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Disambig.png This article is about the current Starship Catalogue for Freighters. For the archived versions, see Archive:Starship Catalogue - Freighter.


The following is a list of various Freighter-Archetype starships discovered by different players during the Frontiers through current eras.

Remember that each starship is available in all class grades, so it is important to know which design is best suited to you when looking for a new starship.


Ships of this type are considerably more expensive than any other type of starship. Freighter prices are based on slot count and multiplied by class.


Regular Freighters have 15-19 slots and a price range of 5M to 23M from C to S class. Capital Freighters have 24-34 slots and a price range of 26.15M to 178M from C to S class. Freighters contain an incredible amount of inventory space and can be used as a mobile base, including farming and other base-related functions.


The tables below are alphabetically sorted by subtype, galaxy, region, and ship name. If a ship lacks coordinates, enter them if possible. Ships that cannot be found and bought only serve a historic purpose.


Subtype Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Class Slots Tech Cargo
Battleship Calypso Vulpai 0806:007F:0803:01C4 DSV-4 Kumagoga S 25 5
Battleship Elkupalos Aiyoshi Nebula 0CA4:0081:0D4B:007B AGT Kesendou B 31 8
Battleship Urckiansi Magregr Nebula 0806:007F:0803:0087 EV-9 Angotanaz C 28 7
Dreadnought Calypso Sainea Fringe 0804:007F:07F8:00F7 DSE-4 Iiyamato C 26 6 3
Dreadnought Eissentam Damyton 01E2:0081:0A90:014C DSV-9 Amishika C 25
Dreadnought Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0036 DS-7 Rideraks C 28 7
Dreadnought Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00A3 SS-2 Uginabas S 34 9
Dreadnought Euclid Abjauie Terminus DSV-9 Anmullen A 34 9
Dreadnought Euclid Noniijial Shallows 0706:0089:0157:0062 CS-9 Udamatsuba A 33 9
Dreadnought Euclid Uefert Nebula 042F:0078:0D56:0032 MS-4 Isawajimiz 24-34 5-9
Dreadnought Euclid Zaanhe Void 0727:008C:0341:01CF CV-3 Imodatey A 31 8
Dreadnought Gaiteseling Iuzoutep Mass 0806:0080:0803:00AC EV-4 Ageolurseq C 24 5
Imperial Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0007 MV-5 Dakaichin C 28 6
Imperial Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:006A SV-8 Sunomiyam A 33 9
Imperial Euclid Hesden Mass 07C2:0081:083E:0022 DSV-4 Degatana B 29 7
Imperial Euclid Hetinas Anomaly 0D82:0073:0C30:013B CS-7 Nukiharab S 25 5
Resurgent Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00E7 DSV-5 Tabayash C 27 6
Resurgent Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00B9 EV-8 Zuwakuni C 25 5 0
Resurgent Euclid Bickso 04EE:0082:0A35:013A SV-9 Buyamatori A 33 9
Resurgent Euclid Cetrocho Spur 0430:0077:0D54:01E1 DSV-8 Asukuokame 24-34 5-9
Resurgent Euclid Dalivesye 071D:008B:027A:00DB DSV-4 Ninowara A 34 9
Resurgent Euclid Hyecho Boundary 0492:0082:0A6B:005E DS-3 Totsukiha A 32 8
Resurgent Euclid Nulodes 0706:0089:0158:0008 CS-8 Ibariyam A
Resurgent Euclid Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:0107 MV-7 Osekinat 24-34 5-9
Resurgent Euclid Sea of Bafootk 076E:0081:087F:00FB EV-3 Naritake B 31 8
Resurgent Euclid Thpoong 07AF:0082:084D:00AA MV-4 Ukabimaga A 34 9
Resurgent Jelmandan Jovicht Cluster 0806:0081:0803:0082 DSV-2 Ichinaza A 34 9
Resurgent Rerasmutul Kaqchi Band CS-2 Sahayase S 34 9
Resurgent Saffneckm Nushji Adjunct 0806:0080:0803:009B EV-8 Injukuchi A 34 9
Sentinel Broomerrai The Arm of Lillsia 0806:007F:0803:0085 DS-7 Gifugost B
Sentinel Calypso Mexico 0625:0086:0E8E:002C DSV-1 Iiyawatah A 33 9
Sentinel Calypso The Arm of Taticale 0430:0078:0D55:0073 MS-8 Nuyamaiz 24-34 5-9
Sentinel Calypso Zulunti Nebula 0803:007F:07F8:0085 MV-1 Kiharaza A 34 9 4
Sentinel Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:000C CV-8 Yameyamey C 26 6
Sentinel Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:006C MV-1 Azunameya C 26 5
Sentinel Euclid Kehnuph 0A16:0016:0016:0136 CV-4 Neyagata 24-34 5-9
Sentinel Euclid Nagpano Cluster 0A34:007A:0E48:0152 MV-3 Sudjiedar S 34 9
Sentinel Euclid Ziziossew Spur 06C2:0084:08FB:016F CS-7 Ibosorep A 33 9
Venator Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00D4 MV-4 Izuhotel A 34 9
Venator Euclid Dacican Void 08D1:00FC:0550:004F CV-3 Kaokawar 24-34 7-9
Venator Euclid Dacican Void 08D1:00FC:0550:00D8 SV-4 Keyushiosai 24-34 7-9
Venator Euclid Gaibuh Band 0A33:007C:0E48:0027 CS-2 Jukuitts A 33 9


Subtype Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Class Slots TechSlots CargoSlots
Blade Calypso The Arm of Taticale 0430:0078:0D55:0073 DS-5 Koyushiya 15-19 3-6
Cargo Calypso Mexico 0625:0086:0E8E:00BD CS-9 Rotomisa B 17 4
Cargo Calypso Mexico 0625:0086:0E8E:00BD SV-5 Awatebas C 15 3
Cargo Euclid Kehnuph 0A16:0016:0016:0136 CV-3 Uhashioj 15-19 3-6
Cargo Euclid Kehnuph 0A16:0016:0016:0136 CV-5 Kizawasa 15-19 3-6
Cargo Euclid Kehnuph 0A16:0016:0016:0136 MV-4 Anjotnor 15-19 3-6
Cargo Euclid Mexican Cloud 0440:0081:035E:00BF SS-8 Iiyamata A 19 6
Cargo Euclid Piyemsinho Terminus DSE-9 Nabergadia B 17 5
Enterprise Calypso Mexico 0625:0086:0E8E:00BD MV-8 Abirakit A 19 6
Enterprise Euclid Emwezio 0119:007D:0883:0066 Fatboy's Revenge A 19 6
Hammerhead Calypso The Arm of Taticale 0430:0078:0D55:0073 DS-7 Nakasaki 15-19 3-6
Hammerhead Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:0066 MS-3 Itsusats C 15 3
Hammerhead Eissentam Rezhensk 042F:0079:0D56:01D5 MV-9 Beppusca 15-19 3-6
Hammerhead Teyaypilny Przihev Spur 0808:0085:0806:00CB Alchik WN2 S 22 21 8
Hammerhead Teyaypilny Przihev Spur 0808:0085:0806:00CB Amskyvin IH1 S 22 21 14
Hammerhead Teyaypilny Przihev Spur 0808:0085:0806:00CB Nashcihe TW7 S 22 21 9
Hammerhead Teyaypilny Przihev Spur 0808:0085:0806:00CB The Lonely Puyatsi S 22 21 14
Hammerhead Teyaypilny Przihev Spur 0808:0085:0806:00CB The Pained Boyantuk S 22 21 13
Oculus Eissentam Wedragi Spur 0430:0079:0D56:00F8 EV-2 Okkanisshi 15-19 3-6
Revolver Calypso The Arm of Taticale 0430:0078:0D55:0073 SV-5 Hikawajim 15-19 3-6
Revolver Eissentam Orweiwe Cluster 0570:007E:0188:00E5 CS-7 Miurayasug C 16 3
Revolver Euclid The Arm of Silundov 0EEE:007B:0897:000C CS-8 Iwarakabi

Derelict / Undetermined[]

Subtype Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Slots TechSlots CargoSlots Class
Cargo (Cuboid) Euclid The Arm of Silundov 0EEE:007B:0897:000C EV-3 Buyamatan
Cargo (Cuboid) Euclid The Arm of Silundov 0EEE:007B:0897:000C MS-6 Joyookam
Derelict 0430:0078:0D55:xxxx HS Yazak XIII S
Derelict 042F:0078:0D55:xxxx MS Appor XI C
Derelict 042E:0078:0D54:xxxx MS Itach XII C
Derelict 0430:0077:0D55:xxxx MS Kuyam VIII B
Derelict 0430:0078:0D55:xxxx MS Ondab V C
Derelict 042F:0079:0D56:xxxx MS Pride of Iryuga C
Derelict 042F:0078:0D54:xxxx MV Hisom VI A
Derelict 042F:0079:0D55:xxxx MV Najukuipe VII A
Derelict 042E:0078:0D56:xxxx MV Uhashi XVII S
Derelict 042E:0078:0D54:xxxx SS Yoroz V C
Derelict 042E:0077:0D55:xxxx SV Aider XIV C
Derelict 042E:0079:0D54:xxxx SV Erika XIX B
Derelict 042E:0077:0D56:xxxx SV Meoka XIII C
Derelict 042F:0077:0D56:xxxx The Otsush Explorer C
Derelict 042F:0079:0D54:xxxx The Watag Hauler S
Derelict Budullangr Guhambu Shallows 09D5:007E:016B:003E MV Zuhot VI C
Derelict Calypso Oidakiut Cloud 0147:00D3:0800:0001 MS Uenoh XI S
Derelict Calypso Usbare 0B39:0080:0235:0094 SV Yellow Miura S
Derelict Euclid Meilos Spur 014C:0077:06DB:00E2 MS Tashiso VII S
Derelict Euclid Sea of Wadramiol 0D80:0073:0C2F:00DC MS Anaoe XIV S

Release history[]

  • Since 1.3 freighter prices are based on their slot count and multiplied by class.
  • Prior to 1.5, due to the limitations of portal travel and the constant change of the homeplanet to call the ship, it was the only way a portal traveller could own a permanent base.