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No fauna documented. Note: Fauna prior to Origins era are extinct.

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This CARGO query is used to return a table of fauna documented on a specific named planet or moon. Note that the unique page name for the planet or moon can be manually provided or the pagename can also be used.


  • 1 - planet or moon page name, if not provided, the page name will be used to try to match a planet or moon lookup


As seen in the following example:

Fauna on Adurma Prime Water

Parm options used: |Adurma Prime Water


Name Genus Height Weight DiscoveredOn Game release
R. Fonzniysae Bos 2.7 130.5 2020-10-02 Origins
S. Centibanstoe Oxyacta 3.8 187.8 2020-10-02 Origins
Y. Xenomigevae Felidae 1.8 86 2020-10-02 Origins
F. Underdonatium Chrysaora 1.2 54.5 Synthesis
Kilted kaopod Ungulatis 4.0 190.5 Synthesis
Y. Porttumea Ungulatis 3.0 135.9 Synthesis
I. Aarchcoyclae Agnelis 1.2 79.8 Visions
K. Barkaerea Ictaloris 0.9 41.7 Visions
M. Halocerylis Ictaloris 0.5 39.7 Visions
S. Heydropolea Procavya 0.7 57.8 Visions

Note: Fauna prior to Origins era are extinct.