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Disambig.png This article is about the current Starship Catalogue for Exotics. For the archived versions, see Archive:Starship Catalogue - Exotic.

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The following is a list of various Exotic-Archetype starships discovered by different players during the Origins through current eras.

(For a list of all ship types, refer to the Starship Catalogue)


All exotic ships are part of the S-class and will have top tier bonus values in all three categories. Their values range between 35-50% DMG, 55-60% Shield and 50-65% Hyperdrive range. Since the price is multiplied by slotsize and the exotic ships normally lack in that regard, their price range is a fair 10M-15M units. This makes them deadly specialists if one is lucky enough to find one.

While there are only two distinct types of exotic ships based on their cockpit, the community has come to differentiate visual classes with varying names. All of these classifications stem from the ship's nose instead or its additional ornaments. While there seems to be no real consensus how to name them, there is a broad basis in each group.


The inventory for Exotic ships are all in the small range of 15-20 (update to 25). Their tech limit is 4-6 slots.

Exotic Types

All exotic ships are part of one of two designs, either the squid or the ball (see below). Due to the equal chance of spawning an exotic and with only one per system, the many variations of the ball design seem to have caused the squid variant to be rather rare. With several special ornaments for the ball design, resulting in the Type-7 variant of either exotic type, the chance to find a squid type exotic is reduced even more.

NOTE: In some groups, the ship with tall upper fin also counts as its own "Tall" type.


The tables below are alphabetically sorted by galaxy, region, and ship name. If a ship lacks coordinates, enter them if possible. Ships that cannot be found and bought only serve a historic purpose.


Royal Type-7

The Royal exotic ship is one of three ball cockpit ships and is known for its prominent double nose. This ship design is presumable more common in Vy'keen systems.

It is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Ships with golden or silver ornaments and the famous print of 7 on their top fin are also referred to as the elite Type-7. When seen on a Royal they are known as Royal Type-7.

Additional information

The front fuselage of the Royal (it's long angular nose and ventral mounted lance) bears a resemblance to Spike Spiegel's Swordfish II from the iconic anime Cowboy Bebop.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Calypso Sea of Lamerka 0807:0081:0800:0026 Iroish's Prize SG6 Royal 15 4
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:005B Annan´s Speedy Decree Royal 20 6
Eissentam The Arm of Fupand 042F:0077:0D56:00C6 Nowari's Visionary Saviour Royal 15-20 2-4
Ekwathore Snantiiq Expanse 0807:0080:0800:01BA Bard of the Akkanag Royal 20 6
Euclid 06F0:007D:010E:0045 Dateya's Colourless Future Royal 17 5
Euclid 0EA3:0077:068C:0010 Ugawat's Gravity Scanner Royal 16 4
Euclid Airnaka Conflux 042E:0078:OD55:0063 GA6 Garasumi Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Airnaka Conflux 042E:0078:0D55:0036 Ouchik of Air Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Baadossm Anomaly 0257:007B:044B:005E NQ7 Kahok Royal 15 4
Euclid Baadossm Anomaly 0257:007B:044B:016A Nugoto of Air Royal 15 4
Euclid Ciyonyika 0ED7:0080:0A83:00C0 Soaring Ashes UB7 Royal 19 6
Euclid Ciyonyika 0E7D:0080:0A83:0174 YC1 Ebetsu Royal 16 4
Euclid Icalac Mass 0588:007E:0E93:012E Ennuma's Winged Conqueror Royal 19 6
Euclid Kaleibn Cluster 0B11:0081:02EB:0217 Zumigs Whispering Prize Royal 18 5
Euclid Krugbalo Terminus 0E89:0082:0A81:008C Uitakaya's Desperation BG1 Royal 19 6
Euclid Kuolunabu 0AB1:0083:0183:009E Sahikin WY1 Royal 19 6
Euclid Leamag Void OO1 Golden Needle Royal 20 5
Euclid Lekholod Terminus 0589:007E:0E93:0138 Takashi's Regret Royal 15 4
Euclid Lekholod Terminus 0589:007E:0E93:0046 Tondab's Relentless Fabricator Royal 16 4
Euclid Majeaex Terminus 0E78:0081:053F:01A2 Idori Star-Sailor X Royal 16 4
Euclid Nudryorob Fringe 0430:0079:0D55:0211 Ingus's Triumph Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Pobestern Nebula 7BD:0081:0F03:0225 Noganoy VZ8 Royal 18 5
Euclid The Arm of Egrebat 085B:007C:0EA0:0190 Uedar DC6 Royal 19 6
Euclid Uefert Nebula 042F:0078:0D56:01FA Song of the Mamotosu Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Uefert Nebula 042F:0078:0D56:01F5 The Voice of the Gek (Watarg-Bar I) Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Widraik 042E:0078:0D56:01B9 Mazum of the Sun Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Wusonge Nebula 0E73:0085:0545:00E1 Nazakiku's Inspiration Royal 17 5
Euclid Yuzhuan Cloud 04A1:007C:0E03:0068 Breath of the Ninoomo Royal 19 6
Maupenzhay Ciygnia Shallows 0807:0080:0800:0141 Dakabe's Wings Royal 15 4
Waferganh Eoktisshi Band 0CD3:0079:031A:0045 Geometric Defeat RX7 Royal 20 6

Ball Cockpit: Guppy


The Guppy is one of three ball cockpit ships and its main feature is the lack of any nose.

While there are many variations of the Guppy, some more than others have gathered a following among No Man's Sky players due to the elongated rear and other parts making it more closely resemble a fish. It doesn't matter which one. It is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Accent colours are either gold or silver.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Agnusopwit Icauati Spur 0807:0080:0800:0029 Blazing Voice TN4 Guppy 17 5
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0053 PT9 Midoriok Guppy 15 4
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00CD Riham Transparent XI Guppy 19 4
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0024 The Voice of the Stars Guppy 19 6
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00AD Transporter RY2 of Toongzi Guppy 18 5
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0042 Ultimate Observer of Otendo Guppy 19 6
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0079 WP7 Uokay Guppy 17 5
Euclid Aehann 0E87:0084:0A80:018A The Ashes of Air Guppy 16 4
Euclid Hanaria Boundary 0EF2:0015:0E39:0210 CF7 Jiiderar Guppy 20 6
Euclid Lekholod Terminus 0589:007E:0E93:003D Lucent Dabas III Guppy 18 5
Euclid Luwainzi Sector 07F7:0081:0803:01E9 Crystal Falcon LP9 Guppy 16 4
Euclid Maccliv 01EC:0087:0AF1:0138 Magnificent Hawk WT6 Guppy 20 6
Euclid Nometur Anomaly 01F7:0087:0AED:002A VH7 Rotosaka Guppy 18 5
Euclid Oeilla Expanse 08C3:0080:0103:0036 FZ7-Iizuwaj Guppy 19 6
Euclid Pobestern Nebula 07BD:0081:0F03:0067 Derarius Inquirer VI Guppy 20 6
Euclid Rocedonn Shallows 045A:0085:0DD3:019B IY6 Bukab Guppy 20 6
Euclid Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:01DA Toridak Surveyor X Guppy 15-20 4-6
Euclid Sea of Algova 01EF:0087:0AF0:0105 Soaring Victory KD4 Guppy 15 4
Euclid Sniklis Nebula 0258:007B:044B:00C0 Flying Pride HU3 Guppy 18 5
Euclid Yipiorunnr Band 06A3:0080:0149:003F Sahikaw's Swift Void-Dancer Guppy 20 6
Ijsenufryos Socayllaelu Terminus 0807:0080:0800:008B Attele CW9 Guppy 18 5
Leckandmeram Wetonsuu Boundary 0806:007F:0803:008E Flying Omen NJ5 Guppy 15 4
Zukasizawa Laikud 0501:0082:0E54:0008 II3 Gajor Guppy 15 4

Ball Cockpit: Mosquito


A Mosquito has the ball cockpit of the Guppy, but its main defining feature is a simple, small, needle-shaped nose.

Like the Guppy, it is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Accent colours are either gold or silver.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Budullangr Suswick Spur 07FB:007B:07F9:00CC Ajimi of the Wind Mosquito 20 6
Calypso Sea of Lamerka 0807:0081:0800:00A9 Katsumaz IE6 Mosquito 17 5
Calypso Sea of Lamerka 0807:0081:0800:0089 Tawajim's Frozen Voyage Mosquito 19 6
Ehbogdenbu Inlava Boundary 0807:0080:0800:009E Ultimate Apostle QA2 Mosquito 20 6
Eissentam Attutuj Anomaly 07FB:007B:07F9:01AE NE3 Beppu Mosquito 20 6
Eissentam Ologowe Fringe 042E:0078:0D54:01E8 Seboreac of the Abyss Mosquito 15-20 4-6
Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0047 Gravity Hogawaji XVII Mosquito 20 6
Elkupalos Gobokob Boundary 07F8:0078:07F8:0208 Hamam FR1 Mosquito 18 5
Elkupalos Jisughsin Boundary 05FD:0088:0E70:00D6 Zugami's Folly Mosquito 17 5
Euclid Agchukch Band 0200:0087:0AE8:0138 Zugaw War-Spear XIII Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Baadossm Anomaly 0257:007B:044B:0243 Raging Voice GV7 Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Badiege Nebula 085C:007C:0E95:01B0 Anvil of the Unomi Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Drlenj Expanse 0E76:0080:053F:0154 Vision of the Dogamam Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Ercays 042F:0079:0D56:01D6 BU8 Nukihach Mosquito 15-20 4-6
Euclid Guitat Cloud 0430:0077:0D55:00E1 Luminous Ashes JQ9 Mosquito 15-20 4-6
Euclid Hekimo Quadrant 04A5:007D:0DFA:007A Oichina's Ancestral Vanquisher Mosquito 17 5
Euclid Ibyagr 07F8:0082:0802:0174 Parallax Sleep MW3 Mosquito 17 5
Euclid Icalac Mass 0588:007E:0E93:0049 Foe of the Iryugaw Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Kaleibn Cluster 0B11:0081:02EB:019C Exhausted Aegis FX2 Mosquito 17
Euclid Kaleibn Cluster 0B11:0081:02EB:0062 Sukeni of Perfection Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Krugbalo Terminus 0E89:0082:0A81:0035 HI6 Beppugna Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Numclai Cluster 04A2:007C:0E03:00D8 Tahayas's Magnificent Vanquisher Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Okondiz Expanse 0E7C:0080:0A83:000B Dakao's Discovery ZX3 Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Roberkto 0C6B:0083:0299:0063 CD2 Akyots Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Shweilla Fringe 0961:000A:0094:0107 Gotaru's Lucent Pilgrim Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Teteshun Terminus 0DE4:007E:0B03:000D The Forge of the Horizon (Kedargy-Sany) Mosquito 20 6
Euclid The Arm of Ifanto 07F7:0080:07FC:0031 The Nemesis of Beauty Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Woforriv Void 043E:0073:0D44:0079 Hyper Hand LN2 Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Yihelli Quadrant 043D:0072:0D44:0078 Makin Victory Mosquito 20 6
Moglaschil Innutl 0806:0080:0803:00D3 Swift Riash XIII Mosquito 19 6



Unlike the many variations of the ball cockpit, the squid only comes with its signature tentacle nose and a wide array of colours and some shades. Despite this lack of customization, in regard to the many additions to the ball cockpit, this has become a rather rare design. Getting one in a desired color makes this all the more valuable. The tentacles are telescopic, and fold when landed. To better see the accent colour on tip of the tentacles, it's best to view the ship during flight.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Euclid Airnaka Conflux 042E:0078:0D55:0149 Akojim Voyager IX Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Airnaka Conflux 042E:0078:0D55:0178 Eguro’s Indiscretion EN7 Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Guitat Cloud 0430:0077:0D55:012D The Apostle of Destruction Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Nonlopsi Instability 042F:0077:0D55:022C Abstract Michinom XV Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Nugsdor Adjunct 0430:0078:0D56:012D Wamis Initiator II Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Robaumat Expanse 0575:0085:0E66:011D The Master of Flight Squid 15 4
Euclid Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:0156 Deadly Hawk US7 Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid Savenix Instability 042E:0078:0D54:0101 Sakam QY6 Squid 15-20 4-6
Euclid TBA Bandaira's Ruthless Wings Squid 20-25 4-6
Zalienkosm Dryamana Instability 0807:0080:0800:00E8 OL6 Naratsu Squid 19 6

Missing/Undocumented Location

Exotic Variations

Exotic ships of ball cockpit type have several other features in addition to the three main types of no nose (guppy), small nose (mosquito) and big nose (royal).


The ball cockpit ships come with no wings or two wings. A combination of two wings and a large top fin is often called a tri-wing. The underside of the wings covered in solar panels can be seen while the ship is landed and it's wings stand up in an angle. During flight the wings fold under the ship resembling a keel. There are mods to alter the position of the wings during flight, and even to animate them to flap like wings of a bird.

Boosters and bottom fins

The ships with no wings have big, thick boosters or bottom fins with solar panels on both sides. The boosters open up in two halves when used and during hyperdrive. The bottom fins open their lids when the ship is landed, to charge their solar panels (no real effect in game).

Top Fin

On top of the ball cockpit there's either no fin, small fin or a large fin. Large fin resembles a wing in size and shape. The fin has decorations in either gold or silver, including circles, hexagons/honeycomb, sergeant stripes, acanthus ornament, and a small geometric picture plate with number 7 and perhaps a rising sun. The fin also has an underlined number 7 painted in red, which might make it hard to see in red ships.


Ball cockpit type exotics may have a large tail to completely encase it's thruster, a narrow hood above the thruster, or no tail at all. The large tail opens up like a bird beak during flight.

Ships have two types of thrusters, big and small and they come in single or double sets. The big type of thruster is roughly thrice as long as the small one, and has a decorative ring in the accent colour of the ship, either gold or silver. The small thrusters are always black.