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This template is used to define the ingredients needed to transform an/a set of item(s) and results in formatted text.


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Where <recipe>:

  • <ingredient>,<amount>;[...<ingredient>,<amount>;][<output>]

If omitted, |blueprint=yes won't display a requirement for a blueprint

If omitted, output will default to 1. A value of 1 is not displayed


Input(s) ingredient & corresponding amount pair needed, separated by a comma; At least one pair required
Output amount given associated input(s); Optional: if omitted, will default to 1; Output won't be displayed if equal to 1
Used to indicate a blueprint is required


Impossible to craft:

Craft cannot be crafted.

Output quantity provided, no blueprint:

{{Craft|Ferrite Dust,50;1250}}

Craft can be built using the following ingredients:

Multiple ingredients, requires blueprint, output defaulting to 1 (not displayed):

{{Craft|Condensed Carbon,50;Stasis Device,99|blueprint=yes}}

Craft can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

This template defines the table "PoC_Crafting". View table.