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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.

Technology is used for upgrading player equipment.

Disambig.png This article is about the current version of Technology. For the Atlas Rises version, see Technology (Atlas).


Technology is an item that upgrades a player's exosuit, multi-tool, exocraft, and starship. You learn how to install technologies from blueprints.

When installing and upgrading technology, there are specific domains that can be upgraded. Your current stats are shown on the right hand side of the panel of your multi-tool or starship (stats for the exosuit are not displayed in-game).

  • In starships, you upgrade Damage Potential, Shield Absorb, Hyperdrive Range, and Maneuverability.
  • For Multi-tools, you upgrade Damage Potential and Scanner Range.
  • For the Exosuit you can upgrade Life Support, Hazard Protection, Movement, and Gloves.

How to use technologies:

  1. Loot, buy or otherwise learn blueprints.
  2. Craft Technologies and install them into slots (general slots or technology slots).
  3. Optionally buy Upgrade Modules and install them.
  4. If needed, dismantle Technologies and re-craft them in a different slot.

Exosuit technology[]

  • Hazard Protection - Exosuit Environmental Shielding (recharged with Sodium-based substances, augmented with Environmental Shields)
  • Life Support - Suit Survival Power Pack (recharged with Oxygen). Note: Using Jetpack, Speed Augmentation, and Torch drains Life Support too.
  • Jetpack - Aerial Propulsion Booster
    • Neural Stimulator - Exosuit Movement Upgrade (improves jetpack range (press space) and sprinting speed (press shift))
    • Rocket Boots - Exosuit Upgrade (rapidly press Space to jump higher)
    • Efficient Water Jets - Exosuit Movement Upgrade (Improves the fuel efficiency of the jetpack's marine jets)
  • Haz-Mat Gauntlet - Exosuit Augmentation (needed for gathering advanced substances)

Multi-tool technology[]

Press G to Toggle tool modes. Press R to reload certain weapons.

MultiTool - Mining[]

MultiTool - Exploration and Defence[]

player model with an active Personal Force Field

an active Personal Force Field

  • Scanner - Topographic Survey (detects resources essential for survival)
    • Analysis Visor - Binocular Tagging Device (enhanced HUD and detection abilities, enables detailed scans)
    • Survey Device - hotspot locating system (shows locations of hotspots)
    • Waveform Recycler - MultiTool Upgrade (faster scanner cool down) [classified as Exosuit technology but is installed on the Multi-tool]
  • Personal Forcefield - Defensive Shield Technology (protection, drains life support, prevents MultiTool use while active)

MultiTool - Offensive weapons[]

Starship technology[]

Starship Flight Technology[]

Starship Shielding Technology[]

Starship Laser Weapon Technology[]

Starship Projectile Weapon Technology[]

Starship Scanner Technology[]

Other Starship Technology[]

  • Teleport Receiver - Ship-Mounted teleportation device (long-distance ship inventory access)

Exocraft Technology[]

Freighter Technology[]