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Suzy Wallace is an employee of Hello Games.


Suzy Wallace is a Senior Producer of Hello Games. She wrote the introduction to The Art of No Man's Sky, a small book that was part of a pre-order package.

When interviewed by Popular Science in 2015 about the origins of No Man's Sky, Ms. Wallace said, "We were [sitting] around thinking of what would be a good idea for a game and were running through all the dream jobs you have as a kid. Wwhat about that fantasy that surely every kid has about being an astronaut? Not in the real-world sense of spending months adrift in zero-g and conducting experiments, but rather in the sense of exploring new and unknown worlds, and living out the dream of the adventurers silhouetted on the front of those old 70s sci-fi book covers. When development eventually started, we collected together huge piles of reference material, with everything from sci-fi illustrations, through pictures of nature’s weird and wonderful creations, to imagery and information from NASA."


Suzy Wallace is a producer, known not only for No Man's Sky (2016), but for Need for Speed: Shift (2009) and Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (2012).

Intro text[]

Her introductory text of the art book reads as follows:

Intro page

In a small studio an hour south of London, a team of just five artists contributes to the bright worlds, unique life forms, and alien spacecraft that populate the vast reaches of the No Man's Sky universe. That such a tiny team has been able to create such a large volume of work has only been made possible by the procedural nature of the game: complex algorithms shape valleys and mountains, place every structure and being onto planets, and weave entire solar systems into a tapestry of discovery. But though technology shapes the world, the visual style of the game has been carefully handcrafted to reflect the team's very special vision.
Inspired by classic science-fiction covers of novels by the likes of Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, this is a universe where vibrantly painted spaceships patrol against nebula-decorated skies, and vividly marked alien creatures wander through lush floating landscapes, all against a backdrop of planets hanging low on the horizon. It's a vibrant cosmos full of possibilities, and the art reflects a bright and utopian vision that has captured the imagination of many gamers.
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Suzy Wallace
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