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The subject of this article is from the NextGen update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 16 February, 2021.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

TetraCobalt Trading Company
TetraCobalt Trading Company
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Region Fiskoki Sector
HQ System TCTC Home System
Headquarters TCTC Trade Central
Founded by Epicyon
Type Mega Corporation (MC)
Specialisation Trading and Financial Consulting
Services Item Trading and Delivery Service
Platform All platforms
Updated NextGen

The TetraCobalt Trading Company™️ is a civilized space corporation.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The TetraCobalt Trading Company™️, also known as [TCTC], is an intergalactic mega corporation which is quickly becoming the largest start-up in NMS galactic history!

Our flagship item delivery service, open to both our clients and company members, provides a fast and easy way for players to purchase any item directly from us, for its fair market-price, and have it delivered anywhere in the universe.

As a company, our goal is to provide a healthy and inclusive environment for our members to engage in, learn about the game (focusing on its financial side) and participate in community activities. After you become an employee, you'll earn a bonus and a salary by completing tasks related to the department you apply to. Whether you wish to be a builder, researcher, marketer, or salesmen, we have a place for you. As an employee you'll also gain access to our company system and utilities as well as other exclusive services.

Mission and Vision[edit | edit source]

Here at the TCTC we strive to teach players how to make money in No Man's Sky, easing their way into the financial world (or in this case - universe) of the game. Instead of simply providing them with funds and assets, we believe that our employees should learn how to make Units and Nanites for themselves so they can get more enjoyment out of the game. Therefore, we will provide them with all the necessary learning resources to be able to do so.

As the saying goes, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

The same applies here: *Give an interloper a billion units and he'll be a billionaire for a day. Teach an interloper how to trade cobalt and he'll be a billionaire for a lifetime.*

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

If you wish to join our company, you can find us on Discord.

You will be able to chose whether you wish to join us as a company member to become part of our company, gain access to all our services and have the option to become an employee to participate in our community's activities, or as a business client who is interested exclusively in our item trading & delivery service.

Company Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

Like all serious businesses, the TetraCobalt Trading Company™️ has a very structured hierarchy our most ambitious employees can seek to climb on their path to the top of the corporate ladder. Here, we believe in meritocracy, so every member will be presented with the same opportunity to reach the company's top ranks and will be judged by their skills, performance, and dedication. However, you must be aware that as you climb, besides the benefits you'll be entitled to, you'll also be attributed more power and responsibilities within the company.

The CEO is responsible for setting goals for each department and for the company as a whole, making sure every department is working towards the same objective.
Board of Directors (Managing Director and Department Director)
The Board of Directors is where the most important company decisions are made. It is comprised of the CEO, Managing Directors and four Department Directors. The number of board members must always be odd to facilitate voting. While Managing Directors have specific jobs within the company that aren't tied to a particular department, Department Directors manage the company at the departmental level, being each responsible for all of their department's activities.
Director positions aren't fixed nor permanent and other Senior Managers may apply to their position every new business quarter, by holding a department election, or if their director becomes inactive.
Senior Manager
Senior Managers are trusted Managers who have been with us for some time. They are the only position who is given access to all departments, and as such, are responsible for overseeing the whole company. They are in charge of most server moderation duties, as directors have other matters to attend to.
Managers are responsible for overseeing the company's day-to-day activities, helping manage the departments and making sure everything runs smoothly within our server. To become a manager, a Coordinator must keep up with their duties and remain active on the server for at least a month after their promotion and have at least 1000 messages in the server. On rare occasions, a Supervisor may be promoted directly to manager, requiring twice as much time and effort.
Coordinators are more experienced supervisors that have already completed the promotion task on more than one department. They have several responsibilities within the company and will be trusted with more advanced matters such as leading project task-forces.
Supervisor is the first management position at our company. In order to achieve it, employees must complete their department's designated task, which unlocks the ability to join a second department to progress in their career.
Employees are company members who have completed one of the necessary recruitment contractual requirements📋. Employees are entitled to a salary for server activity and payment for completing department-specific tasks. They may apply to join one of our departments.
When a new member joins our company, they will be assigned the intern role. Interns are encouraged to become employees (by competing one of the recruitment requirements) in order to become more involved with our company and its activities. However, if you'd prefer to remain as an intern, that's totally fine too!

Company Departments[edit | edit source]

Employees may apply to join one of our four business departments. To join a second department, they must first achieve the Supervisor role by completing their department's designated task.

Research and Development (R&D)
R&D (Research and Development) consists of our team of scientists and engineers who are responsible for carrying out experiments and developing new content and guides for our company. If you have an inquisitive mind, always seeking to expand your knowledge and unveil the mysteries of the universe, this is the job for you.
The Production department is responsible for all activities involving resource acquisition, crafting advanced components, and building the infrastructures necessary to do so. The mines and farms they build are the foundation upon which our item delivery service rests, supplying our sales associates with all the resources and materials they need for their sales.
Marketing Department
The Marketing department is one of our most important business sectors as without them we wouldn't be able to get our content and services out there to the public. The marketing department is the face of the company to the outside world. Their goal is to recruit members and clients for our company through advertisement campaigns, photo-shoots, events, and any other promotional content.
Sales Department
Our Sales department is our company's most lucrative business sector, as our sales associates get to keep the full commission of every sale they make. Our sales team manages our store page and item delivery service, collecting and delivering any exchangeable item to our clients. Department members will be give access to the restricted infrastructures built by the production department so they have every item and resource at their disposal.

Company Structure[edit | edit source]

Buildings and Headquarters[edit | edit source]

Our headquarters are located on the TCTC Home System, on the Fiskoki Sector region of the Euclid galaxy (Delta quadrant). We have a Trade Central where we carry out our business deals, and public mines our employees can collect resources from. We are also building a company hub on one of that system's planets where our employees can settle down and build their own base in order to easily find their way back to our Home System.

Documented Systems[edit | edit source]

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
TCTC Home System Fiskoki Sector Yellow Experimental Korvax 4 0 Expeditions

Partnerships[edit | edit source]

Despite being an independently-managed business, the TetraCobalt Trading Company™️ has formed several partnerships (business or otherwise) with other companies, unions and civilizations.

We do not demand exclusivity of employment from our members, giving them total freedom to join our @Business Partner's factions and/or companies as well as any others.

Partner Civilizations:[edit | edit source]

Merchants and Pirates Union [MPU]
The MPU is a NMS group with several pirate and merchant themed activities. If you liked the whole community aspect of the game and want to find other like-minded people to play with, we strongly recommend you join!
We have formed a mutually beneficial partnership with this civilization, in which we sponsor them, offer exclusive trade deals, and promote their activities in exchange for their protection from any outside threats or interference to our company and its activities.
Link to Discord server
Intergalactic Coalition of Travellers [ICoT]
The Intergalactic Coalition of Travelers is a peaceful and welcoming NMS civilization, focused on space exploration and colonization, with weekly missions and quests for their members to participate in. If you have a passion for building and exploring, we suggest you check them out.
Link to Discord server.

Business partnerships:[edit | edit source]

The Blackhole Surfers [BHS]
The BHS is a group primarily focused on expanding the NMS PvP community, be it through organizing player vs player, minotaur vs player, or starship combat tournaments, with a degree of interest in [[exocraft] racing as well.
The TCTC sponsors these tournaments by providing valuable items to comprise their prize pool. We encourage our members to sign-up to them if they enjoy the thrill of PvP!
Link to Discord server.
PanGalactic StarCabs [PGSC]
The PGSC is a company that offers a free transportation service to anywhere in the universe, with cabs available around the clock to take you where you desire.
We formed this reciprocal sponsoring partnership because we believe they provide a pristine and very useful service, especially for new players, and so that people interested in our services can find us more easily as well.
Link to Discord server.
NMS Civilization Hub [CH]
The Civilization Hub is a place where all players and NMS Civ leaders can come together and stay up-to-date on news and information between other Civilizations. A central HUB to keep communications open and to find out what your fellow galactic travelers have going on! With such a wide range of different Factions, Companies, and Hubs, we wish to bring everyone to one central place, to discuss any matters at hand.
Link to Discord server.

Gallery[edit | edit source]