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The Fade
The Fade
Type Region shell
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The Fade is a center shell found in all galaxies in No Man's Sky.


The Fade is the dissolution of reality before the great void. None of its star systems can be visited, but they seem to still possess economy, conflict and life. It consists of one layer of regions (about 500ly diameter) which are all unreachable with a ship's normal hyperdrive.


Normally The Fade is encountered by jumping to a star system near the end of the galaxy's shell. To not appear finite, the galaxy imitates a new region just outside the last to hide its actual end. However, those can not be selected and if traversed by the Galactic Map still lead to an empty universe afterwards. If a border region of The Fade is reached, it might merge with it and become non-selectable. This bug often appears if one zooms out from the region and returns the map to the initial focus afterwards. Suddenly the mirage of The Fade vanishes and instead all systems in the region before are unselectable. This merging has been observed for all extreme coordinates like Alpha Polaris or Delta Polaris. This anomaly still exists in NEXT.

Former Anomalies[]

Another phenomenon of The Fade is the "Planetary Uncertainty" (PU) or "Dissolution of Reality". In irregular intervals, certain planets near or inside it change their biome type and fauna upon revisits. It may affect one in three, half or all planets at times. This is independent of any change to the universes basic existence (Patches) and is temporary. The planets can and will revert to their former state after a while. Documenting planets that do own a PU state is an ongoing effort. It is unclear if the PU phenomenon still exists in NEXT as of now.