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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.

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Sugaikinovi Fringe
Galaxy Euclid
Civilized space Capital Triangle
Updated Pathfinder

Sugaikinovi Fringe is a region.


NOTE: All of the articles here are based on Survival Mode difficulty and the Foundation and Pathfinder updates. It may differ from Normal and Creative mode.

Some of the articles have my fanfictions in them. As I discover more stars and planets, I'll connect all of my fanfictions and make it seem like everything has story to tell in relation to the region and its stars and planets.

The Sugaikinovi Fringe (Sugaikin Boundary in Atlas Rises) is a region of the Euclid galaxy. Ezegnegch, a Sugaikinovian, has left the region due to a terrible conflict that brought massive change and total destruction.


The region is quite chaotic and amorphous in shape, having no distinct features whatsoever. The boundaries between this and adjacent regions are quite vague, making it rather challenging to determine if a particular location is still within the region or another one.

Still, it can be roughly divided into four sectors:

The boundaries of all sectors converge at the region's largest star, Awatanningja. Though in light of the recent ongoing smuggling, the star has assigned itself to Sector UVK-E.

It is impossible to find an observatory star where the region is visible in the night sky, as it is completely surrounded by regions on all sides.



Lifeforms coming from the Sugaikinovi Fringe are called "Sugaikinovian". The region has diverse forms of intelligent life, though the most dominant ones are the Vy'keen, Gek and Korvax. Other interesting lifeforms here include the Fairies and a minor lifeform called the Kinderkin.



While the region has diverse forms of races of different beliefs and cultural differences, the most common traits of a Sugaikinovian are: inherent power, boundless curiosity, need for order, a sense of fellowship and having lots of "personal space". Sugaikinovians are a reserved and taciturn bunch and it can be difficult to befriend them. They'd prefer to be left alone with other Sugaikinovians or close friends. But once you finally befriend them, they'll be some of the most loyal and protective people you'll see.


While there are many religions in the region, all of them have one thing in common: Roszugiesp Gihaina is hell. The mere thought of that fearsome planet's name is enough to curse a lifeform until its death. In fact, that planet is said to be so terrifying, it's AGAINST THE LAW to utter its name. Doing so is already considered a MAJOR criminal offense with a lifetime sentence in the region's worst prison star, Xijiannanegzh, in addition to everyone trying to kill you for cursing them for life.

Otherwise, a monotheistic religion with a notion of heaven, purgatory and Roszugiesp Gihaina is the most dominant.


The dominant government type in the region is a "low-corruption despotism", wherein there is one single ruler chosen by the masses. The ruler has absolute control over everything in the region, but is checked by the very people who granted it power. Sugaikinovians are terrifyingly powerful lifeforms, and they can easily overthrow and mercilessly kill a corrupt despot and replace it with a better one. For more in-depth information about the region's government, visit the Capital Triangle page.


The Sugaikinovi Fringe is a wealthy, self-sustaining region with an abundance of resources. The stars listed here are currently buying certain items at double prices due to high demand.

Premier Stars[]

The Sugaikinovi Fringe has "Premier Stars". These stars are, according to popular opinion by the denizens, the best the region has to offer. There can only be one "Premier Star" per sector, excluding the Capital Triangle stars as they're already premier stars. A sector's premier star can be replaced as more stars are discovered.

  • Sector SMV-NWB: Xijiannanegzh, maximum security prison star and tourist destination famous for the planet Bagara Necristh.
  • Sector UVK-E: Boyedexiusmodi, a black hole that contains one of the most beautiful hot planets there is, Emaganxia-Gano Major.
  • Sector UZSM-Z: Ilunbunsum, a yellow star notable for having 5/7 of the planet biomes, all of them having unusual geology.
  • Sector Ku-KS: Zayuguanch VIII, a yellow star notable for having 6/7 of the planet biomes and all resources found in a yellow star. It's missing a hot planet.

Other points of interest[]

Stars that aren't premier level, but are still quite interesting are listed here.

Sector SMV-NWB[]

  • Pikiurakad, a yellow star with three non-lush oceanic planets.
  • Quzhijincheo, a yellow star that has a Vortex Cube and an Albumen Pearl planet.
  • Aangkourel-Omqvi, a blue star home to the most earth-like planet in the region, Geakumplea.

Sector UVK-E[]

  • Agsanshuenno, a blue star with beautiful planets. Bakthaconke has hovering grunts while Osgartla-Okk Nogan is an icy ocean planet with AquaSpheres.
  • Yetangfeng-Amqen, a yellow star with planets that have fairly spectacular geology. The planet Rintekoekj Zuhdoij and its predator blobs are the main attractions.
  • Yiduhshyhiyttago, a yellow star with a lush planet with massive overhangs and giant caves.

Sector UZSM-Z[]

  • Iksainangkarsh XVII, a red star with a beautiful set of planets. Avoid the dead planet.
  • Nogkalhaixoisa, a blue star that represents fire and ice. There are two hot planets, two oceanic cold planets and two desert worlds.
  • Uiyuanxoisar, a blue star with 2 Vortex Cube planets, a wonderful stormy desert world and a planet with bizarre-looking diplos.

Sector Ku-KS[]

  • Hennonggai-Ruber, a green star that has a planet with 7.1m grunts.
  • Ohhotandoink, a yellow star with hellish planets. Go here to get a 34-slot super star destroyer freighter.

Region Stats[]

Item PC PS Xbox ?? Cross Platform
Star systems 43 0 0 0 0
Planets 30 0 0 17 0
Fauna 0 0 0 0 0
Starships 1 0 0 0 0
Multitools 0 0 0 0 0
Bases 0 0 0 0 0

Note: Pre-Expedition pages that have an updated Expeditions or later page for the same systems/planet/moon etc are NOT counted in the pre-Expedition columns.

Discovered star systems[]

The following star systems can be found within the Sugaikinovi Fringe region:

System Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
Acungriali 3 3 PC Pathfinder
Agsanshuenno 5 1 PC Pathfinder
Awatanningja Yellow 2 0 PC Pathfinder
Beiluoheko-Lasok Blue 3 3 PC Pathfinder
Boyedexiusmodi Black Hole 2 0 PC Pathfinder
Duyungoquntao 3 0 PC Pathfinder
Ertanqiulonq 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Geseungzuoh-Ahjo 5 1 PC Atlas Rises
Gojumigeuphra 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Hennonggai-Ruber 3 0 PC Pathfinder
Ikazixiexi Vy'keen 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Iksainangkarsh XVII 5 1 PC Pathfinder
Ilunbunsum 5 1 PC Atlas Rises
Irnuhicoraank 4 2 PC Pathfinder
Kamaixingti Korvax 5 PC Pathfinder
Lishouvignien Not applicable Korvax 5 1 PC Pathfinder
Moqukanqiul 3 0 PC Pathfinder
Neungjiaonan 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Nogkalhaixoisa 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Ohhotandoink 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Oluguahtunt-Duy 5 0 PC Pathfinder
Orlancallici III 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Paindonoqu I 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Pexunduilon-Heuri 5 1 PC Pathfinder
Pikiurakad 6 0 PC Atlas Rises
Quzhijincheo 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Rikazeldumb 1 2 PC Pathfinder
Rodinggyamu-Yuc 4 2 PC Pathfinder
Sejonquireci 3 0 PC Pathfinder
Serkambaxoisar 4 1 PC Pathfinder
Sonquomodund IX 5 0 PC Pathfinder
Uiyuanxoisar 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Ulinzhoushuozho 3 0 PC Pathfinder
Uytunxu'agluol 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Wachepzing-Paping 1 2 PC Pathfinder
Xagarnanch 4 0 PC Atlas Rises
Xarallarius 3 2 PC Pathfinder
Xijiannanegzh 5 1 PC Pathfinder
Xionquardr-Bri 2 0 PC Pathfinder
Yagmonautorho 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Yetangfeng-Amqen 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Zayuguanch VIII 6 0 PC Pathfinder
Zibosolvoo-Sedres 5 1 PC Pathfinder


Sectors of the Sugaikinovi Fringe