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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Tinker and Transports
Tinker and Transports
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta Quadrant
Region Nurinas Nebula
HQ System Yanavl
Headquarters The Spire
Founded by FynnMcScrap
Type Professional Service Corporation (PSC)
Specialisation Scrap recovery
Services Junk trade and refining, ship recovery and rebuilding, blockade running and high risk delivery
Federation member no
Updated Desolation

Tinker and Transport is a company.


Tinker and Transport (nicknamed "Tinker's") is a company in No Man's Sky.

Tinker's main area of interest is based in the Nurinas Nebula region of the Euclid galaxy, but you never know where a salvaged data pad or rumour about some lost transport may lead a Tinker's workcrew.

No worries : Provide some good food or a round of drinks and they will proove to be good company in their downtime. Or point them towards the next abandoned transport, station or ship...


Tinker's is a diverse and expanding family business of Junkers and Scrap recovery specialists branching out to repurposing of recycled resources, small scale industry, and logistical support teams.

The various entities flying with the family are not too critical as to what exactly the definition of "free to collect scrap" means, but they do not accept open piracy or overly aggressive behaviour in business deals, preferring to live a carefree and casual life.

T&T is no crime syndicate, but also does not conform to usual corporate standards. Basically they are a bunch of social misfits and dropouts given honest work and a healthcare package and then sent to clean up other entities mess for a profit.

  • Shooting down an aggressive raider or pirate to then recycle his ship is seen as a community service, and actively encouraged.
  • Shooting at a legal representative or police officer except in self defense is not encouraged as "harming the family and failing to find a better solution". Violence is seen as the last refuge of the incompetent.
  • Shooting at Sentinels is seen as highly inefficient but often necessary. It does not really rate as Sport, but is good practice in combat shooting.

The family pilots are well known for supporting any underdog group friendly with them and preferring a blockade running or smuggling operation to any easy trade route.

Business contracts include but are not restricted to:

  • Scrap Metal trade including other refinable substances to be upcycled to nanites or fabricated commodities
  • Ship recovery and rebuilding. Visit the Archive Databank for more information
  • blockade running and high risk delivery
  • conflict and distress aid and SAR missions
  • upcycling operations and research on recycling efficiency
  • small scale mining and refining operations optimised to build up or restore local industry



Company headquarters are located in the Nurinas Nebula region of the Euclid galaxy.

The Spire is the official HQ building and serves both as logistical hub, technical center, and training facility for junior members, offering easy access to a nearby portal building. New Oisl is no Paradise, but access to the New Oisl Portal and to a whole system worth of abandoned Scrap and the mysterious pillar Planet Loung XV means a lot to a bunch of Junkers.

T&T is claiming the abandoned Gek system Yanavl as their own home system and seem to be working on options to restore the damaged Star base back to operational status.

The repurposed Venator-line Transport "T&T Golden Hind" is providing orbital facilities and defense till this far goal is achieved.


Company branch locations can be found in these regions:

Documented Systems[]

Name Civilized Platform Galaxy
Edkoms Tinker and Transports PC Euclid
Iksovetom Tinker and Transports PC Euclid
Moslaparyk Tinker and Transports PC Euclid
Ookaza-Kuiva Tinker and Transports PC Euclid
Relekht-log X Tinker and Transports Pc Euclid
Rulitsuhm Tinker and Transports PC Euclid
Shunanf Tinker and Transports Pc Euclid
Usatsu Tinker and Transports Pc Euclid
Uwakita Tinker and Transports PC Euclid
Vogary Dosm XIII Tinker and Transports PC Euclid
Yanavl Tinker and Transports PC Euclid

Branch Offices[]

Tinker & Transport does not use the concept of branch offices as such, and is organised in work teams. Longtime teams tend to pick a mascot, team symbol, or nickname.

Each work team has its own foreman, either a Traveler or a member of the three known races. Most work teams form a close social bond and do not split up easily, but short time assignments such as a frigate fleet in transit during a mission form their own temporary teams, either acclaiming a member as foreman or a member being assigned by their home base administration.

In any case where a foreman is not available or known, seniority in time of service is used to define the current foreman till a formal vote is cast.

A formal vote for seniority is usually as much a social event as it is an administrative act.

Typically the first major task of a new foreman is to get his hungover team members back to stations after a wild party night.

Company Archives[]

T&T salvaging Operations support an open Databank for opportunities. Guests are welcome to provide or download data.

Active Salvaging operations require some sort of shelter and a Teleporter Platform for easy access from HQ or other bases. Inactive sites only require a navigational beacon.

All workcrews are requested to provide internal Logfiles for any relevant family business.


There are memories of a different life left, from a life as a Freelancer, not as Traveler.

But memories are fickle things, and units or nanites are paramount to survival as much as skill or luck. And there is so much to do.

FynnMcScrap started recruiting for T&T as his crew repurposed the damaged hulk of a Venator Class Transport, offering long-time contracts to all surviving crew members and renaming the ship.

Adapting to his morals and views, the various entities are even now forming a new, stronger family.

For clarification purposes :

  • A "Tinker" is a member of the family, either as a junior (probational) member or as a senior member or foreman.
  • A "Junker" is a nickname for any scrap worker or demolitions / heavy industry expert working mainly in an Exosuit. Junkers tend to be proud of the moniker, and take great pleasure in individuality and creativity with their ships or lifestyle.


Other companies and civilizations that share a preferred partnership:

  • none so far, but that may change.

To get access to more scrap, there might be outposts and trading facilities planned near many civilised regions. And the Tinkers workcrews want to use the New Oisl Portal to seek some well deserved R&R, too.


  • We are family. We care for and defend each other.
  • We will use weaponry to defend our family, our interests, and ourselves, even though we try to solve any issue through negotiation or with peaceful means if possible.
  • We acknowledge territorial or official Law in the systems we inhabit or visit even if we chose to live in cooperative Consent.
  • We cherish integrity over lawful conduct.

Quote : Your Word is your breath. You stand tall and fall with it. Cherish it. It is precious. It is your reputation.


The Tinkers form a cooperative group based around the "working unit". That can mean a single pilot and his salvaged shuttle, a base manager and his select group of researchers or technicians, or a Freighter captain and his associated Frigate and Fighter wings.

There is a health care and retirement contract for any "family member" including any non-workers either affixed to a working member or to a working unit as a whole, and this even includes young members or picked up dependents. Many of the Tinkers are actually either orphans or cast out from "normal society" in some form, welcomed into the family by the word of a senior member. Seniority is defined by the ability to care for and provide for your ship or teammates or dependents, giving you a full vote on internal matters and a chance to be named as "Foreman". The Foreman of a base or Fleet is the member with the most seniority, acclaimed by open vote.


You need a senior member to support you to be considered a junior member of Tinkers.

Please flag your ship or transport as part of the company by renaming it. ( Setting a T&T "Flag" at the beginning of your chosen ship name. Example : T&T Golden Hind )

As an Traveler you will be required to prove your ability to support yourself and your working group: Provide 5 Log entries with either mission details, exploration, salvaging operations, or diplomatic contacts and forward them to a senior member acting as a foreman for an operation inside the Tinkers domain.

So far there is only one active member as Traveler : The founding member and acting Foreman of the company: FynnMcScrap (Forum Name : LordFlinx )

Member name PC/PS/Xbox Homeplanet
LordFlinx PC Yanavl
--- --- ---