The First Traveller

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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.
The First Traveller
Mission type Primary
Mission series Artemis Path
Preceded by: A Leap in the Dark
Followed by: Patterns in Time
Starting point: Artemis's Traveller Grave
Requires: N/A
Implemented Atlas Rises
Description Null, the Stranger
Fourth mission of the Artemis Path proper

The First Traveller is a story mission.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The First Traveller is the fifth story mission of the Artemis Path, starting immediately upon the conclusion of A Leap in the Dark. The mission tasks the player with working with -null- to capture the essence of Artemis.

Full Outline[edit | edit source]

  • Contact Apollo at a Holo-Terminus
  • Speak with the Stranger...
  • Mine Cadmium
  • Collect Living Pearls
  • Craft the Soul Engine
  • Purchase Wiring Looms
  • Refine Glass
  • Assemble Mind-Arc Components
  • Bring the Mind-Arc to Artemis
  • Seek help for Artemis
  • Board the Space Anomaly
  • Decide Artemis' fate⌧Speak to Polo when ready
  • Return to space and contact Apollo
  • Learn the Glyph sequence for this planet
  • Contact Apollo at a Holo-Terminus
  • Speak to -null-
  • Locate the Crashed Freighter
  • Activate the Holo-Terminus

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Reunion?[edit | edit source]

Artemis is dead. Perhaps they were never alive. I found a strange fragment in a cave, an artifact, a projection of Artemis. But it was just data trapped in a loop. It had no understanding of who or where it was.
I need to contact Apollo and let them know what has happened.

The player must locate and visit a Holo-Terminus with the intent to get into contact with Apollo. However, the Holo-Terminus no longer has the frequencies of Apollo or Artemis due to glitches, and performing a manual override instead connects the player with an aberrant lifeform called -null-, who questions the purpose of life in the face of death, then offers a way for the player to bring Artemis to life, after a fashion, using a Mind Arc. Once the player has been given its blueprint (and that of the Soul Engine sub-component), -null- will set the Holo-Terminus to Artemis's frequency so that the player can capture their essence once the Mind Arc is built.

At this point, The Space Anomaly will update upon departure from the current planet, allowing the player to discuss -null-'s appearance with Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo.

The Mind Arc[edit | edit source]

I have encountered another Traveller, named -null-. They seem unusually aware of my journey, and have offered a way to 'save' Artemis. They claim it is possible to restore Artemis' mind and store it in a device they call a 'Mind Arc'.

The player must craft a Mind Arc in order to proceed with the mission. A Mind Arc requires 1 Soul Engine, 3 Glass, and 3 Wiring Looms to craft.

The mission will first direct the player to install a Cadmium Drive in their starship if it is not already present, then task them with mining the 120 Cadmium required for the Soul Engine while within a red star system. These objectives must be followed exactly in order to progress as intended (for example, freighters should not be used in an attempt to bypass the Cadmium Drive requirement).

With the Cadmium collected, the player must harvest a Living Pearl from an Armoured Clam, then craft a Soul Engine (in addition to the 120 Cadmium and 1 Living Pearl, the player will need 3 Metal Plating for the recipe).

After acquiring the Soul Engine, the player will be asked to purchase Wiring Looms and refine Glass from Silicate Powder (crafting Glass from Frost Crystals is also permissible here), then use the gathered components to create a Mind Arc

Once a Mind Arc has been obtained, the player must activate a Holo-Terminus, then return to the first Holo-Terminus of the mission and use the device on Artemis. Optionally, the player may converse with them before using the Mind Arc. Once the deed is done, the Holo-Terminus will switch to -null-'s frequency, and the player must converse with the lifeform and receive revelation concerning the foundation of existence. At the end of the conversation, -null- will direct the player to space.

The Fate of Artemis[edit | edit source]

The player must leave the planet and summon the Space Anomaly, then board it and speak to Priest Entity Nada. Nada will explain the options available to the player concerning the fate of Artemis. Once the player has decided what to do, they must speak to Polo to unlock access to the Korvax Simulation Terminal in a side room of the Space Anomaly, near the Interstellar Terminus. During this mission segment, the mission The Space Anomaly will be temporarily removed from the player's log.

The player must interact with the terminal and decide whether to upload Artemis's soul into the Korvax simulation or allow Artemis to die, ending their suffering.

  • If the player uploads the soul into the simulation, they will later be able to converse with Artemis again. For now, they must leave the Space Anomaly and allow Artemis to become accustomed to life in the simulation.
  • If the player instead allows Artemis to die, they must return to Polo and discuss their decision before leaving the Space Anomaly.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Artemis' fate has been sealed. I can only hope I have done the right thing. It is time to find Apollo and see what sense I can make of this situation.

Regardless of which decision was made, the mission The Space Anomaly will reappear in the Log, and the player must return to space and converse with Apollo concerning what the player did with the soul of Artemis as well as what is to be done next. After the conversation ends, the player must scan for and activate a Monolith, then visit the planet's Portal (which was marked by activating the Monolith).

At the Portal, the player must charge sixteen glyphs in order to activate the Portal and discover its glyph combination.

Apollo's Journey[edit | edit source]

I have so far failed to see any of my fellow Travellers beyond their projections. In the case of Artemis, perhaps there was never anything more. Apollo will be different.
I have the address for this portal, and they should be able to reach this planet just as I did.

Once the player has obtained the Portal's address, they must locate a Holo-Terminus and use it to contact Apollo. In the resulting conversation, the player must decide whether or not to transmit the portal glyphs to Apollo:

  • If the player transmits the glyphs to Apollo, they will use a portal some time after the conversation ends.
  • If the player refuses to transmit the glyphs, Apollo will challenge their decision and give the player a chance to reconsider their decision. If the player continues to refuse at this point, Apollo will give up and wait for more information before using a portal.

Regardless of which decision was made, The Space Anomaly will update once the player returns to space, allowing the player to bring news of Apollo to Nada and Polo.

-null-'s Task[edit | edit source]

-null- has a task for me. They feel something is happening to the galaxy, some great unravelling of the threads that keep reality bound together. I am to investigate, going around the Sentinels where they cannot.

At Apollo's request, the player must contact -null- with the intent of gathering more information. However, the conversation instead turns toward figuring out what is happening to The Atlas. The player must agree to work with -null- in order to continue the mission.

-null- will direct the player to an Observatory. Interacting with its terminal will reveal a Crashed Freighter which the player must investigate. The player will discover on interaction that the Distress Beacon's logs are encrypted. To decrypt the logs, they must unearth and repair nearby Cargo Pods to obtain Log Encryption Keys. Three keys in total are required to decrypt all the logs.

If the player uploaded Artemis' soul to the Korvax simulation, they will be contacted by Artemis when they return to their starship after investigating the Crashed Freighter. At this point, they must decide whether to tell them the truth about their situation.

  • If the player tells the truth, Artemis will be agitated by the news.
  • If the player lies, Artemis will look forward to meeting the player in person later.

Regardless of whether Artemis' soul is intact, The Space Anomaly will update, allowing the player to share the burden of Artemis' fate with Nada and Polo.

After finishing business with Artemis (if their soul is alive), the player must return to a Holo-Terminus and share the discovery from the beacon with -null-. Finishing the conversation will conclude the mission and update The Space Anomaly again, allowing the player to share news of -null-'s plan with Nada and Polo.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Mind Arc and Soul Engine blueprints
  • Ability to reach red star systems using a starship

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • Atlas Rises - Added to the game as a primary mission
  • Beyond -
    • -null- now gives the player blueprints for both the Mind Arc and the Soul Engine
      • Before Beyond, the Mind Arc required Living Glass rather than Soul Engine to craft
      • Mission objectives changed to account for new Soul Engine and Mind Arc recipes
    • The Space Anomaly now must be summoned manually
      • Formerly, the Space Anomaly would be summoned after receiving a transmission from Specialist Polo
    • Added three The Space Anomaly mission update triggers
    • Added encryption to the Crashed Freighter's Distress Beacon and filled nearby Cargo Pods with Log Encryption Keys