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The subject of this article is from the Prisms update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 31 August, 2021.
The Atlas Path
Mission type Primary
Starting point: Space
Requires: Completion of Awakenings
Implemented Atlas Rises (A different version was available at release)
Description Mission associated with Atlas Interfaces and Black Holes

The Atlas Path is a primary mission.


The Atlas Path is one of three story missions in No Man's Sky. The mission tasks the player with visiting Atlas Interfaces and crafting Atlas Seeds.

Initial Description[]

There are strange powers at work. I have been left messages, crumbs that lead me along a trail. Should I seek answers?

Should I investigate these 'anomalies' and 'breaches'? Or should I enjoy the galaxy on my own terms, and avoid whatever trouble this is surely leading towards?


Transition from Awakenings[]

The player begins The Atlas Path immediately after the end of Awakenings, but the mission has no objective at first. The player is only able to begin the mission in earnest by 1) visiting the Space Anomaly and asking Polo to point the player toward an Atlas Station, or 2) accidentally warping into a system with an Atlas Station. Regardless of which method is used, the mission will task the player with visiting an Atlas Station once the player discovers its location.

The Atlas Interfaces[]

After the player enters an Atlas Station for the first time, they must use its Atlas Interface to interact with the Atlas and choose whether to continue down the Atlas Path. The option to continue the mission has a minimum total Journey Milestones requirement before it becomes available, and choosing this option grants the Blueprint for the first Atlas Seed (choosing to comply also restores health if it is not at its maximum).

Once the blueprint is obtained, the player is given the location of another Atlas Station, and they must warp there and use its Atlas Interface in order to obtain the next Atlas Seed blueprint (once the player has attained the required total milestone for it). This process repeats until the player has obtained blueprints for all ten Atlas Seeds.

The Final Atlas Interface[]

After the final blueprint has been acquired, the player must craft the Heart of the Sun (which requires crafting all the other Atlas Seeds in order), then take it to an eleventh Atlas Station and use it to unlock the last Atlas Interface, losing the item in the process.

The player has to interact with 9 Atlas Seed Chambers, then interact with the final interface, and choose whether to birth a new star or walk away and return to the galaxy. The mission proper ends once the decision is made; both options will grant the player the ability to see Black Holes on the Galaxy Map without the assistance of Polo, but the Star Seed blueprint will be awarded only if the player chooses to birth a new star.

Completion and Mission Log[]

It is currently unverified whether the expected behaviour for this mission is to disappear from the Mission Log once it's ended. Some players reported that the mission is repeating itself once they go back in space[1][2].

Alternative Usage: Black Holes[]

Whenever the player learns the location of one or more Black Holes (whether from Polo or from completion of the Atlas Path proper), the Atlas Path mission's current objective (if it has one) will temporarily be overridden by an objective tasking the player with passing through the marked Black Hole (or the nearest Black Hole in the case of Atlas Path completion). Once the player has completed this task, the Atlas Path mission will return to its original objective (or disappear from the Log if all objectives of the Atlas Path mission have been completed).

Atlas Seed List[]

In order to progress through the Atlas Path and acquire the blueprints necessary for its completion, the player will need to achieve the following total milestones:


  • Star Seed blueprint (only if the player chose to birth a star)
  • Nearby Black Holes are now always visible on the Galaxy Map

Additional information[]

The completion of the Atlas Path prior to Atlas Rises doesn't correspond to any specific post-1.30 progression and can't be mapped to the reworked story. Consequently, players who had previously completed The Atlas Path won't receive acknowledgement from the game whether from the Mission Log or by receiving new rewards like the blueprint for the Star Seed. Black Holes will still be visible, but Polo will still propose to reveal the black holes locations, ignoring the player's progress. Finally, the mission will reappear in the Mission Log and the player will need to complete it once again in order to dismiss it.

Finishing the Atlas Path may be needed to do Core to Core Jumps.



Atlas Path - Start

Atlas Path - End

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