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Stuemae Void Salvaging
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Stuemae Void Salvaging
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Alpha
Region Stuemae Void
HQ System Domum
Headquarters Izinagi Prime
Founded by SparkzTheUnic0rn
Type SP
Branches 4
Specialisation Salvaging
Services Salvaging, Upgrade/Data/Frigate Modules, Planetary Sales, High Value Items
Federation member No
UCA member No
Platform PS4
Updated Living Ship

Stuemae Void Salvaging is a company.


Stuemae Void Salvaging is a company in No Man's Sky.

It is based in the Stuemae Void region of the Euclid galaxy.


Our mission is to Explore, Colonize, and Discover the many hazardous and profitable worlds of the Stuemae Void and its bordering regions. Through the sale and recovery of valuable salvaged technology and data, as well as the trade of rare and dangerous items, we hope to one day be able to help countless players in their early struggles as they first start making their way to center of the galaxy.



Company headquarters are located in the Stuemae Void region of the Euclid galaxy. Our main office can be found in the Domum system, on the planet Izinagi Prime.

The headquarters of the company first broke ground soon after the company's realization (during which it was still using the temporary name of Dead Planet Salvage or DPS). Arriving in the Domum System by chance, SparkzTheUnic0rn soon discovered it to be a salvaging gold mine! Filled with platinum crystal asteroids, scrap and bone heavy planets, multiple extreme weather and Storm Crystal-providing moons, and many paradise worlds free of hazards and sentinels, ripe for colonizing. Best of all, the system held a strategic location within the void, giving easy access to systems in all corners of the area, as well as those lying short jumps outside its borders, such as Ebisu, not to mention the system's own Black Hole, which sits in space near the space station.

The actual corporate HQ itself can be found on the surface of Izinagi Prime, a peaceful and scrap-filled desert world. The company base of operations is a large complex made up of two separate buildings, known as the Warehouse and the Annex respectively. Together, these structures contain our company's warehouse, a merchant-filled marketplace and specialist advisory plaza, a sizable refinery and workshop, corporate offices and meeting spaces, a consumer friendly sales center, a number of luxurious employee lounges and sleeping quarters, an industrial-sized kitchen and cafeteria, a rooftop greenhouse and observatory, a janitorial maintenance office, and a state of the art learning center for both new recruits and visitors alike.


Company branch locations can be found in these regions:

Branch Offices

SVS has the following branches:

Ebisu Garage and Outpost (EGO)

Located just outside the borders of our home region, this historic corporate location is home to our mechanical workshop. Despite the planet's native population of frenzied Sentinels and toxic atmosphere complete with burning acidic storms, our Vy'keen mechanics and engineers have been able to create a comfy and safe home for any hauler looking to score big through the heavy salvaging opportunities and elusive yet valuable Storm Crystals found throughout the planet's surface. Beyond salvaging opportunities, it is here that almost all of our company Exocraft are stored, transmatted, built, upgraded, and repaired. As a bonus, this system is also home to one of the company's most lucrative underwater salvage sites, as well as numerous fossil excavation sites. This outpost is also home to our Activated Indium mining operations, which is currently hard at work setting up countless resource excavations and mining depots throughout Ebisu's harsh surface, wherein the rare and valuable Activated Indium can be found. This branch does not perform any customer interactions, and is housed within an employee-only facility and system.

De System Fleet Communications (DFC)

Commands the company fleet from a communications and supply tower on the Webbed moon DeM1-Web. With the fleet's capital ship, the SVS Capital Command Ship, anchored just above the atmosphere, the Communications Tower acts as an easier access point for haulers to teleport to and reach the ship's vast stores of supplies and salvage. As a bonus, the center's teleporter also acts as a hub through which our haulers can reach the other planets located within the De System, which are known to be rich in salvage and hidden goods. No customer related interactions are performed out of this branch, and it is an employee only facility and system.

Avis Abyssal Exploration Center (AEC)

One of our newest corporate installations, the Avis Abyssal Exploration Center is the headquarters for all underwater SVS activities, from sunken Starship scrapping operations to deep sea relic excavations. This watery structure is used to house, transmat, repair, and engineer our company model Nautilon. Alongside our submarine workshop, this branch also houses a Nomad garage, wherein we handle all company-issued nomads, alongside repairs, upgrades, and transmats. This branch does not perform any customer related operations and is an employee only facility and system.

Capital Ship

SVS Capital Command Ship

The capital ship of the SVS fleet, this massive and awe-inspirng galactic freighter can almost always be found anchored above the upper bounders of DeM1-Web in the De System, right near the De System Freighter Communications Tower. As the company's capital ship, the SVS Capital Command Ship acts as a base of operations, market place, space station, warehouse, office building, employee housing system, war room, and communication station all at once. Surrounding the star cruiser is our company fleet, containing only the best frigates and cruisers around. These ships help perform countless tasks and services, initiated and overseen in the SVS Capital Command Ship's bridge. When in formation, our frigates can be found performing asteroid mining operations, security patrols, planetary artifact and salvage scans, system economic evaluations, and fuel manufacturing services. Furthermore, these frigates are often found out in the galaxy performing all kinds of expeditions, during which they help our corporation grow stronger through trade, combat, exploration, research, and more.


The company was founded SparkzTheUnic0rn as a method to save up money in order to buy higher tier ships on their journey to the core. After realizing that they could sell Salvaged Scrap for reasonable sums of units, SparkzTheUnic0rn decided to put their journey to the core on hold, and focus on expanding their salvaging operations, which they found to be an extremely enjoyable form of planetary exploration.

Realizing that their current location near the outer edge of the galaxy would better provide the chance to find lucrative worlds without the worry of other players laying claim, SparkzTheUnic0rn eventually decided to settle down within the Stuemae Void region.

The void itself is a relatively small area of space, and is on the smaller side of regions when it comes to the amount of star systems. However, the void makes up for its small size in the large availability of scrap and resource heavy planets hidden within its star systems.

Company Contact

You can contact us by reaching out to our founders Reddit account. Simply send a message to SparksTheUnicorn, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


Corporate Operations & Services

SVS offers the following goods and services:

Salvaging Contracts

Have you found a planet that is ripe for the picking, and filled to the brim with salvageable scrap? Are you also busy exploring the galaxy, setting up farms, or managing your fleets to focus on a large scale planetary excavation? Have no fear, SVS is here to help!

With our flagship Salvaging Contracts, anyone can hire our services to come to your planet and perform a sizable scrap recovery operation. Contact us and let us know the size of your planet (Large, Medium, Small, Moon) and how extensive you would like our operations to go.

You tell us the quality/qualities of scrap you would like delivered (common, uncommon, rare), and how many containers you would like filled (up to a maximum of 9 Storage Containers of 20 slots each). Once we have all the information needed, we will give you a price and together we negotiate a time frame. Once everything is decided, you simply give us the portal coordinates, and make sure any player-owned freighters are warped away from the system, and we will get to work.

When the job is finished, the scrap collected of the specified quality and amount will be given to you to sell, and we will always try our best to make sure you come out with a profit. When all is done, we pack up our freighter, and leave you to continue exploring the system. The process is easy and stress free, and gives you time to pursue other things while we recover the salvage.

Planetary Sales

Are you the kind of traveler who prefers to do the hard work themselves? Have you been searching for that perfect planet, whatever the specifications may be, for an eternity? Do you want to help colonize the up and coming regions of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant? If you said yes to any three of those questions, you should contact our Planetary Sales division.

Simply specify the reason for purchase (colonization/base, salvaging, resource hunting, mining, and so on), and give us the specifications for your desired planet (Biome, Resources, Terrain Types, Weather, Sentinels, etc.), and we will provide you with the location/portal coordinates to your new planet, all at a reasonable and negotiated price.

Of course, depending on the location and reason for purchase, there may be some other clauses. If you wish to purchase a planet within the Stuemae Void itself (or the immediate surrounding regions), for colonization or any other purpose, you most agree to act as a subsidiary of SVS when within said region, and follow any and all rules or guidelines set by the company. Otherwise, if your planet of choice is located elsewhere, it is yours to do with as you please!

Upgrade & Module Packages

Have you been searching for some new Exosuit upgrades? Does your Starship run low on storage? Are you unable to find the resources needed to craft the next Freighter upgrade? If you said yes to any of those questions, then SVS can help you!

Thanks to our fantastic Package sales, we can provide you with guaranteed and tested high quality and high stat boosting upgrades for your Exosuit, Multitool, Exocraft, or Starship! Simply let us know what you would like in regards to the upgrade (stats, attributes, type), and we will provide it to you at an amazing price, all without needing to worry about getting duds from the technology merchant, or wasting your hard earned Nanites.

If your looking for Modules instead, we offer large amounts of Salvaged Frigate Modules, Storage Augmentations, Drop Pod Coordinate Data, and Navigation and Salvaged Data for sale, all at great prices!

Finally, if you've already upgrading your equipment, and have all the modules you need, but are having trouble finding the materials to install your new-found technology, then our Materials Package is perfect for you! Simply let us know the technology your trying to install, and we will send over a package containing the required materials, FREE OF CHARGE!!!

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