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The subject of this article is from the initial release.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 25 November, 2016.
Type Extreme Survival
Description Survived 28.0 Sols in extreme conditions

Survivalist is the ninth level journey milestone for surviving in extreme conditions.


The subject of this article is from the Frontiers update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 15 February, 2022.

Maximum level - 32 sols

Extreme Survival is one of the Journey Milestones.


In order to achieve any of the Extreme Survival milestones, the player must be on a planet with extreme conditions. Any planet where the weather or security status is displayed in red font counts as an extreme planet. They are also distinguished by the word "Extreme" appearing above the hazard protection bar.

The counter associated with the milestone information screen represents the longest period of cumulative time spent in extreme conditions. If the player dies, anywhere in the game, their progress on this counter resets to 0 even though the progress on the milestones page will still show how far they made it before a death occurred.

How to achieve[]

The best known method to achieve this milestone to the maximum tier (32 Sols) with the least amount of effort is to leave the game running while inside a building or a natural or man-made cave in an extreme planet for 8 hours (one Sol is equivalent to 15 minutes). Time spent inside an exocraft or starship does not count towards the achievement.

Life support doesn't need to be charged if the player doesn't move during this period. Extreme worlds are more common in Green Star Systems (which require an Emeril Drive to be accessed).

You cannot just let the game run in the background to achieve this milestone. Technically, the game runs, but most of the features and functionalities stop. This means that you will need to be tabbed into the game to achieve progress towards the SoL counter for the Milestone.

Additional Information[]

It might be a good idea to bring extra resources to recharge Exosuit hazard protection.

As of update 1.55, survival time is reset when leaving an extreme planet. It's still unclear what rules are actually applied since many user reports are conflicted. It seems to be required not to leave an extreme planet to reach the Robust if Polo's mission is active as written in the tooltip. After it has been completed, time doesn't seem to reset for the milestones above Robust.

You do not need to be in the Survival game mode in order to achieve the Steam milestones that reference Extreme Survival.


List of milestones[]

  1. Undaunted - 1 Sol
  2. Resolute - 3 Sols
  3. Determined - 5 Sols
  4. Spirited - 8 Sols
  5. Persistent - 12 Sols
  6. Rugged - 16 Sols
  7. Robust - 20 Sols
  8. Indefatigable - 24 Sols
  9. Survivalist - 28 Sols
  10. Everlasting - 32 Sols