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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Top of The Galaxy Hub
Top of The Galaxy Hub
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Coordinates 0A48:00FD:075C:008E
Founded by [Pjranha] , [Normi1701]
Platform PS4
Release Atlas Rises

Top of the Galaxy Hub is a Civilized space community.


Top of the Galaxy Hub is a Civilized space community in No Man's Sky. It is located in the Delta quadrant of the Euclid galaxy.

Our motivation is to free the interloper from hunting money. We want to build real player-made in-game content like hidden Secrets, treasure-hunts, and challenges.

We can also be reached on the site: #TOG

(a lot of Stuff is Work in progress and the goal is to finish all content in all modes by 2019) construction diary

  • In-game content called TOG-quests
  • Official TOG-farms, all plants, all modes
  • Hub own ranking/currency
  • Amazing official TOG-sights
  • In-game playerbase directory (census)

[TOG]-Coins Ranking[]

At any time, exactly one [TOG]-coin is hidden in one of the 500 [TOG]-systems. If found by a TOG member, this coin will be credited to him and a new one will be hidden.

[TOG]coins Ranking (high five)

1# emkae22 _____2 coins

2# tomcoolcam__2 coins

3# Satzi77_______1 coins

4# Empty _______0 coins

5# Empty _______0 coins

NOTE: only Level 4 Hub members can be credited with [TOG]coins by posting the code in the Community.

!!(visit tourist Information center to find the self explaining steps on how to become a level4 Member)!!

Enter The TOG in 1.5h[]

  • Has Been Patched*

[TOG]quest-001 { Enter the TOG } 001110100001

  • Requirements: The first 2 two glyphs
  • Profit: 16 glyphs & Enter the TOG

Hub construction and navigation[]

TOG Map.png

There are three Towers in Space. All Towers are named numeric upsidedown for easy navigation in-game.

The name conversion looks like this:

  • [TOG(1)]-090 { Kadala } or
  • [TOG(1)]-174 { "Tourist-Information-Center" }

The first number (1) shows which tower it is and the second one (-090) shows the system number Inside the Tower. Inside the {} normally shows the original name of the system, but there are also official TOG systems which are then also included in " ".

After arriving, it is recommended that you visit the [TOG(1)]-174 { "Tourist-Information-Center" } first.

TOG Regions[]

TOG consists of the following regions:

Offical TOG-sights[]

  • [TOG(1)]-174 {"Tourist information center"}
  • [TOG(1)]-195 { "The Root's Club" }
  • [TOG(2)]-100 { "Pac-Mania" }
  • [TOG(3)]-146 { "the whole Moon" }
  • [TOG(1)]-243 { "The (Base)ment" }

TOG Quests & ARGs[]

  • [TOG]-bounty { exotic crashed ship }

find a Crashed Ship S-class Exotic in one of the TOG systems and get One [TOG]coin.

  • [TOG]- bounty { specail tools }

find a S-class Experimental or Alien multi-tool in one of the TOG systems and get one [TOG]coin.

  • [TOG]quest-002 { Deep Core Project }
creative game mode only
Start at [TOG(3)]-046 { Ochennon-Iadi } and visit the core of 》》Core-Station《《 (drop a comm in the hall of fame at Lvl.48)
  • [TOG]quest-003 { TOG Safari }

Start at [TOG(1)]-174 { "Tourist information center" } . Search for TOG Safari quest communication station to complete your zoology milestone.

  • [TOG]quest-004 {Race around the Moon}

Start at [TOG(3)]-146 { "the whole moon" } and get all or one of the amino titles. (Moon circumnavigator | Moon jumper(<55mins) | "Moon Rocketeer (<50mins) included digital comic:"Cargo" also win one TOG-coin.

Official TOG-farms[]

System Crop Glyphs
[TOG(2)]-007 Solanium 11A07FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-015 Fungal (wrong named) 11EE7FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-020 Star Bulb 216C7FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-030 Gamma Root 20647FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-042 Cactus Flesh 12017FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-045 Frost Crystal 117B7FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-053 Mordite 11FF7FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-061 Coprite 30147FF5C248
[TOG(2)]-077 Item-plants 11347FF5C248


  • ships in TOG
  • multitools in TOG
System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
TOG(1)-238 ( Welustra ) Beholby Conflux Yellow Mercantile Gek 4 PS4 Atlas Rises
TOG(1)-001 ( Top of Tower one ) Tockyoc Cluster Mass Production Korvax 4 1 PS4 Atlas Rises


A list of blueprints available in the TOG domain. all Blueprints of TOG

TOG Architects project[]

If you are a Level4 Hub member you have access to the PSNcommunity. At the community, you can send a request for a 1-on-1 copy of your Base in any mode.

There are official TOG architects who can do that. It is also allowed for Hub members to deal with coins for services and send requests for coin transfers.

  • Base copy (creative)____ 10 [TOG]coins
  • Base copy (normal) ____ 20 [TOG]coins
  • Base copy (survival/PD)_40 [TOG]coins

This can be very useful if you want to build a true multidimensional base, or you want to leave your base and visit again later.

Real Fan Gimmick[]

(via mail)

  • TOGpin______________ 100 [TOG]coins
  • TOGcion pokerchip ___ 100 [TOG]coins