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The subject of this article is from the SentinelUp update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 12 April, 2022.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Trailblazer Corporation
Trailblazer Corporation
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Region Keyamuy Instability
HQ System The Independent Kingdoms
Headquarters Celestialite Isle
Founded by Carter Brentwood
Type Limited Partnership (LP)
Specialisation Operations and Logistics Support
Services Promotional/Advertisement, Consulting
UCA member Yes
Platform Xbox
Updated SentinelUp

The Trailblazer Corporation is a company.


The Trailblazer Corporation is a logistics and operations consulting firm which provides documentation, advice, and networking opportunities for flourishing businesses and promising upstarts. The company has existed since 2019, and has served several purposes; providing criminal justice services, participating in exploration efforts, and providing legal care. However, the company is now fully committed to its consultation efforts and has discontinued several of its subsidiaries in order to focus on this endeavor.

The company is a Limited Partnership run by Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Carter Brentwood in conjunction with a theoretical Board of Directors.


The mission of the Trailblazer Corporation is to identify companies that are valuable to the community, and provide them with the resources, knowledge, and connections needed to become productive and efficient.



The Trailblazer Campus (2019 - 2020)[]

The original Trailblazer Building

The Trailblazer Campus in 2020, the addition to the original HQ.

The former Trailblazer Corporation's HQ was a large concrete structure located on the defunct Trailblazer Campus. The campus was a large commercial development which included multiple buildings and a large central courtyard. The architecture was designed in early 2019, by the firm's Sole Proprietor; Carter Brentwood. Originally, a lone building was constructed atop the sandy shores of Olkesteus, the planet in the Ujeron system which the campus now resides. However, after concerns about the structure sinking into the sand (a phenomenon known as Anomalous Terrain Regeneration), the structure was rebuilt on a large pavement slab. These efforts failed to provide much more stability and by 2020 the company found itself relocating. The location has since been protected as a historically important zone.

Celestialite Isle (2020, 2022-Current)[]

The current TrailCorp headquarters; Celestialite Isle

Celestialite Isle was created in 2020 as a response to growing ecological concerns regarding the old Trailblazer Campus. At this time, the company began moving central operations to the remote star system of The Independent Kingdoms. The office was used as the company's primary headquarters until the opening of the Trailblazer Campus 2. The base continued to see use during this period until the company's temporary collapse. In 2022, when it was announced that the Trailblazer Corporation would return, Celestialite Isle was chosen as the primary company headquarters once again.

Operating Regions[]

Company-owned Regions[]

The Trailblazer Corporation retains direct control over the following regions:

Unclaimed Regions[]

The following regions contain Trailblazer Corporation offices, but are either unclaimed or the sovereign territory of other civilizations:


Coordinates have not yet been provided.


The background history of the corporation involves a number of civilizations, companies, and organizations. For further details, refer to the Trailblazer Corporation - History page.


The Trailblazer Corporation partners with a number of civilizations and other companies. Refer to the Trailblazer Corporation - Partnerships page for more information.


Systemic Population Counter (SPC) & Trailblazer Address System (TAS)[]

Star Systems discovered by the Trailblazer Corporation are given a population tag and address. These tags represent the amount of residences and various corporate/military structures in each system and help to identify the location. Systems with no residences or corporate structures are considered Unoccupied.

Classification # of Habitable Bases
Uninhabited 0 Player Bases
Isolated 1 Player Base
Rural 2-5 Player Bases
Urban 6-10 Player Bases
Metropolis 10+ Player Bases

Trailblazer Address System[]

Residential and corporate addresses are assigned using the Trailblazer Address System (TAS). A casual address would list the planet name followed by 'of' and the star system which it resides in. So if one wanted to denote planet Olkesteus in the Ujeron system; it would be recorded Olkesteus of Ujeron. A formal address is similar but includes the region name. An example of a formal address noting the planet Olkesteus located in the Ujeron system within the Ehansh region would be recorded as Olkesteus of Ujeron, Ehansh.

Company Structure[]

The Trailblazer Corporation is a Limited Partner of the Bayview Federation.

In theory, governance of the company is bicameral. The Board of Directors would be responsible for managing executive personnel, directing resources towards operations, and creating the company bylaws. Executive Management is responsible for the daily management of tasks, the hiring of employees, and making administrative decisions.


Trailblazer has formed a number of subsidiary organizations during it's existence. A list of these former branches can be found on Trailblazer Corporation - Partnerships.


Trailblazer is not hiring at the current time.


Chairman and CEO Carter Brentwood is the only employee of the company, giving him full authority over the organization.

The Board of Directors[]

  • Chairman, Carter Brentwood

Executive Management[]

  • Chief Executive Officer, Carter Brentwood

Additional information[]

  • The Trailblazer Firm is named after a frigate known as the CV-2 Trailblazer. Interestingly though, the Trailblazer frigate was named after a brand of car known as the Chevrolet Trailblazer; a suburban SUV which was popular in the early 2000s.
  • The original company frigate was sold, but each new frigate carries the Trailblazer name, along with a roman numeral to denote how far in the line of succession it is.