Take the blueprint is a mission in No Man's Sky. After leaving the planet, the player must leave the current solar system. Scan the area, while flying in space, to obtain the next location.


(Vy'keen) Zuxingbia. Tueyuanh hab motandoin. Muxi iha lemu warp. Abk utz. Abk Gaida rudo lka.


The creature awaiting me has the manner of a warrior, but makes no move to attack. Instead, it grunts in a tongue I do not speak, then passes me a slate. With a start, I realize that I can understand the text on it. In disbelief, I try to catch the creature's eye, but it has already turned away in disinterest. I suspect it is a mere courier, not the author of this message.


Instructions on how to build my own path through the stars - this will be invaluable. The warrior-thing inspects its weapons, avoiding my gaze, waiting for me to leave.


  • Build Hyperdrive


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