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The subject of this article is from the NextGen update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 16 February, 2021.
The Arcadia Project
The Arcadia Project
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Yokoju Fringe
Founded by Axiom1380
Platform PS4
Release ExoMech


Founded by Axiom1380 and inspired by the Galactic Hub Project, The Arcadia Project is a family run endeavor that seeks to explore and map out the region of the Euclid galaxy known as the Yokoju Fringe on the PS4 server of No Man's Sky. The aim of the project is to find all suitable Garden Worlds within the region, and document them. Each garden world is a suitable site for potential outposts for anyone looking for refuge in the region.

As of the Atlas Rises update the project is now managed and funded by the Arcadian Republic.

Project Capital[]

The Zivangiseppu system was the capital of The Arcadia Project during the peak of the Pathfinder era. The headquarters for the project could be found on the planet Arcadia.

Now that the project is operated and managed by the Arcadian Republic the headquarters for the project can be found on the Republic's capital world.

Project Affiliations[]

Emblem for The Federation.

The Arcadia Project is proud to be one of the founding civilizations of the United Federation of Travelers, the first known alliance of multiple civilizations. More information can be found on the Federation's Wiki page.

What is a Garden World?[]

To be classed as a garden world by the project, three different factors of each planet / moon must be looked at, usually in the order listed below. For more detail of each different factor please see the Garden World wiki page.


  • Only worlds with Cold and Lush biomes are considered habitable depending on all other factors.
  • No Extreme weather on cold worlds.

Sentinel Activity[]

  • The level of sentinel activity must not be high enough for them to attack on sight.

Flora & Fauna[]

  • Flora must be present in some form.
  • Fauna may or may not be present, however if present will raise the status of the planet / moon.

Classified Garden Worlds[]

Below is a list of all Garden Worlds classified by The Arcadia Project during the Pathfinder and Atlas Rises eras in the order of their discovery. For a list of all systems and planets in the region from Pathfinder head to the Yokojulia Adjunct region page, for Atlas Rises see the Yokoju Fringe.

For a list of Garden Worlds from the current NEXT era please see the Arcadian Republic page.

Garden Worlds discovered during Atlas Rises[]

Garden Worlds discovered during the Pathfinder era[]

Pathfinder Project Assets[]

Name Picture Description
Urumelada Urumelada.jpg The Urumelada is a freighter. The vessel is the flagship of The Arcadia Project. The Urumelada acts as the base of operations for project personnel during exploratory missions.
Udamagosh Udamagosh.jpg Explorer class starship used as the project's Recon vessel. New systems are scouted in this vessel before calling in the Urumelada.
Amegaura Amegaura.jpg Hauler class starship. After a system has been scouted the Amegaura is used to explore. Samples of resources from worlds can be stored in the vessels large inventory.
Aibailla Aibailla.jpg Fighter class starship. The Aibailla defends the Urumelada from potential threats. The vessel was acquired locally in the Yokojulia Adjunct region at Port Ormund.
Teyamega S20 Teyamega.jpg Fighter class starship. Before the acquisition of the Aibailla this vessel was used to defend the Urumelada. Now the Teyamega S20 is mainly used to patrol Zivangiseppu.
Kimizawa Kimizawa.jpg Shuttle class starship. The Kimizawa is the main shuttle of the Urumelada. The vessel is used to take project personnel from the ship to space stations, or the headquarters on Arcadia.

Project News[]

  • 22 December 2020 - Arcadia Project founder Axiom1380 has recently returned home from being trapped away thanks to lockdowns in the real world. Please be patient as we slowly update the Projects's databanks.

Archived News[]

  • 17th of June, 2017 - After a long journey across the Euclid galaxy the Urumelada has arrived at the United Federation of Travelers headquarters on planet Pepper Dusk. This marks the first diplomatic visit for the Arcadians to the headquarters, and the Galactic Hub Project.
  • 20th of June, 2017 - Project personnel from the headquarters on Arcadia have discovered a large portal nearby. The portal, nicknamed the 'Sanctum Portal' was discovered while scouting potential routes for the new racetrack that has just been unveiled.
  • 5th of July, 2017 - The Project has discovered the Yanogrivo star system, home to an Atlas Station. Atlas researches from the project have departed from Arcadia Sanctum to investigate.
  • 5th of July, 2017 - Battle of Iurayos, the Urumelada has come to the aid of Captain Losobiaza of the freighter Porozawasakaya who was ambushed by fanatics of the Atlas in the Yanogrivo system. After an intense dogfight throughout the asteroid field above the planet Iurayos the fanatics were defeated.