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The Apostle of Destruction
The Apostle of Destruction
Galaxy Euclid
Region Guitat Cloud
Star system Puebloem
System economy ★★★ (High Supply)
Galactic coords 0430:0077:0D55:012D
Portal glyphs 312DF8556C31
Type Exotic
Style Squid
Inventory Small
Slots 15-20
Tech Slots 4-6
Cost 5-12 million Units.png
Claimed by GHSH
Discovered by ApexFatality
Release Expeditions

The Apostle of Destruction is a starship in No Man's Sky.


The Apostle of Destruction is an Exotic-type starship in the No Man's Sky universe.

This starship has a 2% chance to spawn.


This squid ship has a standard blue tone, with blue tipped tentacles. It has black stripes on top with a black "7" decal on the side


The following is a table of observed base stat ranges for Exotic starships.

Stat Type Bonus % Min # Max #
Damage Potential 35-50% 160.2 213.9
Shield Strength 55-60% 229.7 235.6
Hyperdrive Range 50-65% 151.0 166.0
Maneuverability ? 388 445
  • Important Note: The maneuverability stat will (almost) always be the same number for a specific model of exotic.
  • These are base stats, before taking technology bonuses into account.
  • Core damage is directly proportional to Damage potential.


This starship was discovered in the Guitat Cloud region, a huburb region, of the Galactic Hub.

It can be found at either the Space station or any Trade Outposts available in the star system.

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Featured in the Galactic Hub Starship Catalog - Exotic album and documented by the Galactic Hub Ship Hunters.


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