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The subject of this article is from the Companions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 30 March, 2021.

There are multiple game-release versions of the Starship Catalogue - Exotic page.

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Summary[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of various Exotic-Archetype starships discovered by different players during the Beyond through current eras.

(For a list of all ship types, refer to the Starship Catalogue)

Description[edit | edit source]

All exotic ships are part of the S-class and will have top tier bonus values in all three categories. Their values range between 35-50% DMG, 55-60% Shield and 50-65% Hyperdrive range. Since the price is multiplied by slot size and the exotic ships normally lack in that regard, their price range is a fair 10M-15M units. This makes them deadly specialists if one is lucky enough to find one.

While there are only two distinct types of exotic ships based on their cockpit, the community has come to differentiate visual classes with varying names. All of these classifications stem from the ship's nose instead of its additional ornaments. While there seems to be no real consensus how to name them, there is a broad basis in each group.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

The inventory for Exotic ships are all in the small range of 15-20 (upgradeable to 48 since Synthesis). Their tech limit is 4-6 slots (upgradeable to 21 since Synthesis).

Exotic Types[edit | edit source]

All exotic ships are part of one of two designs, either the squid or the ball (see below). Due to the equal chance of spawning an exotic and with only one per system, the many variations of the ball design seem to have caused the squid variant to be rather rare. With several special ornaments for the ball design, resulting in the Type-7 variant of either exotic type, the chance to find a squid type exotic is reduced even more.

NOTE: In some groups, the ship with tall upper fin also counts as its own "Tall" type.

Catalogues[edit | edit source]

The tables below are alphabetically sorted by galaxy, region, and ship name. If a ship lacks coordinates, enter them if possible. Ships that cannot be found and bought only serve a historic purpose.

Royal[edit | edit source]

Royal Type-7

The Royal exotic ship is one of three ball cockpit ships and is known for its prominent double nose. This ship design is presumably more common in Vy'keen systems.

It is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Ships with golden or silver ornaments and the famous print of 7 on their top fin are also referred to as the elite Type-7. When seen on a Royal they are known as Royal Type-7.

The front fuselage of the Royal (its long angular nose and ventral mounted lance) bears an uncanny resemblance to Spike Spiegel's Swordfish II from the iconic anime Cowboy Bebop.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:00C1 DW9 Yabeatil Royal 20 6
Calypso Drogan 0870:0080:0894:0093 Toriy's Gambit MK6 Royal 20 6
Calypso Kempfer Expanse 0804:0081:0805:01D7 MJ2 Ikawak Royal 20 6
Calypso Sea of Lamerka 0807:0081:0800:0026 Iroish's Prize SG6 Royal 15 4
Eissentam 0C81:0082:0BDA:00C8 Dazak's Parallax Seeker Royal 18 5
Eissentam Kamortre Cloud The Falcon of Death Royal 16 4
Eissentam Nalandia Sector 07F7:0080:07FE:0009 Abyssal Reflection PN7 Royal 19 6
Eissentam Nalandia Sector 07F7:0080:07FE:00C4 Edoga's Pride XF3 Royal 18 5
Eissentam Nalandia Sector 07F7:0080:07FE:0041 The Owl of Truth Royal 17 5
Eissentam Ranaebin Mass 0190:007F:066F:0011 Pillar of the Meyamaga Royal 19 6
Eissentam Sea of Zonyayp 0430:0078:0D56:011C Ibaiu of the Gek Royal 20 6
Euclid 06F0:007D:010E:0045 Dateya's Colourless Future Royal 17 5
Euclid 0EA3:0077:068C:0010 Ugawat's Gravity Scanner Royal 16 4
Euclid 0B9B:00F2:01B0:0112 Uonumazu's Whispering Fabricator Royal 20 6
Euclid Abikov Anomaly 0CE8:007A:031D:0002 The Skylark of Destruction Royal 18 5
Euclid Aslesc Nebula 0432:0078:0D51:000D Hammer of the Nazaki Royal 20 6
Euclid Baadossm Anomaly 0257:007B:044B:005E NQ7 Kahok Royal 15 4
Euclid Baadossm Anomaly 0257:007B:044B:016A Nugoto of Air Royal 15 4
Euclid Butess 0A6A:007C:0256:0021 The Breath of Flight Royal 19 6
Euclid Ceosan Expanse 0EA1:007C:0A33:01C0 Unokubar's Spirit MJ2 Royal 20 6
Euclid Ciyonyika 0ED7:0080:0A83:00C0 Soaring Ashes UB7 Royal 19 6
Euclid Ciyonyika 0E7D:0080:0A83:0174 YC1 Ebetsu Royal 16 4
Euclid Cuyanoukh Quadrant 09A9:007F:03F4:0203 Tabash's Regret Royal 18 5
Euclid Egbatzi Void 04BE:0084:0459:0046 Imine AQ3 Royal 20 6
Euclid Evnikegg Band 0641:007E:089B:000B Ageocod OH9 Royal 20 6
Euclid Fallangk 055F:0083:018C:00F8 BZ1 Jisan Royal 19 6
Euclid Forchir Quadrant 0AAB:0085:01A6:01C5 Ancestral Atsum XI Royal 17 5
Euclid Ganjem Mass 0830:0081:0768:0123 ZQ7 Kuyotsu Royal 17 5
Euclid Gwriginni Conflux DE7 Abiradom Royal 20 6
Euclid Gwriginni Conflux The Birth of Inevitability Royal 18 5
Euclid Icalac Mass 0588:007E:0E93:012E Ennuma's Winged Conqueror Royal 19 6
Euclid Jimbavap Expanse 0446:007D:0928:00B0 The Hand of the Vy'keen Royal 17 5
Euclid Kaleibn Cluster 0B11:0081:02EB:0217 Zumigs Whispering Prize Royal 18 5
Euclid Krugbalo Terminus 0E89:0082:0A81:008C Uitakaya's Desperation BG1 Royal 19 6
Euclid Leamag Void OO1 Golden Needle Royal 20 5
Euclid Lekholod Terminus 0589:007E:0E93:0138 Takashi's Regret Royal 15 4
Euclid Lekholod Terminus 0589:007E:0E93:0046 Tondab's Relentless Fabricator Royal 16 4
Euclid Lodgud Instability 082E:0082:0105:018A The Talon of Souls Royal 18 5
Euclid Navaneits 03D8:007D:0D4B:0012 Yagat's Towering Gambit Royal 17 5
Euclid Nilian Cloud 0E98:0078:09C6:00C2 Iotakam's Gambit Royal 17 5
Euclid Nonlopsi Instability 042F:0077:0D55:0070 Angotom's Voyage Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Oklipnerow Expanse 0161:0079:061A:0072 The Breath of Souls Royal 15 4
Euclid Olfian Quadrant 0148:0076:077A:0007 Dachibai's Future Royal 15 4
Euclid Omichc Terminus 027D:0089:0BD7:019E Makuchik Sentinel VI Royal 18 5
Euclid Sea of Loyelint 0535:0089:0205:001F The Song of Sleep Royal 20 6
Euclid The Arm of Egrebat 085B:007C:0EA0:0190 Uedar DC6 Royal 19 6
Euclid The Arm of Hujavey 04A8:007D:0E1B:010E The Voice of Madness Royal 20 6
Euclid The Arm of Silundov 0EEE:007B:0897:000C Departure of the Uokaishi Royal 20 6
Euclid Uefert Nebula 042F:0078:0D56:01FA Song of the Mamotosu Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Uegleng Void 0A6D:007C:0251:00C5 Maniwa RY2 Royal 18 5
Euclid Vustromb Nebula 0E8E:007B:0A30:007A Eiyoda's Relentless Star-Sailor Royal 15
Euclid Wholva Void 0801:007F:07F7:015E Josolum's Decree AJ2 Royal 15 4
Euclid Widraik 042E:0078:0D56:01B9 Mazum of the Sun Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Yinians Void 09BB:007F:03CD:0058 VS3 Izawa Royal 12 6
Euclid Yuzhuan Cloud 04A1:007C:0E03:0068 Breath of the Ninoomo Royal 19 6
Euclid Zeiseu 07F7:007F:07FE:00F3 Wadachin's Experiment XG4 Royal 20 6
Hilbert Dimension Anfimb Adjunct 0616:007F:043B:0216 Towering Ideraps IX Royal 17 5
Hilbert Dimension Hunkeyac Boundary 06FD:0084:0E40:01E2 Wasebor's Whispering Voyager Royal 19 6
Hilbert Dimension Swatea Shallows 0183:0083:07B5:00B0 QG9 Natoriya Royal 16 4
Hilbert Dimension Zoryukhof 07D2:0082:07B2:0162 The Voice of the Abyss Royal 15 4
Pamanhermonsu Johiago Spur 0EB3:0077:0905:0021 TJ3 Tachig Royal 17 5
Reponudrle Apgarfs Fringe 07F7:0080:0800:01F7 Reflection of the Aizumot Royal 19 6
Sudzerbal Uzonen Expanse 07F8:0080:0803:0005 Nashimo's Ruthless Future Royal 20 6
Ulexovitab Ofrema Spur 0113:007A:0864:005F CJ8 Usonoivh Royal 16 4
Wotyarogii Rudenman Spur 0807:007C:0801:01B2 ZM6 Gawar Royal 20 6

Guppy[edit | edit source]

The guppy

The Guppy is one of three ball cockpit ships and its main feature is the lack of any nose.

While there are many variations of the Guppy, some more than others have gathered a following among No Man's Sky players due to the elongated rear and other parts making it more closely resemble a fish. It doesn't matter which one. It is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Accent colours are either gold or silver.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:00DF Voice of the Maiseh Guppy 20 6
Budullangr Pledia Boundary 0CB3:0081:0E20:0205 Rebuilt Rabir XVI Guppy 15 4
Calypso Lumaij Instability 0A02:0082:0ABA:00CD RW8 Attegado Guppy 15 4
Calypso Mapparc Nebula 07FC:0081:0807:0174 The Focus of the Wind (Calypso) Guppy 18 5
Eissentam Nalandia Sector 07F7:0080:07FE:00C2 The Shield of Abstraction (Eissentam) Guppy 17 5
Eissentam Nalandia Sector 07F7:0080:07FE:0076 UU2 Ukaga Guppy 15 4
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00CD Riham Transparent XI Guppy 19 4
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0024 Voice of the Stars Guppy 19 6
Eissentam Yeiada Sector 042F:0079:0D54:009C End of the Kahoku Guppy 18 5
Euclid 0AEB:009A:03F8:01BE TU2 Uenoh Guppy 20 6
Euclid Abtren Conflux 0966:007F:0485:0105 Shimmering Nemesis PC5 Guppy 16 4
Euclid Aehann 0E87:0084:0A80:018A The Ashes of Air Guppy 16 4
Euclid Baadossm Anomaly 0257:007B:044B:0092 FT3 Osekinow Guppy 19 6
Euclid Erzog 0A18:007F:0309:00F1 Gravity Foe GR2 Guppy 17 5
Euclid Fallangk 055F:0083:018C:009F Gravity Focus WH1 Guppy 19 6
Euclid Fiquencha AGT S-17/5 Hyperblade Guppy 17 5
Euclid Gapoyas Band 082C:0085:010C:00A9 The Triumph of Souls Guppy 19 6
Euclid Hanaria Boundary 0EF2:0015:0E39:0210 CF7 Jiiderar Guppy 20 6
Euclid Hinerva 0AC7:007E:01E5:0172 Uenohero's Ruthless Auditor Guppy 20 6
Euclid Hunait Adjunct 0426:007B:023E:011B Anoyaber's Indiscretion IU3 Guppy 15 4
Euclid Hupales Nebula 0AB3:007B:01C1:013F Ateyama Observer IV Guppy 20 6
Euclid Iknapo Cluster 064E:007E:0897:01C6 Limitless Talon JE7 Guppy 17 5
Euclid Iurial 027E:007B:03C0:0171 Kahayabe of the Void Guppy 18 5
Euclid Lekholod Terminus 0589:007E:0E93:003D Lucent Dabas III Guppy 18 5
Euclid Leyusem Conflux 027D:0089:0BD8:0190 Prime Father XK1 Guppy 17 5
Euclid Luwainzi Sector 07F7:0081:0803:01E9 Crystal Falcon LP9 Guppy 16 4
Euclid Maccliv 01EC:0087:0AF1:0138 Magnificent Hawk WT6 Guppy 20 6
Euclid Mephyene Mass 0DBE:007E:0C0B:0032 Kiminan of Infinity Guppy 19 6
Euclid Nometur Anomaly 01F7:0087:0AED:002A VH7 Rotosaka Guppy 18 5
Euclid Oeilla Expanse 08C3:0080:0103:0036 FZ7-Iizuwaj Guppy 19 6
Euclid Ritunesra 0865:0081:06DF:01BF HN8 Yazunag Guppy 19 6
Euclid Rocedonn Shallows 045A:0085:0DD3:019B IY6 Bukab Guppy 20 6
Euclid Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:01AF Isshim's Defeat XD4 Guppy 17 5
Euclid Sea of Algova 01EF:0087:0AF0:0105 Soaring Victory KD4 Guppy 15 4
Euclid Sivess Instability 042E:0078:0D54:00D6 Ingusiar's Gambit Guppy 16 4
Euclid Siwalda Mass 07B1:007C:0207:008B The Focus of the Wind (Exotic) Guppy 16 4
Euclid Sniklis Nebula 0258:007B:044B:00C0 Flying Pride HU3 Guppy 18 5
Euclid Soschadgud Cluster 082B:0081:0776:00DF Eagle of the Zaifug Guppy 18 5
Euclid Symonitiu 0A91:007C:0201:01E6 ZC9 Ihonmat Guppy 17 5
Euclid Tophighe Shallows 095F:007B:0123:0136 Hawk of the Radomae Guppy 20 6
Euclid Uklamyda Void 09DD:007F:0387:0022 Amura's Prospect YC5 Guppy 20 6
Euclid Ulwulaw Fringe 0A7C:007C:0231:0198 Airborne Bard OX2 Guppy 15 4
Euclid Uvaltg 0556:008A:0510:0062 Nanjosem's Folly Guppy 18 5
Euclid Yelgicl Instability 0DBD:007E:0C0B:0155 Spear of the Toigaura Guppy 18 5
Euclid Yipiorunnr Band 06A3:0080:0149:003F Sahikaw's Swift Void-Dancer Guppy 20 6
Euclid Zeiseu 07F7:007F:07FE:014E Timeless Miuraya II Guppy 19 6
Euclid Zihdankha Shallows 09BE:007F:03C7:01B1 Aidorib's Spirit Guppy 17 5
Ewcomechio Jelmon Expanse 07F7:0080:0800:00F1 Miyama's Visionary Last Laugh Guppy 20 6
Kissonlin Vorgoynn Cloud 0801:007A:0805:00E4 Goribet's Future Guppy 19 6
Twerbetek Wekwak Terminus 07F9:007C:07FA:018A Kochiyos of Clouds Guppy 20 6

Mosquito[edit | edit source]


A Mosquito has the ball cockpit of the Guppy, but its main defining feature is a simple, small, needle-shaped nose.

Like the Guppy, it is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Accent colours are either gold or silver.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:0118 End of the Bashibet Mosquito 19 6
Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:0106 TI6 Zakari Mosquito 20 6
Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:0165 Towering Breath ZH9 Mosquito 18 5
Budullangr Suswick Spur 07FB:007B:07F9:00CC Ajimi of the Wind Mosquito 20 6
Calypso Iforte Fringe 09B2:0083:0A4D:00C5 Joetsu DF3 Mosquito 16 4
Calypso Sea of Lamerka 0807:0081:0800:00A9 Katsumaz IE6 Mosquito 17 5
Calypso Sea of Lamerka 0807:0081:0800:0089 Tawajim's Frozen Voyage Mosquito 19 6
Calypso Vomorea Void 092A:0083:0992:0112 Owl of the Nakatsu Mosquito 19 6
Eissentam Attutuj Anomaly 07FB:007B:07F9:01AE NE3 Beppu Mosquito 20 6
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0047 Hogawaji Attractive XVII Mosquito 20 6
Eissentam Riwala 042F:0078:0D55:0196 Oichiku Peacemaker IV Mosquito 16 4
Eissentam Sea of Bagayo The Birth of Devastation Mosquito 19 6
Eissentam Wechsofel Cloud 0255:0083:06A4:00B5 Flying Itachi XVII Mosquito 17 5
Elkupalos Gobokob Boundary 07F8:0078:07F8:0208 Hamam FR1 Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Agchukch Band 0200:0087:0AE8:0138 Zugaw War-Spear XIII Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Baadossm Anomaly 0257:007B:044B:0243 Raging Voice GV7 Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Badiege Nebula 085C:007C:0E95:01B0 Anvil of the Unomi Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Bayerio Expanse 0A9E:0080:017B:019F Nikaham of the Korvax Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Drlenj Expanse 0E76:0080:053F:0154 Vision of the Dogamam Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Eaglav Cluster 0800:007F:07F7:005E The Son of the Stars (Kitashle XIX) Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Erjuli Band JL2 Eyaga Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Fallangk 055F:0083:018C:00E0 The Spear of Infinity Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Hajalak Terminus 0751:0080:0ED1:018F CN8 Taaki Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Hatiewa Fringe 027D:007B:03C1:01A0 Relentless Shield AY2 Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Hekimo Quadrant 04A5:007D:0DFA:007A Oichina's Ancestral Vanquisher Mosquito 17 5
Euclid Ibyagr 07F8:0082:0802:0174 Parallax Sleep MW3 Mosquito 17 5
Euclid Icalac Mass 0588:007E:0E93:0049 Foe of the Iryugaw Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Kaleibn Cluster 0B11:0081:02EB:019C Exhausted Aegis FX2 Mosquito 17
Euclid Kaleibn Cluster 0B11:0081:02EB:0062 Sukeni of Perfection Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Kirankan 01C6:0076:0AB8:00D8 Keyoto War-Spear XIII Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Krugbalo Terminus 0E89:0082:0A81:0035 HI6 Beppugna Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Lierci Shallows 0A54:007C:0286:017A Abyssal Dance PX8 Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Numclai Cluster 04A2:007C:0E03:00D8 Tahayas's Magnificent Vanquisher Mosquito 18
Euclid Okondiz Expanse 0E7C:0080:0A83:000B Dakao's Discovery ZX3 Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Onopushad 07F8:0080:07FA:01A9 Niamach's Flight UB8 Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Osrasenh Expanse 055E:0083:018A:00B7 Halcion Wachiris VI Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Racoceanst Void 0AB4:007B:01BD:0027 TW5 Kotawa Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Raskopourg Conflux 0DDB:007F:0B9B:01CD Kofunak Prospector XVIII Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Roberkto 0C6B:0083:0299:0063 CD2 Akyots Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Sackcan Anomaly 0EE7:007A:0767:0116 Crystal Jisaijo IV Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:0022 Enrito's Champion YI1 Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:006A Isshid's Deadly Singer Mosquito 17 5
Euclid The Arm of Guxianss 077D:008A:0782:00E1 Wings of the Atotawa Mosquito 16 4
Euclid The Arm of Ifanto 07F7:0080:07FC:0031 The Nemesis of Beauty Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Thwaza Sector 05A7:007A:017C:0020 The Claws of the Horizon (Eading-Ent) Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Ucrono Band 055F:0083:018A:00B2 Mejito's Hand Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Ugtalyg Conflux 050B:0087:04B8:008C BV7 Ouchiy Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Vuniabay Instability 0A93:007C:01Fc:007A Boriguc of Freedom Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Whishi Shallows 09B5:007F:03DA:002F Anvil of the Oranoyam Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Woforriv Void 043E:0073:0D44:0079 Hyper Hand LN2 Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Wucetonis 0DED:007A:0B8C:000C HX2 Hekino Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Yihelli Quadrant 043D:0072:0D44:0078 Makin Victory Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Yiwrigp Terminus 07F8:007E:07FB:00F1 Mibosol AZ7 Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Yuguin Void 0409:0088:0446:0029 Uonuma's Future CZ6 Mosquito 20 6
Heholhofsko Yersakahne 05C4:0081:0EA8:0008 DA3 Kokubar Mosquito 17 5
Hilbert Dimension Komunkun Quadrant 07F9:0081:07FA:0065 Degaurak's Last Laugh TP8 Mosquito 18 5
Hilbert Dimension Urphanigg 05E4:007F:03D0:0089 The Voice of Madness(HD) Mosquito 16 4
Iousongola Bawessm Mass 07FA:007D:07F9:01D7 The Dance of Gravity Mosquito 20 6
Iousongola Bawessm Mass 07FA:007D:07F9:0155 The Nemesis of Infinity (Iousongola) Mosquito 18 5
Puikitoac The Arm of Odmanjort 07FB:007E:0806:0185 Nikais's Pride Mosquito 19 6
Yaevarcko Xibeury Cloud 0295:007F:0383:0030 FQ6 Iojimina Mosquito 20 6

Squid/Calamari[edit | edit source]


Unlike the many variations of the ball cockpit, the squid only comes with its signature tentacle nose and a wide array of colours and some shades. Despite this lack of customization, in regard to the many additions to the ball cockpit, this has become a rather rare design. Getting one in a desired color makes this all the more valuable. The tentacles are telescopic, and fold when landed. To better see the accent colour on tip of the tentacles, it's best to view the ship during flight.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Budullangr Odiomey Sector 0000:0000:0000:00A0 HU7 Goyamats Squid 15 4
Dimonimba The Arm of Osbyetent 0B65:007A:0E0B:003E The Reflection of Beauty Squid 15 4
Euclid Asodaa Band 055B:007D:017E:00B3 The Voice of the Gek Squid 15 4
Euclid Fallangk 055F:0083:018C:0043 Beoka UZ4 Squid 19 6
Euclid Feyddib 09C1:007F:03C0:004C OW5 Kuhash Squid 17 5
Euclid Gikanga 0A8D:007C:0209:01ED Akojiri Fabricator XV Squid 15 4
Euclid Hylung Shallows 0105:0080:080A:0079 Irats's Raging Conqueror Squid 16 4
Euclid Hynebel Cloud 059B:007C:0E40:00DA Onamin GN5 Squid 15-18 4-5
Euclid Konatoc 0686:0094:0675:00D3 Mejig's Prize Squid 18 5
Euclid Nonlopsi Instability 042F:0077:0D55:005E VT6 Kokunis Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Nonlopsi Instability 042F:0077:0D55:00E8 XM5 Echidak Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Nonlopsi Instability 042F:0077:0D55:01BE XY4 Mitsudo Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Nugsdor Adjunct 0430:0078:0D56:012D Wamis Initiator II Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Robaumat Expanse 0575:0085:0E66:011D The Master of Flight Squid 15 4
Euclid Savenix Instability 042E:0078:0D54:0101 Sakam QY6 Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:0044 VR3 Rittorig Squid 16-20 6
Euclid Sea of Ioruach 0763:007B:0847:0138 Noyamey's Deadly Regret Squid 20 6
Euclid Sea of Vajrap 02B5:007E:0387:011B Gawaj of the Sun Squid 20 6
Euclid The Arm of Vezitinen 042F:0078:0D55:00DB Prime Vision WY7 Squid 16 4
Euclid Uzhanl Fringe 0645:0094:062A:00C9 Sudama's Gravity Resistance Squid 20 6
Euclid Yelgicl Instability 0DBD:007E:0C0B:0190 Haraok's Crystal Pathfinder Squid 20 6
Iaereznika Peyevi Nebula 0801:0080:0807:018B Usatokin's Final Trailblazer Squid 18 5
Iousongola Bawessm Mass 07FA:007D:07F9:01D5 Bright Sagos III Squid 19 6
Odyalutai Fateian Instability 007B:0801:006D Kabiraki's Flying Trailblazer Squid 20 6
Ontiniangp Nuviit Cluster 0673:007E:0625:0060 The Song of Destiny Squid 20 6

Uncategorized[edit | edit source]

The following ships do not have the Exotic type specified, and need to be updated to include it.

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Exotic Variations[edit | edit source]

Exotic ships of ball cockpit type have several other features in addition to the three main types of no nose (guppy), small nose (mosquito) and big nose (royal).

Wings[edit | edit source]

The ball cockpit ships come with no wings or two wings. A combination of two wings and a large top fin is often called a tri-wing. The underside of the wings covered in solar panels can be seen while the ship is landed and it's wings stand up in an angle. During flight the wings fold under the ship resembling a keel. There are mods to alter the position of the wings during flight, and even to animate them to flap like wings of a bird.

Boosters and bottom fins[edit | edit source]

The ships with no wings have big, thick boosters or bottom fins with solar panels on both sides. The boosters open up in two halves when used and during hyperdrive. The bottom fins open their lids when the ship is landed, to charge their solar panels (no real effect in game).

Top Fin[edit | edit source]

On top of the ball cockpit there's either no fin, small fin or a large fin. Large fin resembles a wing in size and shape. The fin has decorations in either gold or silver, including circles, hexagons/honeycomb, sergeant stripes, acanthus ornament, and a small geometric picture plate with number 7 and perhaps a rising sun. The fin also has an underlined number 7 painted in red, which might make it hard to see in red ships.

Tail[edit | edit source]

Ball cockpit type exotics may have a large tail to completely encase its thruster, a narrow hood above the thruster, or no tail at all. The large tail opens up like a bird beak during flight.

Ships have two types of thrusters, big and small and they come in single or double sets. The big type of thruster is roughly thrice as long as the small one, and has a decorative ring in the accent colour of the ship, either gold or silver. The small thrusters are always black.