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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Stealos Empire
Stealos Empire
Galaxy Isdoraijung
Region Cokwat Fringe
Capital system Osanqi-Elk
Capital planet New Ghegmok
Government Unitary state
Type Empire
Founded by Snipertooth6363
Federation member NO
Platform Xbox
Release Origins
Disambig.png This article is about the current version of the Stealos Empire. For the Desolation version, see The Stargate Imperium (Desolation).

The Stealos Empire is a civilized space community.


We are the Stealos Empire! Through the power of the Stargate we seek to explore, gain wealth, and dominate the Galactic community in order to bring honour to our emperor and order to a broken universe!

It is located primarily in the Cokwat Fringe region of the Isdoraijung galaxy but does not limit its operations to just one galaxy.

The empire is ruled by the Stealos Galactic Imperium which is led by Emperor Rano Alexandrius and his inner council that is supplemented by the civilian government of senators who are elected by the citizens of each sub culture that makes up the Stealos empire.


Our mission is to explore, gain wealth, and dominate the intergalactic community to bring order to a broken universe!


The civilization first started when the Stargate Imperium absorbed the Stealos Confederation after the events of the battle over new Ghegmok. The civilisation was home to many races such as the Gek, Korvax, Vykeen, Travellers, and Stealosian race (not to be confused with regular citizens that were later known as Stealosians).

Departments of the empire[]

New Ghegmok Star Navy[]

Grah! Interloper citizen do you wish to serve your emperor, unlock your full potential, and contribute to the security of our great empire? Then you should enlist in our prestigious navy, The New Ghegmok Star Navy!

You will contribute to the empire by completing a wide variety of missions.

You can enlist in the NGSN on discord and enter the recruit training program! Once you have completed your training you will become a fully fledged Ensign and will then be sent on the previously mentioned missions. Becoming an Ensign will allow you to progress through the following roles and specialise in ONE regiment within the NGSN:


Logo Designation Description Supreme commander Captain HQ
TBD 51st engineering corps To be filled To be filled TBD
TBD Cobra special ops unit [CSOU] To be filled To be filled TBD
TBD New Ghegmok Trade fleet To be filled To be filled TBD
TBD 501st Storm company To be filled To be filled TBD
TBD ranger reserve batallion To be filled To be filled TBD


Fleet master

Supreme commander

Fleet Admiral




Sergeant major



Venusystems' Security Solutions[]

Shadow Guard[]

The Shadow Guard, led by the Shadow master, operates as The Stargate Imperium’s intelligence agency and The Emperor’s personal guard. This means that they will do anything for the empire and only the best soldiers are hand picked to serve the empire.

Rank title name Lore
Shadow master Shadow master Le_Huray Ragnor Zelroth
Shadow Crunch

Naming Guidelines[]

Members are encouraged to name planets/moons with common sense as to not be derogatory/offensive and inspired by SCIFI creativity! The only stipulation is that [SGI] must be added in front of each system claimed by the empire!


If you want to join, you should contact: Snipertooth6363#6223, N7Illusive1#9349 on discord

You can also join our official Discord

Our social platforms[]

*depreciated features*

Factions of the empire[]

Our empire is made strong by the civilisations and factions that unite under our banner.



Group lore[]

Buildings lore[]

  • Ikyu indium R and D base

Cross civ lore[]

Documented Systems[]

Galaxy 1 (Euclid)[]

  • Aditsaya
  • Nican
  • Bemelo
  • Redneu-Imur
  • Zinosl
  • Opinovom
  • Tryolk-Vuet
  • Anavoid
  • Luykin
  • Pochyo
  • Obinsk
  • Anavoid
  • Natorol
  • Luykin
  • Skuchi
  • Eimolod-Tay
  • Izelen Oxivi
  • Viatig
  • Iraetska
  • Ezhduton
  • Eftegodsk
  • Ubvke
  • Nuyovorod
  • Apshelik
  • Odderme
  • Intamb
  • Predovur
  • Elgovok
  • Hepets
  • Kadnag
  • Ogucha
  • Savadby
  • Hiesia
  • Alskyvi-Syria

Galaxy 7 (Budullangr)[]

Galaxy 10 (Eissentam)[]

Galaxy 19 (Isdoraijung)[]

    • Osanqi-Elk
    • Xiamen-Olm
    • Agmo-Ipa
    • Drupsh-Ewa
    • Gayarud
    • Haykan-Breez
    • Govican-Ganon
    • Agchagy
    • Kenquan
    • Urmaim
    • Enanch
    • Muscha Ruxher
    • Sagary
    • Aibalsa
    • Monkzui
    • Joongc-Rangt
    • Fukangoi
    • Lecung-Rae
    • QionquXIX
    • Lumser Hetus
    • Lesholi
    • Mini Dilia
    • Borong-Puc
    • Eseosu XIX
    • Rocule Narea
    • Bratan Viar
    • Izhaliz
    • Acaudu
    • Vune XIX
    • Raga Cipic
    • Lura-Cove
    • Cahe Latus
    • Hexamir
    • Luvaness
    • SGI Laenixono Xll



Our rules are split into server rules which can be found in our discord. Outlined below are the general No Man's Sky and SGI No Man's Sky civilization rules:

@everyone 1. Serve your emperor, serve your empire. Together we bring order to this broken universe!

2. Respect the chain of command. The emperor has carefully chosen staff to help maintain our community. We expect you to respect all members and especially those who dedicate so much of their time to this community.

3.Whilst serving the empire there is no room for other factions. We expect full dedication to our cause. This means no joining our civs/hubs as we do not accept dual citizenship.

4. Do not attempt to take or harm our citizens.

5. Help wherever possible, do not be over reliant on others, do not overwork yourself to the point of resentment. Everyone is just here for a good time and is should self regulate on how much they want to take on.

6. If uploading content such as systems include the [SGI] tag in front of the name and upload it to the Atlas Codex. EG [SGI] Osanqi-Elk. If you are unsure how to do this or stuck with any element of uploading then please ask in #💬-citizen-only-zone.

7. Alert a staff member if you are planning on leaving or are taking some time away from the empire. We do not need the inner workings of your life just if you are going to be busy with work or school and will be going dark.

8. You are free to build your own structures within the empire however refrain from building mines or imperial plants like colonies and the capital. If you are unsure then please ask a staff member in #💬-citizen-only-zone.


10. Respect restricted areas. If you are asked to leave somewhere then please use common sense and comply accordingly.

11. Be active responsibly. Burn out for No Man's sky is inevitable and hits hard so remember to take breaks. That being said this is no reason to not be active within our community. If you have not given notice about any potential inactivity and we don't hear from you within 3 months then we will revoke your citizenship and drop you down to guest status where you will have a 3 week embargo on re applying for citizenship if you didn't have a reason such as sudden family matters that required your attention.

@everyone Who applies for citizenship is expected to follow these. As such when you apply for citizenship you agree that if you break these rules you are subject to punishment depending on the level of your infraction.

Additional legislation:

Bill of Citizen restoration:

Hereby the Emperor decrees that all guests who have previously held the right of citizenship may reapply for citizenship without needing to re verify and instead can apply for a meeting with the citizenship review committee.

Imperial expansion bill:

Hereby the Emperor decrees that all citizens who invite friends will be awarded one referral point per member that joins and becomes an active citizen. Points can be used to unlock the following prize tiers:

  • 5 points- 5 stasis devices in No Man's sky
  • 10 points- 1 void egg
  • 50 points- One month of discord Nitro on us and the @Grand master of the Arts role on discord,

Imperial Navy conscription bill:

Hereby the Emperor decrees that all citizens are automatically enlisted in the New Ghegmok Star Navy (NGSN) and are therefore to be committed to the service of the @Fleet master unless otherwise opted out or removed.