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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

This page fills the role of Embassy for the United Corporate Alliance.
The information found here represents a user-created alliance of Companies that is a creative addition to the game.

Offical United Corporate Alliance Logo

United Corporate Alliance Emblem

The United Corporate Alliance is an intergalactic chain of companies.


The United Corporate Alliance or UCA for short is an intergalactic chain of companies working together towards mutual business goals and to promote cooperation, growth and trade throughout the No Man's Sky Universe.

The Corporate Alliance is mainly a player based community with a heavy focus on multiplayer, base building and in-game trade and other in-game elements. Companies are required to manage their own lore/roleplay as encouraged by the Executive Committee of the United Corporate Alliance.

The Corporate Alliance main forum of communication is the - United Corporate Alliance Subreddit

If you're looking for more direct communication with UCA companies see our - United Corporate Alliance Discord

The UCA was formed on December 10, 2018.

Corporate Mission[]

The Corporate Alliance believes in the fundamental right to aid the galactic community and help make a stronger economy together:

  • A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • A commitment to doing good for the whole.
  • A commitment to helping those less fortunate.
  • A commitment to building strong communities.

UCA Security[]

THX-1138 (The A.I Security System)

The United Corporate Alliance uses a state of the art security system called THX 1138 to protect all corporate data and other sensitive information of its members as well as clients within our Discord Server. The system was created by the UCA Security Chief, Skinwalker.

Corporate Sectors[]

These "Hubs" will be a place where CEO's of Companies in their respective quadrant can meet, trade, build, and promote their Enterprises. It will be a free marketplace for all who want to conduct business on all platforms - PS4, XBox, and PC.

Euclid Sectors[]

Quadrant Location Coordinates |Location Glyphs
Alpha Corporate Sector TBA TBA
Beta Corporate Sector TBA TBA
Delta Corporate Sector Caseson Quadrant 0BA0:0081:0F48:0112 1112027493A1
Gamma Corporate Sector TBA TBA

Projects and Collaborations[]

Aeroline Program[]

On June 14, 2019 CEO Salazar Vito of MegaCorp began a discussion in the UCA Boardroom of creating a joint intergalactic super highway resembling "Airlines". The idea is to have "Designated Pilots" using Freighters on specific days and times of the week port travelers in mass across various destinations such Hubs, across the galactic cores or for tourism. The responsibility of these "flights" will fall to whatever civilization or company sponsors their own "airways" within United Nations 42 or any outside civilization.

  • Aeroline - Aerolines are "real world incorporated airports" that use freighters as "passenger planes" to warp travelers to various destinations such as hubs, galactic cores or tourist sites. Any nation within UN42 can establish their own Aeroline under the protection of the NMS Cafe.

See the Aeroline Program for more information

GEAR 255[]

On June 18, 2019 CEO Salazar Vito of MegaCorp announced a brand-new racing league named Galactic Exocraft Association Racing or GEAR. The league will host multiple races throughout the galaxies.

See GEAR 255 for more information.

Corporate HQ's[]

These bases are the headquarters of Corporate Alliance Companies.

Image Name Location Galaxy / Quad Company
FB IMG 1555361734476.jpg
Megaplex 4255 Sionzar MC Euclid / Delta MegaCorp
VYKEACORP.jpg Vy'Kea Corporate Daysnodle Beta / Mariner-Urtraali Euclid / Gamma Vy'Kea Furniture Company


The United Corporate Alliance is a business enterprise and as such, follows specific regulations, requirements and moral ethics.

How To Join[]

For a Company to become a full member of the Corporate Alliance, the Company must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a wikipage here on Gamepedia.
  • Five Documented Star Systems.
  • Secondary Website such as Reddit, Amino or Discord (Optional)

Once the CEO has submitted their Company into the UCA, they will be granted the following:

  • UCA Executive - Official member of the Board of Directors who represents his/her own Company. The UCA Executive will have the authority to govern the organization by establishing broad policies and setting out strategic objectives.
  • Public office for their Clientele on the UCA Discord Server. They'll be able to post their Company database as well as current events and affairs.
  • Added roles of UCA Executive and UCA Board Member on the UCA Discord.
  • Flair changed to represent their Company and UCA Membership on the UCA Subreddit.

The Board of Directors leads the Corporate Alliance. Each Executive who is representing their company has a voice on the day to day operations of the Corporate Alliance.

For a Company that does not initially meet the requirements, the CEO will be granted Non-Executive Director status until the Company has met ALL requirements:

  • Non-Executive Director (NXD) - Member of the Board of Directors, but not a member of the executive management team of the UCA until he/she meets regulation standards.

Corporate Law of Ethics[]

"By reading this, you agree to follow our Law of Ethics and uphold them to the highest degree"

Equal Opportunity Employer Policy[]

Our Equal Opportunity Employer Policy reflects our commitment to ensure equality, treat everyone with respect and promote diversity in the Corporate Alliance.

Code of Conduct[]

We promote freedom of expression and open communication. But we expect all members to follow our Code of Conduct. They should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes and disrupting the Corporate Alliance. We also expect them to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.

  • Compliance with Law - All members must protect our alliance's legality. They should comply with all environmental, safety and fair dealing laws. We expect members to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our alliance’s finances, products, partnerships and public image.
  • Respect in the Alliance - All members should respect their colleagues. We won’t allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization. Members should conform with our equal opportunity policy in all aspects of their work, from recruitment and performance evaluation to interpersonal relations.
  • Professionalism - All members must show integrity and professionalism in the workplace:
    • Corruption - We do not tolerate Alliance Members abusing their status and using the Corporate Alliance as a means of carrying out nefarious plans against other companies or civilizations.
    • Conflict of Interest - We expect members to avoid any personal, financial or other interests that might hinder their capability or willingness to perform their job duties.
    • Collaboration - Members should be friendly and collaborative. They should try not to disrupt the workplace or present obstacles to their colleagues’ work.
    • Communication - All members must be open for communication with their colleagues.

Disciplinary Action Company Policy[]

Our Disciplinary Action Company Policy explains how we address our member's misconduct or inadequate performance. Members must be aware of the consequences of their actions. We use this policy to outline our disciplinary procedure.

  • Corruption
  • Breach of Employment Agreement
  • Harassment/ Voluntary Discrimination
Disciplinary Actions[]
  • First Warning
  • Second Warning and Expulsion from the Executive Committee for a number of days/weeks.
  • Suspension from the United Corporate Alliance for a number of months.
  • Permanent ban and censorship of the expelled company.

Corporate Members[]

Company Emblem Executive Type Category Branch(s) Website Platform Status
Aviszar Cartel 20180712 220647.png SsenkcalB Cartel LPs -CLASSIFIED- Aviszar Cartel Discord PS4 Unknown
MegaCorp PicsArt 02-13-06.40.32.png The_Godfather69 Exploration and Profit MC Four MegaCorp Discord PS4 Semi-Active
Vy'Kea Furniture Company Vykealogo.jpg Demonmariner Home and office decor and building materials LLC Eight None PC Inactive
Gek Trading Federation FB IMG 1520216022696.jpg geklove63728#4249 Trading/trade goods MC N/A N/A PC Banned
Ghost Enterprises 20190308 174613.png jqueghost TBA SPs TBA TBA PS4 Inactive
The Romefeller Foundation TBA Calamityweavers Trade NPc TBA TBA PS4 Inactive
Black Hole Suns TBA u/Huskerbsg Black Hole Research NPc Four TBA PC/PS4/XB1 Active
ScrapGek Enterprises TBA SocialAlchemist Archaeology and Salvage SPc Seven TBA Xbox Inactive
New Frontiers Incorporated New Frontiers Incorporated.png Space_Cxwbxy Exploration, Science, & Militarization SPc Four TBA PC Inactive

See Company Categories for detailed description on each category.

Former Members[]