bramble is a farmable agricultural product.

Star Bramble seeds can be acquired from a hired Farmer, or purchased from the Construction Research Station in the Space Anomaly for 3 Salvaged Data,

Game description[]

A medium-sized, farmable plant that yields an occasional harvest of valuable Star Bulbs.

Suitable for hydroponic indoor planting. Ensure Lush climate before planting outdoors.

Approximate growing time: 4 hours


Star Bramble in the wild

Star Bramble can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Additional information[]

  • Growing the plant will produce 25 Star Bulbs in roughly 4 hours of real time.
  • It can be found on Lush planets along with its planting source, Paraffinium.
  • With Optical Drill installed on the Multi-tool and planted in a Bio-Dome, each plant will produce 41 Star Bulb.

Release history[]

  • Foundation - Added as a product.
  • NEXT - Blueprint changed, formerly used Thamium9, Carbon, and Star Bulb.
  • NEXT 1.55 - Growing time changed, formerly it was 30 minutes.
  • NEXT 1.58 - Blueprint changed, formerly used Chromatic Metal and Paraffinium.
  • Beyond - Growing time fixed in the game description. Harvested quantity increased from 25 to 39.
  • ExoMech - Harvested quantity reduced, was 39.