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Location Terrestrial
Type Genus
Description Triceratops / Rhinos / Hippos
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Theroma is a genus.


Theroma is a genus of fauna in No Man's Sky.

Commonly referred to as "triceratops" (the common name used by the game code), as well as "hippos" or "rhinos," depending on their appearance. Theroma species can be found on land, excluding caves.

Distinguishing Characteristics[]

Theroma has one major variant, which can be divided into two subgroups: arched-back and flat-back. Flat back Theroma species tend to resemble hippopotamus, rhinos, and triceratops, while arched back Theroma species tend to look closer to reptiles. Both subgroups also have "exotic" variants that don't resemble any Earth species.

  • Quadrupedal
  • Flat-back Theroma species tend to have rhinoceros or elephant-like feet.
  • Arched-back species usually have hooves or distinct, finger-like appendages.
  • Triceratops and rhino-like species often have large horns, exotic species often have a single large eye and many "frills," and hippo-like species have two distinct nostrils and hippo-like tusks and teeth.

If presented with a creature that one cannot tell if it is of the Theroma, Procavya, or Ungulatis genera, here are some tips to differentiate:

  • Only Procavya have beaver, monkey, shark, or tufted tails.
  • Theroma heads are unique to their genus. They never have the same heads as those found on Procavya or Ungulatis.
  • Theroma legs will never resemble those found on Procavya. Their legs also do not bend inwards as much.
  • Look at the species in question on the Discoveries tab. Watch the idle animation of the species in question. Theroma heads bob in a synchronized manner with their tail, and always in the opposite direction. Procavya heads bob in an erratic manner compared to their tails.

Variant Types[]

  • Hippo - Flat-backed. Two distinct nostrils and hippo-like tusks and teeth
  • Rhino - Flat-backed. Large 1-2 horns on the snout or jaw
  • Triceratops - Flat-backed. Three horns around the snout, jaw or head
  • Reptoma - A reptilian looking Theroma. Always has an arched back. Often will have mismatching front and back limbs. The limbs typically will have hooves or very distinct finger-like appendages.

Additional information[]

  • Beyond Era until Origins Era: Look at the species in question on the Discoveries tab. Procavya and Ungulatis stand with their bodies centered over the display circle while Theroma stand with their front feet on the center of the circle. Additionally, Theroma will be displayed relatively shrunken in size. The centering and size adjustment was elminated during the Origins update, and Theroma are now sized normally and centered over the circle.


Theroma Body Parts - Graphics[]

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