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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Galaxy Euclid
Founded by Epicyon
CEO TerakLapis
Type Conglomerate
Branches 4
Specialisation Complementary services
Services Professional services, Trading, Finance and Banking, Discovery
UCA member yes
Platform All
Updated Outlaws

The Tetrahedron Conglomerate is a company.


The Tetrahedron Conglomerate is the largest company conglomerate in the No Man's Sky universe, incorporating several companies which conduct business separately and independently. These company divisions offer a vast array of services to the community.

The Tetrahedron holds a controlling stake over the TetraCobalt Trading Company, its infrastructure and intellectual property, as well as its subsidiaries: the DeepSpace Dealership and the Galactic Pioneer Services.


The Tetrahedron's collective mission is to become the largest and most diverse service providing company, offering a wide range of services to the community in order to improve our client's experience and enjoyment of the game.

We seek to collaborate with other companies in order to diversify the list of services provided by the community and for the community, connecting service providers to potential clients.

Company Divisions[]

Tetrahedron consists of the following companies:

Logo Name Category Director Region Description
TCTC logo.png TetraCobalt Trading Company Trading and Finance Epicyon Sea of Aohuav Item Trading and Delivery Service
DSDS Logo.png DeepSpace Dealership Professional Service Corporation Sappho Nitmand Band Delivery Service for Freighters, Ships, Multi-Tools, and Pets
GPS logo.png Galactic Pioneer Services Discovery and Pioneering Services TerakLapis Azkowai Adjunct Discovering Systems/Planets and finding everything our Clients require
Tetrahedron trust fund logo 1.png TetraHedron Trust Fund Financial and Banking Services Epicyon tbd The first banking service in the galaxy.

A directory of Tetrahedron and subsidiary star systems can be found here.


Employee Applications[]

In order to become an Employee please join the TCTC Discord Server and follow the recruitment process as detailed there.

Company Application[]

For new division applicants, the Board of Directors will vote to approve each application. This vote may be vetoed by the CEO or Public Relations Advisor if there is sufficient evidence to support it. Keep in mind, the Conglomerate is specifically after companies that complement the services it already offers, so applications may be rejected because they overlap with the services other member divisions already offer.


The company was founded to provide the No Man's Sky Community with a multitude of Services. Routed in a spirit of community and partnership the Tetrahedron wants to further these founding principles. Originally envisioned by the TetraCobalt Trading Company™ it has since grown to diversify the services it offers and is ever open for new applications and expansions.


Tetrahedron Trade Partners are other collectives outside the conglomerate with whom we conduct business, giving them unrestricted access to the services provided by Conglomerate members and opening new possibilities for collaboration.

Other companies and civilizations that share a preferred partnership:

Since March the 25th 2022 the TetraHedron is a proud partner of the Trailblazer Corporation.

We also are proud partners of Battlegroup Savannah, NMS Construction Contractors and the The Indominus Legion.

Additionally we are represented in the United Corporate Alliance and the United Nations 42.


Each division of Tetrahedron is required to have a communications department consisting of a Discord server with a minimum of 20 members.


Each division will maintain semi-independent management for their branch of services. This means their leadership team is responsible for setting the division's path but they must conform to the rules and guidelines imposed by the parent company.

All divisions will share the same foreign policy as Tetrahedron and have the full support of the work-force for its projects. They will receive free promotion, ad campaigns, and have access to all of the parent company's resources. Depending on the type of service they offer, they may also be entitled to their own page on the TCTC server.

Tetrahedron also holds the right to replace division leadership via Board action if it is deemed necessary or if the contributions cease to contribute to the conglomerate's collective mission.

The Board[]

The Board of Directors is headed by the CEO as its Chairman. The COO acts as its Vice-Chairman. Each company division is entitled to send its Director onto the Board. Additionally the Board my appoint further Members as it sees fit. Currently the following members are present:

Name Reddit Name Rank Game Mode Platform
Terak GPS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Normal PC
Sappho Sappho Chief Operations Officer (COO) Normal PC
sodapop Director Normal PC
Ombreverte (Drazard) Director Normal Platform
Dr Nicket Dr Nicket Director Normal PS



Company headquarters are located in the RegionName region of the Euclid galaxy.


Company divisions are headquartered in these regions:


Member name PC/PS/Xbox Homeplanet
Epicyon PC ---
Sappho PC ---
TerakLapis PC ---