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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.
Location Terrestrial
Type Genus
Description Basically cows, but can also be bipedal or hovering.
Updated ExoMech

Ungulatis is a genus in No Man's Sky.


Ungulatis is a genus of fauna in No Man's Sky. They are usually referred to as "cows" (the term the game code uses), but they can often look quite unlike any cows from Earth. The term Ungulatis refers to the Earth "Ungulate," meaning 'odd-toed,' which includes but is not limited to cows, rhinos, and deer.

Major Variants & Characteristics[]

Ungulatis has three major variants, the quadrupedal, bipedal, and hovering variants. The bipedal variant still has 4 limbs, but its forelimbs act more like arms. This genus is closely related to, but separate from, Prionacefda, the "swimming cow" genus. The hovering variants have small wings (relative to their size) and maintain a constant distance from the ground.

  • Four limbs, most walk on four legs, some walk on two, some hover with small wings. (Six limbed variants exist and are classified as Hexungulatis)
  • Feet are usually elephant-like (flat, relatively circular), but can also have different appearances, like hooves or many long toes.
  • Two eyes and a distinct mouth (except in those with "exotic" or "alien" heads)


Ungulatis Body Parts[]


  • The two-claw foot appears to be mostly a back foot and not a front foot.
  • Some heads are dimorphic, such as the cow head and unicorn head.
  • The spike accessory is variable, it may either be on the creature's bottom, its shoulders, or both.
  • Body type 1 is more typically on large Ungulatis, but not always.
  • Body type 2 is similar or the same as the Tetraceris body type 2
  • Body type 3 is more typically used in shorter Ungulatis, but not always.
  • Cow head appears to be one of most common heads for Ungulatis.
  • Tetraceris's rhino foot also bears similarities to, or is the same as, the long toe foot of the Ungulatis genus.

If presented with a creature that one cannot tell if it is of the Ungulatis or Tetraceris genera, here are some tips to differentiate:

  • Ungulatis will never have the stump tail or split tail.
  • Ungulatis will never have any of Tetraceris's heads other than the floral head.
  • Ungulatis will never have antlers. 
  • Tetraceris will never have back feet and front feet that are different.

Ungulatis Body Parts - Graphics[]

Needed Images: Longeyed Hammerhead, mouth variant turtle head.

Letters beside part names refer to Lamb's Classification Method.



Arms & Legs[]



Additional information[]

The current game files (ExoMech 2.42) spell this genus as Hexungulatus, as does the Visions 1.77 file. Research continues...